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December 12, 2017 00:14

Installing into the countertop sink

is impossible to imagine a kitchen without washing.Sink - an essential attribute of the kitchen for washing utensils when cooking.Even if a person works hard and he has no time to cook, still in the kitchen sink is required.Wash fruits and vegetables, cook flavorful coffee or spend an evening with friends over a cup of herbal tea - still have to wash the dishes.For this purpose and serves as a sink in the kitchen.


  • Types of kitchen sinks
  • Installation Tools
  • How to install a sink in
  • countertop How to cut under the sink countertop
  • Other cleaning methods of installation
  • What else you need to know

Setthe sink in the countertop can be yourself.It does not need to have special skills and have a special tool.But it is necessary to consider that in any case there are some nuances when installing sinks.First, we find out what are the different types of shells.

Types of kitchen sinks

There are many options for the kitchen sink.They may vary in shape, material and type of tie.


To choose the right sink, which will be in harmony with the interior of the kitchen, look at the main aspects:

  1. depth and size.This will depend not only on the willingness of the owners, but also opportunities.If the kitchen is small, install a massive sink (2 or 3 cups) will not succeed.Ideal for small kitchen - corner sink.It may consist of 1 or 2 vials of rectangular shape.They can be arranged to each other or at an angle.This sink - a great solution to use the space in the corner.From the corner kitchen sink will look more compact.
  2. When choosing a sink is necessary to take into account the depth of the bowl.Cleaning should not be too small (exception - a small kitchen).It will not only wash dishes, forks and plates, but more headroom utensils - pans, pots and other kitchen utensils.Too deep sink is inconvenient for short people - will always have to bend down.Small bowl - also can not go, because it will not fit utensils.The ideal depth - from 160 to 200 mm.This comfortable and spacious sink.
  3. form can be different.In the presence of a variety of modern materials can make a reality of any fantasy.Want exclusive sink in the form of a heart?Now this is not a problem, just keep in mind that care for the sink with curves will be more difficult.Let's go back to the classics - it sinks square and rectangular shapes.The palm of the season kept the oval and round models.They look compact and stylish.Less commonly, you can find kitchen sinks with a triangular bowl.When choosing a model should take into account the fact that each of them will be responsible for the convenience.So, round sink the same amount as the square will appear at the same time compact and capacious.It will organically look in any interior.
  4. number of bowls.Cleaning can be a standard 1 cup or more (up to 3).Select your option tells your intuition, kitchen size and financial capacity.Keep in mind that a good washing, made of quality materials with 2 or 3 bowls, will cost more than the standard model with 1 cup.This sink - comfortable and functional than the standard.Wash with 3 cups will work center in your kitchen.This model has 2 large bowls, and between them - one small.Naturally, this will look harmonious sink in the spacious kitchen.This model choosing mistresses who love to cook a lot and often.
  5. material.The choice will depend on the family budget and your kitchen style.For example, harmoniously fit into the interior kitchen made of composite materials, stainless steel sink, and on a strict classical kitchen or in the style of Provence - metal, ceramic or stone cleaning.Popular Sink - stainless steel coated granite.For example, the washing itself can be made of stainless steel, and the coating - made of natural stone.A perfect example of such a cleaning - plating nickel-plated granite.By the way, as a top coat is used and artificial stone.You can also meet the cleaning of glass and acrylic.
  6. By way cleaner installation under the tabletop can be mounted, overhead and mortise.Mounted sinks are extremely rare, as more suitable for communal apartments, cafes, restaurants and other public establishments.For personal use mortise and overhead mounted sink, as they are considered Bole robust and fit harmoniously into the modern kitchen interior.Flush cleaning speaks for itself - it is set into the prepared opening countertops and invoice simply "put on" the top of the kitchen cabinet.By the way, for those who does not plan to change the furniture in the kitchen sink bill just fine.
  7. Location Mixer - this issue needs to be solved immediately, because the crane can be placed in the sink itself or separate from it.Hot wash option when the mixer is located in the sink itself.Determine in advance and with what is your shape mixer, and the presence of other devices in the kitchen - a filter for water and waste shredder.

When choosing a car wash also worth paying attention to durability.It must withstand temperature changes, potential impacts and effects of chemicals (detergents).To find out whether the cleaning quality can be right in the store.Take a small magnet and attach it to the sink.If it is made of quality material - the magnet will "sit" firmly, and if poor quality steel - even the slightest hesitation, he will fall.Based on this, we can draw the appropriate conclusions - stainless steel sink - is ideal for the kitchen.Its easy to install and easy to keep clean.

Installation Tools

necessary to prepare a set of materials and tools for installation of sinks in the worktop:

  • sink;
  • electric drill with a set of drill bits;
  • jig saw (manual or electric);
  • paper with sticky tape edge;
  • marker (can be used to take a pencil);
  • sheet of cardboard;
  • screwdriver and screws;
  • sealant.

