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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installing a water filter

Unfortunately, the quality of water, which is now served in the apartment leaves much to be desired.And it suffers not only human health, but also the equipment.The results of official investigations have shown that tap water contains a large number of chemical and organic substances.And their number is often higher than normal.This situation is often due to the fact that you are using worn-out equipment in the wastewater treatment plants.In addition, the water quality is affected by contamination of soil and old pipe.Therefore, water from the tap can not be considered potable.Therefore, the question of its cleaning is very relevant.To do this, set special filters for water purification.


  • Key Features
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Key Features


Today the market can find water filters of various designs.Sold as mere instruments in the form of a nozzle on the faucet in the form of a pitcher, and

more complex - overall fixed installations.The best degree of purification have those that purify water through a reverse osmosis process.

All filters of the type can be divided into:

  • coal,
  • membrane,
  • mechanical.

Applying these settings, you can get clean water for cooking.In addition, they solve the problem associated with the use of devices having direct contact with water.Much better once to buy a quality device for cleaning than ever to use zagryzennuyu water.One needs only to properly install water filters under the sink or the top of the crane, and then to get clean water periodically will only need to change cartridges.Below are some of the analyze more types of filters.

Mechanical filters Water appliances.Photos of some of these are presented below.



Such devices are typically part of a multi-stage water purification system.In some cases only used mechanical devices.Usually they use - the cleansing water of various kinds of mechanical parts.For example, this may be dirt, rust, sand, debris in the form of viscous sludge or oxidized iron.These filtration systems can make the water much cleaner and more transparent.At the same time it is removed from the particles, which can cause clogging of household appliances and water pipes.We must not forget that the water after treatment in a way you can not drink.The fact that there are mechanical filters construction details such as: non-woven polypropylene, stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel and multi-layer filling.These elements are able to remove only the larger particles.In the future, the water should be boiled.

Phased installation procedure:

  1. Such cleaning devices are installed at a distance from the floor is not less than 400 mm.The lower edge of the device must be located at a distance of 100 mm.If you adhere to these requirements, the replacement of a replaceable cartridge should not be a problem.
  2. to install a mechanical filter for water on the first water pipe segment is marked for input device.Then this part is separated by a pipe cutter, after which it is desired diameter thread.
  3. In this area the set clutch and lock nut, and on them, using the sealing material, the filter is fixed.
  4. sometimes used for external connections socket.They can also be used when installing the hybrid option instruments.If there are plastic or metal pipe, the fittings are used with a special design.
  5. Sometimes the place where you plan to place the plant for purification, has non-standard sizes or is inaccessible.In this case, you can use special hoses.

reverse osmosis system

With this cleaning system, even sea water can be purified to drinking stage.In this case, dirt and precipitate destroyed using established membrane which is arranged so as to pass only water molecules.

widely used reverse osmosis pressure in the system.As for the equipment, then it typically includes components such as a holding tank and replaceable cartridges.In addition, there are more membrane and connective apparatus.It is equally important to have a tap for drinking water.If you have previously installed a multi-stage cleaning system, the assembly process of the device will look familiar.

Driving - clean - water - in - reverse osmosis filter ,

Phased installation procedure:

  1. Mounted such a system under the sink by cutting into the pipe with cold water.To do this, the set includes flexible hoses and ball cock.Further, the filtration system must be connected to a drain via the drain socket.A drain will be removed wastewater.
  2. This cleaning system can be installed in either vertical or horizontal position.In any case, you need to leave enough room for easy access to waste water treatment unit.This is necessary to provide comfort when replacing worn filter elements or other type of service.
  3. If you are under the sink is not enough space, the storage tank, which are part of the system may be put to one side.You can even set it to a normal kitchen cabinet.That is, it is actually, in fact has no influence on the filtering performance of the system.
  4. this instrument is usually equipped with tie-in plumbing, consisting of a tee and a crane, having access to the phone.First of all, it is necessary to block the cold water.Then, to install the sidebar.Thus it is necessary to wind the thread all available conventional film FUM.
  5. can then be mounted on the sink faucet by using clamps and mounting nut.They are usually supplied with the tube.
  6. sometimes happens that there are no extra holes, which are needed for the installation of thin cock.If that is the case, then in addition to the need to drill diamond drill diameter of 12 mm.With it, doing the necessary holes.Without fail the entire surface layer is removed, until you reach the metal substrate.
  7. After that, the base metal drill bit with a diameter of 8 mm is necessary to make a hole.drilling process must take place slowly and carefully.Then drill a hole already larger, with 13 mm drill.
  8. then inserted into the hole faucet and tighten the nuts.It is necessary to hold it with the adjustable wrench.
  9. When mounting devices for water purification sewer do not forget to place the clamp support.It can be installed on horizontal or vertical pipe section.After that, it makes a hole diameter of 8 mm.Around it, you must install with adhesive protective gum.
  10. Installation clamps it is important that coincided holes on the tube and on the support itself.This is conveniently done by means inserted into the drill hole.Will tighten the screws to tight contact with the clamps.
  11. The next step is to install the storage unit.It should be noted that the internal pressure in it when it is not filled, is about 0.9 atm.Coat the threads of the tank should be wrapped with Teflon tape (preferably a few turns).After that, the plastic spigot is attached to the tank.This is not to over-tighten mounting.Otherwise, it may disrupt the overall operation of the system.
  12. When the above is done, you can run the filter.Once the water is necessary to observe the system and see whether there is leakage.What should pay attention to?It is important to ensure that the valve on the tank in the closed position.
  13. Then open the valve, through which about a quarter of an hour should begin flowing purified water.
  14. At the last stage of the installation of the device should always be how to wash all the blocks of the system.Therefore, the first treated water should not drink.Give her a little leak, the system PROM.
  15. After that, you should open the valve on the tank and close the valve.As a result, water will accumulate in the decontamination chamber.When it becomes full, the water must be drained into the sewer through the tap.Washed filters and make the tank ready-to-use system.

