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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a door to the children's room

Children's room - an area where the child can feel independent, to learn to organize the order and leisure.On the other hand, such a room is the whole country, in which every piece of furniture should be in harmony with the overall situation.Here everything is planned with extreme care, taking into account the mass of detail: upholstered furniture, toys, textiles and children's doors .

factors for the choice of the door to the nursery

Complete rest of the child depends not only on the emotional mood, but also from the comfort of his environment.To do this, you must follow some rules to make the entrance to the "fortress" safe, comfortable and aesthetic.


door manufacturing material

Children's room - a special room in which every detail finds its meaning known only

to its inhabitants.Therefore, the door becomes an important quality attribute.Modern manufacturers offer products from these materials:

  • natural wood;
  • MDF;
  • chipboard.

Many parents prefer to install the door in the nursery veneer type, made of solid wood - cherry, beech, oak or mahogany.With a limited budget, it is permissible to use chipboard or MDF material, but is recommended to buy the highest quality models.

is important to consider the hardness of rocks, which is calculated by the Brinell method.For example, a pine - the most soft wood, which has a rate of 2.5 kg / mm², and any attack on the door leaf leave it dented or scratched.In order not to spoil the appearance of the product, it is advisable to select hardwoods, such as beech (3.8 kg / mm²), oak (3.7 kg / mm²) or maple (4.1 kg / mm²).

In general, when choosing a door should adhere to the following requirements:

  • design manufacturing material must not contain phenol, formaldehyde or carcinogens, as it can provoke allergic reactions in the child;
  • integrity leaf - a very important criterion, and therefore do not buy the product are chipped, paint smudges or curved, even at a good discount;
  • children door pictured thematic catalogs can be equipped with a glass insert, but in fact - it's safety glass and it is only permissible for decoration fabric;
  • pay attention fittings: do not buy a door with clasps, latches, and other unsafe accessories;
  • convenience of door handle, first of all, should be focused on the child and his palm.


design products

Doors in detskuyukomnatu should be durable and comfortable for the child, as they serve as a separator, creates personal space baby.When choosing such a product should pay attention to the following features:

  1. leaf design should provide good insulation for your child to feel isolated in the event of such a need.
  2. Try to avoid to the maximum the presence of metal inserts in the product, especially if they are purely decorative function.
  3. should also pay attention to the material and the type of fasteners to eliminate any sharp and cutting edges.
  4. An important criterion - the weight of the door.Best of all, if the product is going to be easy, because it must be opened and locked with minimal effort.
  5. Avoid doorways, where the nut is too elevated - it is not safe for the child.


Stylistics leaf

modern market is full of different options for manufacturing and decorating doors for a child's room.Brochures offer a wide variety of solutions, but all can distinguish three types of interior doors:

  • swing of the product;
  • sliding doors to the nursery ;
  • folding doors.

best option for a child's room will swing doors as folding and sliding design may cause some difficulties in the operation.For example, over time, these products are beginning to creak and become loose, which adds to the discomfort to the kid.Besides, they are not well insulated from sounds interior space, noise and draft.The most unfortunate style - a door-accordion, which is not just bad insulates the room, but also a risk factor, because the child can get hurt by sharp joints on the panels.


Design nursery door

As a child spends in the room is almost half of the day, the aesthetic factor is not less important than usability or durability.Many manufacturers already offer decorated products that are bright, and the variety of pictures from cartoon characters to amusing mazes on the canvas.

important consideration when selecting a door leaf in the children's room is its coloring.Consider key recommendations:

  1. It is desirable to draw the door in pastel, bright colors that will not inhibit the child's mind and emotional state.
  2. Remember that the door should be fully in harmony with the design of the room, and it can act as a canvas for decorating.
  3. Favorite cartoon characters painted on the door, the child can lift your mood and make his stay more comfortable inside the room.
  4. You can also decorate the door stencils graphics, elements, curves and lines, shading in a suitable color.
  5. often happens decoration on the glass insert, which can be applied to the beautiful landscape or portray colorful abstraction.The only requirement - the glass must be tempered and unbreakable.


comfortable operation

To a small occupant of the room could feel comfortable, should provide some features when choosing a door:

  • handle must be within range, and the most convenient for the growth of the child;
  • use latches, deadbolts or locks can cause additional threat when used as a baby can accidentally shut themselves inside.Choose products without these attributes;
  • best option - the door with a lock for the child - a bolt on the magnet, because it is easy to handle the baby and it is quite safe;
  • being determined with the decision of which the door to the nursery to buy , many parents forget about the fact that a child can pinch your fingers in the door hinges, trying to explore a new world.For this reason, should give preference to products with concealed fittings.


door Security in the nursery

About security door in the nursery has already been mentioned above, but it is worth to highlight the key factors separately:

  1. Environmentally friendly manufacturing material - a child spends in his room a lot of time,and because the inhalation of phenolic or other chemical compounds only harm health.To avoid unpleasant consequences, choose products made of solid wood or high-quality substitute.Remember, expensive doors are manufactured in a technologically advanced environment with good raw materials.
  2. Avoid glass inserts, unless they are made of special material.
  3. Do not buy a door, in which traces of distortion or poor quality work.
  4. Try installing a magnetic lock or even refrain from such precautions.
  5. Choose products with a minimum of protruding, sharp or metal attributes: door.



Nursery is an island of personal space of the child, where he will develop, learn the basics of self-reliance and organization.In order to make the stay in its territory as comfortable and cozy, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality and practicality of the door.Giving preference to wood, concise and user-friendly design, parents can ensure that a child find a safe in your room.

requirements and features of the door to the children's room are described in detail in movies: