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December 12, 2017 00:14

Bath for the elderly : features , choice , photo

traditional form of bath and shower is not suitable for infirm and disabled people with disabilities.Not less difficult experience and people who have to sit and lift old into the bathroom for daily hygiene - it is their relatives, medical staff and carers.To do this, use special tools to make it easier to use the bathroom, effortlessly, and with them swimming in the tank becomes safe.Today you can buy a comfortable level with handrails, crossbars for sitting while bathing, and even a tank door - bath for the elderly.


Why a bathroom for the elderly and the disabled?

live a long and happy life everyone dreams, but young people do not understand the difficulties involves senility, since age is difficult not only to work, but even to get up from his chair.Old people often do not have enough forces on the elementa

ry self-service, and in all actions there is a lack of muscle tone.Restrictions are often supplemented by age-related changes in various organs, muscular dystrophy and bone, reduced visual acuity and hearing.Some actions, such as the rise of the bathroom, sometimes become difficult to achieve, and water treatments require much effort or use of equipment.


In some cases, people with normal swim hard constraints, for example, when the feet are denied.At such moments come to mind thoughts - it would be great to have a bathroom with a sealed door, or to sit down, and it is outweighed by the body as a swing, filling with water.Meanwhile, such devices have long been invented, and buy them not only as a bath for the elderly and disabled.It is convenient to wash away the child, rinse pets after walking, do beauty treatments or enjoy additional features such as hydromassage.

For added convenience, near a bath tub can be attached special handrails and other fixtures to change the position of the body or the elderly infirm person to hold the baby.Comfortable bathroom with a sealed door is a seating position and a bed-and water overflow system ensures that not a drop of water did not fall to the floor.The door is not threatened flooding the neighbors, because it contains a special locking device that, when filled with water, she could not open spontaneously.

Such a reservoir door delights not only as a bath for the elderly, they are bought just for convenience or as outlandish an accessory to the house with all sorts of innovations.Bathtub with door also sold with an eye to the future - all the people understand that is destined to grow old.Often, problems with access to the bathroom happen and enough young people who have weakened health, for example, due to trauma or congenital abnormalities.Chronic heart disease also have an effect - enter and sit in the bathroom easily, and then worn out and it is difficult to get up and get out without help.


In many cases, you can also recommend a low bath for the elderly, that is to make the acquisition of the right tank for daily hygiene silent unusual size and shape.There are also directories convenient acrylic hot tubs, where special equipment not only simplify bathing the elderly or young people with disabilities, but also bring some improvement.Whirlpool still shows a healthy, sick and disabled people, because they have a relaxing, restorative and therapeutic effect on the skin and muscle tone, relieve stress and prepare the body to a full bed.Today

bath for the elderly can be bought in the specialized plumbing stores, catalog or special order from suppliers of imported equipment for medical institutions.From the first days of use is forgotten, for whom it is intended, as not everyone is convenient to step through the normal bathroom, especially the people of small stature and children, so that the entrance through a glass door is a wonderful relief from discomfort.

Baths for people with disabilities

Today developed many adaptations for people with disabilities, including special baths for wheelchair users with handrails.Reversible container - special development for single people to swimming and other water treatments did not become a stumbling block, and self-service did not cause any difficulties.

enough to make a few simple steps:

  • roll the wheelchair right up to the sit-bath with an inclination;
  • take the rail and tighten the body for grafting into the container;
  • sit back and open the tap with warm water;
  • wait bath filling;
  • under the influence of increasing the weight will flatten the slope of the bath;
  • at the end of the adoption of water treatments open drain used water;
  • bathtub back in position with an inclination;
  • remains a towel to wipe the body and return to the wheelchair without the help of outsiders.


This bath for the elderly and disabled is most convenient for single people with disabilities.Some online stores have imported samples at attractive prices, possible actions and favorable conditions of delivery and installation.

wheelchair users can use and special seating baths with handrails or side door.A bathroom for easy movement can additionally be equipped with special devices - up from the bath and catch up with the landing back into the carriage really quite independently.Handrails for baths for the elderly contribute to a more confident use of the bathroom.

Benefits sit-bath with door

Most tanks designed for the disabled and the elderly, are quite low by design, in addition, the majority of baths provided a seat.This is much more convenient than usual to equip an additional bath or shower tray using a small bench or chair.In a special capacity any person is weak for the adoption of water treatments with the greatest comfort and safety.Lower plane or bottom of the bath is equipped with a special coating for maximum stability elderly.Some models also have special facilities for baths for the elderly, for example, handrails or a special lift.


The range of specialized catalogs for the plumbing, the attention of the customers and offer products with low side hermetic door swimming reclining.There are also products with a seat in the bathroom for the elderly, high seating capacity and flip bath for the disabled and the elderly.

