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December 12, 2017 00:15

Installation of the steel bath with his hands

Bathroom is almost the main room in the house, well, or at least one of the main.Every owner of property is committed to ensuring that create a welcoming atmosphere for a comfortable stay in it.To achieve this goal is necessary to periodically repair and maintain plumbing.The most difficult task is to replace the cell.To learn how to install the steel bath with their own hands and will be discussed further.


Steel bath: benefits, shortcomings and ways to overcome them

steel bath is very convenient and cheap, they are, like all around the their advantages and disadvantages.But the fact that the benefits they have quite weighty and disadvantages - easily removable.Let us consider the main advantages:

  • made with high quality steel bathtubs never otkolupyvaetsya enamel coating because conscientious man

    ufacturers apply it at high temperatures, literally "vpekaya" in the surface of the metal.After this procedure, and she gets a special steel strength;

  • steel baths are pure white and shiny even after many years of use;

  • steel is more ductile material than the rest, so you can find a large selection of various forms and modifications in the shops;


  • steel bath is easy to transport due to their low weight.They weigh in several times less than, for example, cast iron;

  • among the steel bath is easier to find a non-standard model size than in baths made from other materials.

Some disadvantages:

  • inexpensive models of steel bath can deform under high loads.This will entail the appearance of cracks in the enamel coating.In order to avoid this, it is better to buy a more expensive model, with thick walls (3 mm);

  • steel retains heat poorly, therefore water can quickly cool down.To solve this problem you need to installing the bath, cover it with the reverse side with foam;

  • when the bath is filled with water, a loud rumble.To reduce it, as in the previous case, it is useful foam.

tools and materials required for installation

  • drill;

  • wrench;

  • cement;

  • sand;

  • sealant;

  • electrical tape;

  • foam;

  • waterproof paint;

  • building level;

  • corrugated;

  • equipment to drain;

  • tying bath.

advisable to check the condition of the sewer system and, if necessary, adjust it, otherwise after installation have a problem and have to dismantle all again before you start installation work.

install bath need a way to make it easy to connect to the water supply, attach the crane.For communications, attach a siphon funnel overflow pipe for the outflow of water, tee.After proceed to the assembly of piping, usually guided by the supplied instructions, and process the joints using a sealant.

How to choose a siphon

Siphon for baths produced so many different kinds.There are semi-automatic, which were allowed to drain water without diving it by hand and not by groping the bottom and turning special washer fastened over water.This tube will rise itself, and the water starts to leave.


Such traps are much more expensive than usual, and to pay for them is only when the installed bath has a very large size.The average homes with small bathrooms is quite suitable conventional device made of plastic that will serve faithfully for many years, and will require less effort for self-installation.

Some traps have metal releases that are attached to the overflow and siphon bolt.Set them easier than plastic, and look at them more beautiful.But there is in the presence of metal and disadvantages: sometimes manufacturers, especially Chinese, replace the stainless steel nickel-plated iron, so that metal parts have corroded over time.Fasteners are also often made of a material subject to corrosion.They have a couple of years a strong liking to each other so that they are almost impossible to unscrew.


Installing steel bath

steel baths Installation should be carried out in sequence, as described in detail below:

  • in the first place, it should result in a proper state of the site that will take a bath, ie,make a tie, put on the floor tile;


  • further need to think about the support.It is advisable to perform the installation of the steel bath in the corners 2.5 cm. In advance drilled holes in them and make marks on the wall.Attach it to the corners with screws and dowels.Producing work, it must be ensured that the corners were in the same plane, bearing in mind the height of the bath legs and tilting, which should be adhered to during installation;

  • are now are making a bath and put on intended for it on the side, exposing the bottom of the side walls.Hole through which water exits should be arranged from the discharge pipe, left in the floor;

  • the next step is to fasten the bottom of the tub two robust legs in the upper side.Tighten the screws with moderate force needed because when the big push is possible to break a nut.Then install the remaining legs, turning the bath on the second side.Typically, adjustable feet are complete with bath;

  • the next stage, check for tightness, it is necessary to adjust the height using the adjusting mechanism.To the water quickly and without residue left in the drain hole, you need to install the bath, with a slight slope toward him;


  • followed by the installation of the steel bath in the legs, and the elimination of the gap between it and the wall mounting foam sealant or adhesive for the tiles.This is necessary firstly to moisture during bathing or enters the gap between the edge of the bath and the wall, and secondly, in order to keep it rolled, if there is load on one edge.To make a beautiful appearance coupling place, it should be painted with water-repellent stain or impose tiles.Also, it can be issued with a plastic corner for tile, gluing it to the sealant;

  • now need to connect a corrugated pipe and piping through the pad, placing it in the direction of the cone trim, tighten the nut;

  • to check whether all properly connected, you need to dial the water in the bath and watch, would not take place anywhere.If the tube is closed, and place the tube and bath compounds proceeds, it means that you are incorrectly installed gasket.In the absence of leaks, it is necessary to check the binding compound, dangling draw water.If you are sure that acted exactly according to instructions, and the water still flowed, so the nut is tightened enough, therefore, it is necessary to pull up;

  • after all errors are corrected, the floor under the drain pipe and all connections should be povytirat dry and placed under the toilet paper tube.This need for another inspection.Bath to half fill it with hot water, then open the cork.If by the time it is empty, paper will remain dry, so installation is made correctly.


During operation, it is necessary to remember about grounding.It is done as follows: the wire is attached at one end to a metal structure, and the other - to the bath.One can not overlook the fact that it is not permitted to be grounded to the water supply or heating.

bath brick mounting support

Above we have looked at how to install a bath on adjustable feet.However, many experts argue that it is much safer to make the installation of the steel bath on the bricks.According to them, only standing on brick piers, it is absolutely motionless.Immobility

necessary to ensure, firstly, to achieve maximum comfort in use, and secondly, in order to avoid cracks in the boards to walls fixing.In time, these cracks can zatech bathing water that does not dry out the dampness.This may contribute to the appearance of mold or mildew.

To generate the support needed brick red brick.They should have such a height that when they get up bath, its floor board defended by 60 cm. The number of counters selected according to the length of the bath.The distance between them should be about half a meter.

The installation process includes the following steps:

  • prepare everything necessary.Under a bath of standard length is only two towers, with a height of 2-3 series.This will require about 20 bricks.To make a recess at the bottom, the edges have to be put on another half brick.back support height must exceed the height of the front of 2 cm to provide tilt, referred to above, but here it is worth remembering that many modern models already have baths in their construction a small angle;

  • solution for manufacturing one part cement mixed with four parts of sand, mixing in the water to him.After the support laid out, it is desirable to let them stand overnight to the bricks as possible safely grappled with cement;

  • before installing the tub on a support, it is necessary to carry out work on the drainage system arrangement described above;


  • installation and fastening steel bath on the bricks should be made very carefully.Gives it stability on support best with the help of tape sealant.Bath leans against the wall should be as tight as possible, it is better to fix on using tile adhesive, sometimes using metal profiles, screws and dowels;

  • after installation, you must connect it to the sewage system, install the taps, close it with decorative screen.

So you can without difficulty make a separate installation of steel baths, with clear video instructions posted on this page.