And now look at the main operating highlights.

This plan will help you navigate in the work and do not miss anything:

  1. sink countertop installation begins with the selection.Buy a suitable model.
  2. next step - you need to cut a hole in the countertop by the sink.
  3. Processing sealant lines.
  4. Regulation fasteners.
  5. washing treatment with the inner part.

How to install the sink in the countertop

Let's start with the main thing - the choice of washing.After determining the type of the shell and its size, it is advisable to choose a product.This will help to avoid such unpleasant moments, as the strain (it can significantly affect the installation).

washing installation can be done in different ways: slide-out and simple.The first requires a special slot on the sink and pedestal itself.They are located on the side of the sink and the facade.To fix the sink to the cabinet on it, too, should be special openings.After the assembly is necessary to "put" the furniture sink into the hole so that the grooves have converged.That's all, now it is necessary to connect the mixer and other devices.

This is the easiest and most affordable way to install sink in the countertop, which in reality is rarely implemented, because you can meet such a moment, as the mismatch of grooves.As a result - is firmly fix the sink did not work.Therefore, we consider the second, common washing installation option when you want to embed it in the countertop.


How to cut under the sink countertop

Frequently, the installation of washing you may encounter such a moment, as the cutting table top.This work is responsible, so better to get acquainted with the nuances.Washing sold in packaging made of cardboard.Careful it open, because its inner part of the package - a template for tie-in countertop sink.Armed with scissors and cut along the contour of cardboard.

How to embed the sink in the countertop:

  1. Take the template and lay it on the table.Align it with the place and decide.It is important that nothing prevented both the installation and further exploitation shell.


  1. Take a paper tape, attach the template on the surface.
  2. Circle of his pencil or marker so that when the jigsaw is not erased the line.
  3. preferred to cut a hole in the countertop electric jigsaw.For the best experience, first make a few initial openings, so the blade will pass freely through the holes.


  1. To avoid damaging the countertop work area is desirable to protect the masking tape.
  2. Work jigsaw slowly.It is better not to hurry, because the saw blade can be deflected to the side and turn bevel cut.
  3. Protect can cut water-repellent silicone sealant.After treatment with silicone is necessary to wait until the edges are completely dried up.


  1. Often it happens that the right to cut a hole for the installation of washing is necessary not only in the upper part of the table top (the cover itself), but also the internal partitions.Try to do it as accurately as possible, so as not to damage the structure.
  2. During operation, periodically apply a pattern - if all is well, you can try washing.
  3. If washing approached - it can be fixed thoroughly.Putting it fully sink (set the trap, we connect the mixer).To set the mixer itself sink is necessary to drill a hole.
  4. Fix the mixer and connect it to utilities.
  5. special attention - fasteners.Complete with a sink can be sold standard fasteners that will not cope with the task.Therefore, if you are holding the plastic parts - set them aside.We need the metal fittings.Fastening sinks to the table top can be purchased separately.It is better to pre-buy more fasteners.


  1. After washing installed on hardware, recheck your work.You may need to pull the sink to the tabletop so that it is firmly secured.For this purpose the fasteners bend ( "crocodile") to form an acute angle.
  2. tension sinks.When it is well drawn to the table top, you will see the silicone droplets.Immediately remove it with a clean cloth.Fasteners longer draw does not make sense, because if you overdo, then the thread can disrupt and ruin all the work.
  3. countertops processing - immediately after installation cleaning must be removed from the table top remains of speaking out of silicone.If you miss the time and linger at least for 10 minutes, then it will begin to solidify and remove it would be very difficult.

Important: if you are already embedded in the sink countertop, do not rush to install it immediately.Mount the first mixer, because then this part of the work will make uncomfortable.

How to install the sink in the countertop - watch the video:

Other methods of installation washing

If you bought Mortise sink, you can set the method described above or level with the table top.This type of sink installation is considered to be time-consuming and requires some expertise, as with countertop have to take the top layer.

In that case, when the decision to install the sink below the surface (under counter) that independently perform this milestone will not work - will invite specialist.To work you will need a special tool - a saw with a diamond coated or jigsaw.Mounted Sink on a special adhesive.This installation is suitable for high-value models of sinks made of artificial or natural stone.


What else you need to know

If you want to deal with the installation of washing yourself, consider these recommendations:

  1. Instead of rubber seals (supplied) is better to use silicone sealant colorless.It will provide a snug fit and fill every crack.Furthermore, it has a longer life.
  2. Sinks stone is better to install a helper to chance not to drop a heavy shell.
  3. Try to attach the sink to the countertop is not screwdriver and manually to control the pressure.