How to install a carbon water filter

The circuit - filter - cleaning rough - water

The first thing you should carefully review the enclosed instructions in the bought device.If you are not sure that you have got to do installation work yourself, then you can contact the customer service, which specialize in this.Some companies provide installation of filters the service to their customers for free.But for a non-standard installation often still have to pay.

Although, in fact, such a cleaning system is quite possible to install yourself.In addition, it will allow to get to know the instrument device that will help with his service in the future.


So, how to make his own filter installation for water:

  1. First you need to decide where the appliance is installed.It is important that the temperature at this point was within normal limits.Furthermore, it is desirable to be able to promote water purification device to the outside without having to disconnect hoses.It is useful in the future, so that you can quickly and easily replace the different parts of the filter.
  2. Contact active sunlight can damage the device.This must be considered when choosing a location.If you decide to use a special bracket for mounting the device on a wall, which is sometimes offered with the device, then down to the floor should be left about 210 mm, to be able to produce without removing filter cartridge change and unscrew the bulb.
  3. should be more defined with a place in the kitchen, where to place the crane from which will be supplied clean water.
  4. Before installing the filter pads need to calculate the length of the plastic hose.Measurements are made from the point of connection with the pipe up to the filter installation space.It is also necessary to make a measurement of the length of the device to the point where the tap is located.
  5. standard maximum length of the hose, the bundled, is only 1.4-1.5 m. So, unfortunately, this is not always enough for a successful installation.Included usually comes chrome tee.It is made by the pipe 1/2 ".This should be considered when choosing a place to install the main filter for water.
  6. approximate diameter of the pipe is only 20 mm.However, to do measurements required.After all, in fact, its size may be larger.If so, then you are likely to set the pipe 3/4 ".To mount a tee in this case, you will need to buy a pair of pre adapters - one with a 3/4 "to 1/2", with another 1/2 "to 3/4".
  7. Note that not always in place, where the pipe can be installed adapter.If you have a case, you can take a couple of hoses with braided metallic chrome.It should be enough small length.
  8. When installing the water household appliance for cleaning, you need to make a plunge into the sink or countertop faucet.From it will flow the purified water.To make this work, it is a hole of 12 mm.Drill beneath it is selected depending on the material.Special drills you can not be.In this case, acquire it for one hole does not make sense, and it is better to take the usual drill for metal.If only it was sharp enough.
  9. Carefully mark the point where you will be drilling.To drilling process was easier, a place where there will be a hole, preferably grease, and not to cause overheating of the drill should be drilled at low speeds.
  10. is much harder to do well in the sink, made of solid composite of natural and polymeric materials.To drill such a structure, it is necessary to use pobeditovoe drill (a special tip).Drilling they need is similar to the low speeds.
  11. When finished with a crane, it is necessary to embed the tee in the cold water pipe.He will perform the function of the node, through which more raw water from the water will be fed directly into the filter.To do this, first cold water cut off.Then drain what's left.
  12. then unscrewed from the water pipe reinforced hose.On the tube must be placed tee, walking is usually complete.This should fix the thread on which it will be installed with the help of FUM film.
  13. then to the tee you must attach the hose, reinforced with chrome braid.It connects the valve and a tube through which the fed cold water.After that, the tee is screwed ball cock, which is similar to commonly supplied in the kit.The thread is also necessary to seal the tape FUM.
  14. The next step is to install the filter element.(Sometimes you do not need to - if this part was installed by the manufacturer).Options should include - the housing, a replaceable cartridge bulb key and tap the ball.In addition, the set includes red or white connecting pipe tee, gaskets and some other details.
  15. at the factory in the filter is often inserted plugs.This is done in order to protect the system from damage during transport.These same knockout to get out of the device after the installation of the filter elements.Then, the input and output are attached hoses made of plastic.
  16. Secure the hoses with quick fittings made of plastic, which are sometimes sold with the apparatus.
  17. further input filter using the hose connected to the tee, set at the insertion point.The output of the device is attached to the crane.For this hose threaded into the nut removed from the crane by means of a wrench.Then he put on the way to the fitting of the ball cock.
  18. When this is done, otkruchennaya nut is placed back.It remains to insert the free end of the hose to a special clip and install the faucet clean water.The latter is done by winding the nuts threaded onto an empty tube.

Water Filter: Video