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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a shower tray with his own hands

make good shower tray with your hands as possible and without special skills.Thus, you will save money that would have gone to the store's product and be assured of quality design.



in the shower tray is necessary in order to avoid rotten floor.You can buy it ready-made at the store, but they have several drawbacks.Thus, acrylic, for example, are highly perishable, easy to scratch, and after a while they turn yellow.Durable considered ceramic or marble trays, but the price they match the quality.Steel - very noisy and the stone chip, they will rust.
Benefits pan that is made with their own hands:

  • long time operation;
  • easy care and use;
  • opportunity to pan necessary irregular shape to fit it into the bathroom;
  • you can choose any design;
  • relatively inexpensive cost of materials;
  • pride in their work.

Options pallets

Typically, most pallets have standard dimensions, but there are deviations from the norm.It may be two options: the parties with equal and unequal.Equilateral pallets usually have a size of 80x80 cm, 90h90sm, 1x1 m and 1,2h1,2 m. In structures with unequal sides, the dimensions are usually multiples of 10mm.sizes Options:. 10h120 cm, 90x120 cm and 100x150 cm tray can therefore choose almost any bathroom or bath.

Besides size, pallets are even and forms.They are both angular and oval or rectangular.Corner mounted in the corner of the room, and the rest can be put wherever you want.Also, there are deep shower trays and low.And the one and the other are very good with their responsibilities, the main thing here - it's ease of use.

For example, older people will be more convenient to use the shower trays with low sides.But deep generally put in the cabins, which are large and well designed, and bathing in half upright position.Another difference between them is that the design of a set low in the same place since they are there, while deep mounted on a metal frame, and it can be shifted as necessary to reach the hidden communication.


device improvised pallet

In the shower tray, which is done at home, there is usually a:

  1. Base concrete, which is made of ceramic tiles.
  2. wall that is located on the outer loop, it serves as a barrier for water.
  3. Inside the base is located a ladder, it is designed to divert the water drain.
  4. bottom surface consists of four facets, there is a bias to the ladder.
  5. concrete substrate treated with a special compound, which includes cement.This compound serves as waterproofing.
  6. tiles laid by a water resistant adhesive and grout joints are processed.Desirably
  7. put folded along the walls of the room twice roofing felt thus limited contact of water with the floor.

prior to construction of the pallet

Before making shower tray, you need to install the discharge of water in the room, this shower set trap and laid pipes to the common sewer.
Pay attention to the floor in the bathroom, it must necessarily be possible firmer.It is desirable to concrete.Generally, if the bathroom in the future it is necessary to put walk-in shower with shower tray, then the construction should immediately take care of a good concrete field.Because wood floors in these areas will not be long.
There are two ways to install the ladder:

  1. Before pouring the concrete floor of the base layer mixture.In this case, installation of sewage hidden way to pass easily, you need to hold the branch drains, under the floor of the room.
  2. When the floor is ready.In this case, it may be impossible to hide pipes for sewerage.Possibly, the tube will be above ground.In any case, we must act according to circumstances, if it is possible to hide and not - leave on top.

shower tray made of concrete

to create the pallet need to carry out such work:

1. Install the drain pipe and trap.

shower - tray - their - hands - 01

2. Put a folded roofing felt along the wall and make the screed.The thickness selected such that the floor and lined with ceramics, to maintain the level of net floor.And just at the level of the concrete screed to make the top of the finished housing.

3. The walls are constructed from plasterboard with moisture resistance.

4. Set the formwork, for her to take the boards, which are 4 cm thick, and lay along the walls of roofing material, folded twice.All mounting and connection performed using screws and nails, steel corners.Formwork must be secured very reliably, or when pouring concrete, it can lose its shape.

shower - tray - their - hands - 05

5. When pouring concrete should be borne in mind that the floor is tilted to the side holes for drainage and fencing will be erected wall of the pallet.

6. Leave the tray in the day, and when he grabs a little, you need to install more boards for formwork, now for the construction of the fence wall.All parameters of the walls are individually selected host.

7. Attach the upper sleeve to seal in the trap and pour concrete formwork walls.

8. One day to remove the formwork and pull the bottom of the tetrahedral faces, given the slope in the side drain.The slope is approximately a further adhesive tiles and flooring can be trim.

9. After drying concrete, it is necessary to trim excess roofing material and process the entire surface of the pan using putty and primers.

10. On top of the waterproofing layer is applied betonokontakta to glue grabbed better.

11. Make tiling ceramics with waterproof glue.

12. Terminate the grout joints with water repulsion effect.

13. To fit the drain grate to the tile, you need to cut the sealing sleeve to a predetermined height.

14. The walls and floor oblitsevat the same way and with the same tools and materials.


Facing shower tray tiles and mosaics

stones pallet can be normal tiles and mosaics can be used, it looks much more impressive.
materials tray:

  1. Mosaic or floor tiles.
  2. spatula.
  3. level
  4. Roulette
  5. water-repellent glue.
  6. Bulgarka.
  7. Knife construction.
  8. Grout and crosses for joints.

14 - laying tiles

  1. Prepare the adhesive mixture.The exact proportions and recommendations need to look at the packaging from the manufacturer.And you can get in the way a drill with a special nozzle "mixer".
  2. tiles are laid from the corner.To blow was quality, a mixture of glue should be applied with a spatula with teeth, then put the tiles on the adhesive and press it down.
  3. To adjust the level, you can use a rubber mallet.They are tapped at different locations on the tile.How smooth are obtained joints can be determined by means of crosses.
  4. Once you have laid all the tiles, apply a water-repellent seams special blend.Prepare it in small portions and rubbed into the joints with a rubber spatula.
  5. Rinse all the tiles with a damp cloth to her did not stay grouting material.The reverse side of the trowel is designed to do all the same joints.
  6. After all the work is finished, it is necessary once again good rub tiles and wipe dry.


Looks wonderful mosaic tray, especially when in the shower room there are some elements of it.Mosaics can be made of plastic and glass.You can choose any of the lining of the pallet.But the glue is best to choose only white.Mosaic, as well as tiles, are also beginning to stack at one corner.

  1. spatula apply adhesive and attach the tile to the pallet.Slightly squeeze it, if there is glue residue, then they should be removed immediately.
  2. Trim tiles and mosaics with a knife or scissors.
  3. Wipe seams and a mixture with a rubber spatula.This should be done quickly, and immediately wipe off the excess.
  4. mosaic Wipe with a damp cloth and rub dry.


Homemade pallet is ready, it remains only to install the shower and can be used.