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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to paint the door wood

Sometimes to refresh the input space, just paint the door enough.Do not immediately throw it because of the fact that she had lost a presentable appearance.This review will focus on how to paint the door wood.


  • effect of "wood" in industrial conditions
  • What are the doors?
  • standard process of painting with his hands
    • necessary materials and tools
    • Preparation and
  • painting process itself Imitation wood texture by coloring
    • What is needed?
    • Exactly how to paint?
    • Nuance!

effect of "wood" in industrial conditions

Often, industrial manufacturers use paint metal doors "under the tree", because this kind makes much more warm and natural, and therefore more attractive to a buyer's eyes.The basis of this technology is a special heat treatment in industrial plants.In her pre-shared, special powder vpekaetsya in metal, creating a whimsical drawings that imitate wood cut pattern.But it is hardly possible to replicate at home.Therefore, let us, yet at the painting.

«What is the cost to paint the door?" - Asked by many.As much as you spend on the purchase of materials and tools + a few hours of your valuable time.

Paint can be both front doors and interior doors.However, you need to consider what they are made of any material.From this, at most, depending on the answer to the most difficult question: "What kind of paint to paint the door?»


What are the doors?

  1. Wooden.
  2. Plastic.
  3. Glass.
  4. Metal.

Paint wooden door easy.Moreover, the effect of "wood" here does not need to imitate.The original texture is often enough simply to emphasize tinting agents or varnishes (alcohol, oil or nitrocellulose).After this treatment, you can use a polishing paste.If the surface is damaged and requires the same painting, choose the color of oil paint or enamel shades of natural wood.

Consider a standard process for painting any door.It is important to poocherednost operations and their very essence.About nuances - below.

standard process of painting with his hands

necessary materials and tools

  • spatula;
  • brush;
  • tool to remove old paint;
  • putty;
  • paint.

preparation and painting process itself

  1. Examine the door for possible malfunctions.
  2. Troubleshoot, if you were discovered.
  3. Remove with a spatula swollen and cracked layer of old paint.For this purpose can be used and special chemical products (caustic soda or carbolic acid), if the paint is removed unevenly.About that, what means to choose, consult with building a supermarket retailer.
  4. Thoroughly wash the door.
  5. Let it dry completely.
  6. Using spatula putty and repaint all the cracks and chipped.
  7. Allow to dry.
  8. Remove all items accessories.If this is not possible, cover them with a protective film.
  9. Remove the door from its hinges.
  10. Place it on a level surface.So you can avoid smudges and achieve uniform staining.
  11. Paint one side of the door.
  12. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  13. Turn the door and do the same with the other side.
  14. After drying complete the process to paint the sidewall.

now about what to do if the door is metal or plastic, or wood door lost its texture pattern.In this case, the rough uneven and worn wood fiber can be simulated by painting the door a special way.

Imitation wood texture by coloring

What is needed?

  • paint two brown tones.A lighter (sand, yellow, bodily, etc.), the other - dark;
  • tinting composition or varnish;
  • special rubber float with an uneven surface with bumps and hollows (looking in DIY stores);


  • sandpaper;
  • brush for applying the paint.

Exactly how to paint?

  1. Cover one of the door surface lighter paint.
  2. Let it dry completely.
  3. Sand slightly colored surface for better grip.
  4. Apply a dark brown color.
  5. Without waiting for the upper layer has dried, gently "comb" the door rubber float.Thus, tearing of dark paint layer in some places, and exposing the lower layer of the light obtain surface visually resembling a cut tree.
  6. Open the tinted composition or varnish.
  7. Allow to dry completely.
  8. Repeat all operations from the second side of the door, then to the side walls.



  • choosing certain color combinations of dyes, you can simulate even different types of wood.So, if you want to portray bleached oak planks, prefer beige and light gray shades.Natural raw oak - light brown + chocolate.Want to brag wenge wood - choose black and red-brown.And, in fact, and you can experiment.The main thing is try to trim the natural colors and well combined.


  • If you have decided on the experiment, it is better to do a test pattern on the plywood.So you clearly see what will get as a result of their efforts, and not hurt the door.
  • surface, painted wood can also wear out (and get the "old" door).You will need krakelyurny varnish, which, after drying, covered with a web of cracks.Now, almost wooden door will almost rarity.

Performing these simple operations, you will receive an excellent, almost new and almost wooden door.Visually (that's for sure!) Old door will not yield new fashionable counterparts.And the money to buy a new door on an old painting different needs.So consider yourself!