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August 12, 2017 18:06

What should be the bedroom door

The choice of interior doors is a very responsible action.After all, it depends on them the harmony of the home, which supports a specific microclimate in each family nest.It is therefore necessary to choose the bedroom door carefully and deliberately, without succumbing to fleeting desires.Experts say that the door properly chosen in the "holy of holies" of the spouses, the family is able to bring well-being and material well-being.


  • Location door to the bedroom
  • three rules when choosing a door to the bedroom
  • doors bedroom:
    • selection criteria How to choose the color of the door?
    • How to choose the material of the door leaf?

Location door to the bedroom

no choice in the standard high-rise buildings - where the designer "invented" the door to the bedroom, where she will be.Never mind that it was not on Feng Shui.But, then, you are lucky if you have the opportunity to engage in the design and design of their future residence - you have the opportunity to take care in adva

nce that the door to the bedroom was located exactly where needed.

1319225746_12 -style- Provence

To attract love, happiness, family well-being and material well-being, before to choose which door to put in the bedroom, remember these rules:

  1. door leading to the bedroom should not be placed on the same level with the doorsthat lead to the toilet or bathroom.
  2. between the doors leading to the bathroom and the bedroom should not be located in the bed.If it is inevitable, "block off" the bed from the door to the bathroom screen.
  3. bedroom door to be opened from inside, not outside.
  4. opposite the door to the bedroom should not be any other doors.
  5. on the bedroom door should not "look" angle protruding opposite wall.Smooth the situation will help the plant, "entwine this angle.

three rules when choosing a door to the bedroom

Before you start to pick up the color and appearance of the door, is to learn the three rules to follow that your home will be harmonious and modern.


  1. If before the door to each room would be different, today interior doors necessarily sustained in any one style.The doors must be made from the same manufacturer, to have the same style, color, and texture.But!This need not be the same doors, they need only be similar - for example, all be of the same collection.
  2. In the absence of doors do not forget to put a box and trim - no matter what material the joints at the ends.The opening white will eventually become dirty, so not to hide untidy part of the interior under the plastic, it is better to do in advance liner.
  3. Choosing the bedroom door, take attention to its "stuffing": pen, baseboard, casing, latch - all this must be done efficiently and in harmony with the interior.

Bedroom Doors: selection criteria

Choosing the bedroom door, you need to analyze a number of criteria, according to which the door can be not only a variety of colors, but also a different appearance.All of them have both advantages and disadvantages.


  1. sliding or hinged doors?This option is most familiar - hinged doors are easy to handle, they are easy to open and close, strong, and can be locked with a key or a lock (it is enough just to punch the door desired item).The main drawback of the door - to open them you need space than not wealthy small rooms and narrow corridors.In addition, it often happens "conflict", since there are two next door has one space for opening.As a result, the door often fight against each other, are deformed.In order to save space, you can replace swing doors on sliding - door coupe in the bedroom is also perfect.Their installation is a bit more complicated, and the noise when opening and closing they make a lot more, but the use is justified.
  2. solid or with glass doors?The bedroom has natural light, so in this room suitable for both solid door or with glass.Another thing is that the bedroom is designed for recreation, so here should not penetrate background noise from the apartment or the light from the corridor, so many prefer a blank door.On the other hand, as in the hallway there are no windows, the door glass in the bedroom will be very helpful - will fall a little light.If the plan allows, you look very nice pair of doors with glass.But deaf paired doors - is mauvais ton bedroom too rough.
  3. natural coating or painting?It is believed that the beautiful and harmonious, when the bedroom door has a natural appearance.On top of it must be just varnish.But specially painted in a particular color of the door leading to the toilet or bathroom.However, sometimes "requires" design space that the door has been painted in a certain color.
  4. And if the door-accordion?The size of the door to the bedroom plays an important role in the selection.If there is no room for swing and sliding doors, often comes to the rescue door-accordion.For opening and closing these doors, you will need to add them up.Remember that it is not just additional noise, and extra space in the doorway, so that they were placed there - in the end the overall things are just not able to "enter" into the room, like a big man.

How to choose the color of the door?

doors Color in the bedroom, as seen in the photo, is dependent only on the interior of the home, but because of practical reasons, many people prefer to door "universal color" - in this case, if there is an idea a couple of years to repaint the walls or pokleit other wallpaperthere will be absolutely necessary to change the door to the bedroom.

Universal door is considered in light or dark "tree", and painted with white paint.Many experts on the contrary, the "universal" find the door color "light beech", as it is a soft shade that is in their own colors different shades: there are elements of red, brown, green.This color is perfect for any colors, except, perhaps, deep blue.

Nouveau - Andes of futuristic - interior -dur - IDEAS

Do not use a colored interior doors - for each room door of a certain color, as the home loses its integrity.However, experts say that if you specifically want to highlight something or other premises - for example, special-purpose room, then you can select the color of the door of her.


If you are still in doubt, to what color scheme to bow, remember a few rules to follow when choosing a door.

  1. door frames and moldings.Canons design argue that the baseboard and trim should be strictly the same color - casing highlights the doorway, and a plinth - like rim defines the perimeter of the room.These two bands should be whole circuit.Casing and plinth can be the same color as the door, and can be quite different on the color scheme - for example, the door - wood color, and baseboards and trim - white.
  2. door and the furniture in the room.Before you choose a door to the bedroom, decide what furniture will be in this room - not only in structure but also on the color scheme, so they should be combined.If the furniture in the room with mahogany, it is absolutely the right decision would be to choose exactly the same door - not blowing mahogany, but it was with a reddish tinge, which is quite harmoniously fit into the interior.Incidentally, the color of the door and can be combined only with some specific elements present in the room - with shade chandeliers, with a cloak on the bed, upholstered chairs, headboards and sofas.Of course, this solution is much more complex, but it's worth it.In general, experts say that experiments with color doors in the bedroom does not always end successfully - if you are, of course, strive for a unified space.
  3. door and the floor.Very deluded those who are trying to pick up the door to the bedroom under the flooring.In contrast, the color must interact with each other, but not to copy.The door and floor must be performed in similar colors but still visually different from one another, then the visual overflow does not occur from one plane to another.

How to choose the material of the door leaf?

Choosing the bedroom door, it should also decide on what material it should be.


  1. tree.Probably, at all times, this material is at the peak of popularity.And absolutely no matter from which doors are made of wood - from cheap breeds, such as cherry, birch, pine, or expensive, such as beech, oak, ash.The door, made of wood, will be visible from afar - it's a classic, it will not replace even a fashionable veneer.Pros doors made of wood: a natural material that has ample opportunities.Cons doors made of wood: the price, "capriciousness" of the tree as a natural material.
  2. Veneer.Outside this door, of course, looks much more expensive than its content, so veneered doors are strong, easy to use, have a presentable appearance.Pros doors veneer: low price.Cons doors veneer: a partial "natural" look.
  3. Laminated doors.This type of door on a class lower than the veneer, due to what is inside - a paper honeycomb.Although their appearance - laminate and a film with a variety of print, it looks quite nice.Pros laminated doors: low price.Cons laminated doors: the inability to cover the restoration of that damage.
  4. Doors made of glass.Modern and effective solution.The door glass is perfect for the bedrooms, which are made in such styles as minimalism and high-tech or modern areas close to urban style.Pros door glass: an attractive appearance.Cons door glass: poor noise insulation, the relative fragility of the surface.