However, these containers are used not only at home but also in medical institutions and even in veterinary practice and grummerskoy.They conveniently go through the door not only to all members of the family, but also to animals.However, it is not ethical to use the total capacity of people and animals, so an inexpensive compact bath with the door and the seating position is more convenient to put somewhere in a separate room.

Sitz bath with a door for the elderly has several advantages:

  • convenient door through which it is easier to penetrate into the tank for swimming and other water activities;
  • people with bad legs can without assistance in and out of the bath;
  • product is very convenient for all types of water treatment, and most are equipped with additional options, such as hydro-massage;
  • unique design that the door closes very tightly, forming a hermetic seal to prevent water from getting into the bathroom;
  • sealed door can be opened only after the release of waste water;
  • additional equipment allows to combine the functions of the bath and Jacuzzi - for a pleasant wellness treatments.


main parameters of the bath for the elderly

leader for the production of specialized plumbing is Spain.For example, the standard product:

  • dimensions 1300 * 1000 * 700;
  • acrylic surface with a siphon and a spout of water with mixer shower and flexible;
  • bath weight range of 65 kg (with packaging and accessories - up to 110 kg);
  • color choices;
  • door on the right or left opening type;
  • have the ability to install additional features that will add to the price of such a bath.

Additional adaptations include:

  • pump for faster draining of water;
  • device aeromassage;
  • remote device management functionality aeromassazhnogo device;
  • water bath heater (true, if there is no hot water at home or boiler);
  • water lights;
  • slip bottom of the bath;
  • also available equipped with LCD plasma to enjoy watching the news and sports reports during the adoption of water treatments.


Manufacturers of elite and special plumbing for the elderly and disabled took into account all the needs of people with disabilities and self-care movement, and the maximum capacity for adapting their basic needs.

main task of the special plumbing:

  • security;
  • ease of use;
  • the possibility of daily use;
  • maximum comfort while using the bathroom.


Some products have handrails and side handles, which can be used not only to adhere to the landing to the bathroom, but also as a temporary hanger for towels or linens.

reversing bath Flume Bathtub with handrail was originally designed as a convenient container for transfer of the carriage of persons with disabilities, but she appreciated the convenience of the elderly and infirm people.When filling the tank with water she is aligned to the body, which is located at the center of the bath.The main advantage - the possibility of taking water treatments without the help of a stranger.It is very convenient to use special lifts for bath for the elderly, disabled, seriously injured and bedridden patients.Devices such as the hoist easy to care for people with difficult movement - you can make the body comfortable sitting position and lowered into the swimming tank.


Other optional accessories for bathroom use:

  • brackets for bathrooms (rails) for people with disabilities, according to the type of fastening are conventional and vacuum, attached to the wall;
  • support rails as supports or steps with a handrail, they are fixed on the tub rim;
  • portable stairs to the bathroom;
  • chaise seat for normal bath;
  • folding stool or chair to the bath;
  • board transplantation;
  • seat for bathtub with hygienic cut;
  • rotating seat for the bath;
  • stage-rack in the bathroom (with a holder or handrails);
  • active seizure (convenient to reach any of the surrounding objects in the bathroom).

Purchase special adaptation for swimming disabled and elderly people (with door or tumbler with handrails) - expensive, but it relieves the need of daily maintenance and care of such people.Such bath will be more appropriate gift than a single trip to the resort, although the costs are roughly comparable.But it is such a product gives us hope in the person suffering from the inconsistency that many activities of daily living, he is able to perform, without burdening others.


Curative effect

disabled have violated the functions of various organs, the body needs a massage or whirlpool, which is more efficient and gentle to painful areas of skin.It is recommended to purchase a special bath with a system of integrated nozzles for hydromassage.The device is thought out so that the jets massaging the body from all sides - especially in the sacrum and lumbar area and legs.

There are 2 types of hydromassage - and bubble jet.

  1. Moderate massage water more active, it improves blood circulation and activates the metabolism.
  2. Easy bubble massage relieves muscle hypertonicity and overall stress, relaxes nice.
  3. Active jet massage imparts strength and courage.

Additionally showerhead on a flexible arm in a circular motion, it is desirable to massage the upper body.Some shower heads contain rubber nipples - a mechanical massage remote areas of the back, it is convenient to use and after a long self-soaping washcloth.


After using additional tools felt the overall health benefits and relaxation.Whirlpool contributes to the restoration of motor activity, relieves cramping, prevents the formation of pressure ulcers in the lumbar spine, facilitates the operation of a larger pelvis and lower extremities.The body is getting enough oxygen to the organs whose functions are hampered due to violations of local circulation.