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August 12, 2017 18:06

Door lock invisible .Main characteristics

guarantee complete protection from unauthorized opening of housing for today are electronic locks invisible . This type of compact device is invisible on the door, equipped with a new coding technology, has high reliability and ease of operation.With such a mechanism, the home owner will be able to protect themselves from hacking, as well as the damage to his property.


Key Features stealth lock

distinctive feature stealth lock mechanism has made so popular today - the lack of a keyhole.This makes it impossible to hack the door by any known means.

Cutting electronic device is mounted on the door of any type.Depending on the manufacturer and the design features, the locks can be equipped with motor-driven gates

in extreme positions, thereby uncover the crossbars by force is almost impossible.Also, the product may be equipped with a locking mechanism with integrated electronics, which will secure the position of the closed lock.But there are some common characteristics, which has a mechanism for all design models.

functionality of the control unit

Hidden electronic lock is required to implement these functions of the control unit, like:

  • removal by number key;
  • write / overwrite a new key;
  • receiving the activation of the sensor system of SMS alerts;
  • setting radio functions;
  • connect siren;
  • opening / closing of the lock via the mobile device;
  • receive notifications about the beginning / termination of the power unit from the mains;
  • owner notification about recording a new key fob;
  • automatic blocking of the lock in the case of a locked door;
  • blocking key by SMS messages when the owner needs;
  • connection of various sensors: emergency, fire, position sensor transoms, doors, etc.


functionality electromechanical device

  • hiding location area stealth lock;.
  • software invoice / mortise installation;
  • protection device against deliberate attempts to mechanical damage;
  • providing emergency opening of the lock manually from inside the premises, in order to fire safety;
  • reliable fixation crossbars in position;
  • lock control.


to select lock Factors

door electronic lock invisible mounted in a specially selected host site, then any methods like nozhovok damage, blockage by external objects, glue and so on. Does not threaten his health.In particular, such a device handy in those houses where there is no separate partitions, hallways, and doors leading directly to the stairs.

process of selecting the lock invisible can be significantly easier if you adhere to the following requirements for the device:

  1. Invisibility - quite an important criterion for electronic products, thus it is necessary to select the most non-standard type to the attackers could not crack it.
  2. preferably selected locking blocker without crossbars or key Electromotor type.This allows the device to maintain the possibility of opening / closing even in extreme misalignment door.
  3. mechanism must be equipped with an emergency handle, which will open the door from the inside in the event of a fire alarm or other hazards.
  4. autonomous power - an important feature as the castle, working from the network requires a complex installation, it consumes a lot of electricity, and this entails financial costs.
  5. The product is equipped with an alarm mechanism that informs on the status of work.
  6. When a power failure or a failure mechanism should not be blocked or opened spontaneously.
  7. Choose brand product as a patented locking mechanism locks crossbars for quality allows them to securely capture, withstanding a static load of 800 kg.
  8. Castle should be suitable for any type of door leaf to be vandal-proof and reliable.
  9. It is advisable to choose the keys in the form of a plastic card, key fob rather than because the transmission over the air signal, attackers can intercept it.
  10. device must be quickly and simply cancel the lost trinkets.


Choosing castle for the manufacturer

popular Castle today invisibility kupitdostatochno simply because a wide range of products presented in this segment of the market.Among the most famous and rating of manufacturers that offer such arrangements, it is possible to allocate such:

  • Aler;
  • CISA;
  • Flash lock;
  • ML;
  • Tantos;
  • Polis;
  • Fort.


company Locks ML and Aler

products of these companies are presented solenoid type devices.Feature invisible castle from ML or Aler is that its opening / closing takes place by the action of an electromagnet.For such products are also characterized by the conclusion of round bump on the outside of the door leaf, which looks like a metal button.At the same time a very small force would be enough to derail it, and the lock will be broken.Therefore, these locks desirable to install interior doors in the space, offices, classrooms, etc.


  • low cost;.
  • ease of installation of the device;
  • reliable internal locking mechanism;
  • external aesthetics of the castle.


  • not suitable for installation on the door, since the simplicity of deliberate hacking achievements.


Locks Fort firms and Polis

product range of domestic manufacturers adds another kind of device - electromechanical latches.Such invisible door locks are opened by the built-solenoid and locking takes place by means of perevzvoda deadbolt latch.They can be both overhead and crashing into the door leaf.


  • low cost;
  • difficulty opening the lock;
  • high reliability plunge mechanism;
  • products made of durable material.


  • invoice mechanism for inferior protective characteristics, it is easier to crack;
  • lock automatically closes when either locking the door.


Locks firm CISA

Hidden castles invisible Italian manufacturer also presented the applicator device of the form, but the quality is much superior to the previous company.These products will protect the premises through the introduction of new technologies.


  • enables remote device management;
  • control access to the history of the castle;
  • high quality of manufacturing materials;
  • opportunity biometric access to the mechanism.


  • high cost products.


company Locks Tantos and Flash Lock

These manufacturers offer electromechanical solenoid locks , characterized by reliability, practicality, quality.The principle of operation of the device is very simple: opening / closing of the valve takes place under the influence of a signal from the remote control.This castle is a powerful guard homes, since such a mechanism is extremely difficult to detect and crack.


  • complexity of the mechanism, ensuring high reliability;
  • invisibility;
  • versatility;
  • built magnetic contact sensor;
  • simple operation.


  • complexity in the installation;
  • high cost of the product.


Learn how to set the lock invisibility own hands can be in movies: