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August 12, 2017 18:06

What doors are suitable for a country house

door - is the calling card of any home.On it you can judge the prosperity, practicality, thrift and taste of the owner.


  • doors and their designation
    • Classification doors
    • Basic Functions door
  • basic characteristics, which should pay attention to the selection of doors
    • quality structural elements
    • raw material from whichmade doors
      • metal (metal) door to the house and their characteristics
      • wooden doors in the house
        • The nice wooden doors?
      • Plastic doors in country house
        • What good plastic door?
      • Glass doors for a country house
  • Several recommendations on the selection of doors for a country house
  • Conclusions

special case - the door to a private home.The same should be guided by choosing a good door for a country house, and what they do there?Read about it on.

doors and their designation

Classification doors

  1. input.Such doors - a pass to his home "fortress."What they can still be?Strong, sturdy and reliable.
  2. Interior.These designs differentiate living s
    pace, decorated and possibly isolate areas with different functional purpose.

Basic Functions door

  1. Isolates home from external noise, odors, rain, wind, etc.
  2. supports climate home without letting the cold in winter and hot air -. Summer.
  3. Protects against unwanted intrusion of uninvited guests.

basic characteristics, which should pay attention to the selection of doors

quality structural elements

  • door frame;
  • door leaf;
  • trim;
  • locks, handles, locking systems and so forth.

It is the quality of data and the creation of elements determines the quality of the assembled door on the whole.

Raw material from which made the door

Metal (metal) door to the house and their characteristics


  1. door box of a metal bracket (5-6 cm).
  2. frame of high quality steel sheets.
  3. presence of reinforcing ribs (4-6 pcs.).
  4. Filling the frame cavities with insulating material.
  5. presence reinforced hinges (ball or safe deposit).
  6. facilities by several locking systems.
  7. Additional advocate protection in the form of burglar crossbars.


Metal entrance doors in a private home can boast a long period of use and Vandalism properties.It is true they are not cheap.Perhaps someone will point to the visual simplicity of the metal door.But here it is necessary to see the forged doors or laser carving.These samples are very original and can serve as an independent element of the facade of the house decor.

Wooden doors in the house

Installation of metal doors - troublesome.And their use is not always justified.Why is the door of metal in a wooden country house.For example, for a modest country house will be enough and wooden doors.


The nice wooden doors?
  • availability;
  • practicality;
  • aesthetics;
  • ease of maintenance.

Such environmentally friendly door if handle them varnish every 5 years, can last up to 50 years.


increase the strength of different special trehschitovye door obtained by gluing board of pine wood, MDF and veneer.

Oak doors with sealants and insulation - excellent thermal insulation option.

Doors made of mulberry - quite reliable, becausebecause of the diagonal of the texture of wood, they are almost impossible to crack.

Pine doors.This material is good for interior doors.Under the influence of the atmospheric influences, pine spoiled and deformed.Therefore, this raw material is not suitable for entrance doors.

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should not give preference to a sliding wooden door.They - easy prey for robbers and let in a lot of cold when opened.

Plastic doors in country house


What good plastic door?
  1. wide range of models.
  2. relative cheapness.
  3. lightweight construction.
  4. possibility of mounting additional electronic door systems.
  5. strength obtained by amplifies profile elements.


Glass doors for a country house

Glass doors - this is exactly what is needed for people who dream of a bright and spacious home.After the glass visually pushes the scope of living space, it gives the room a visual "lightness".


popular option Innovative glass doors now become glass entrance groups, which include:

  • door;
  • steps;
  • threshold;
  • vestibule;
  • canopy, etc..


Do not underestimate the stamina of glass designs, because the glass is used to create them hardened, and therefore, heat-resistant and shockproof.Giving preference to the glass door, carefully examine the frame in which the glass is inserted.A cheaper but less durable option - frame made of aluminum.Dear and robust - steel.

Several recommendations on the selection of doors for a country house

  1. not worth saving.Remember: "miser pays twice"?This is exactly the case.
  2. Buy door in specialized DIY stores.Maybe a little more expensive than the market, but, for sure, more efficiently.And with the guarantee.
  3. Evaluate how carefully executed door.Cloth metal door should not have welds.The wooden door must be sanded and finished with lacquer or other composition.On the glass door should be no streaks and spots.
  4. Ask presence of locks.The ideal is considered to be a combination of two different locking systems.
  5. Stylistically, the door should be a continuation of the front of the composition, rather than a foreign spot on the background of a harmonious picture.


So, summing up the results!If you are looking for an environmentally friendly version of the doors, it is, of course, wood.To protect against thieves choose doors.You want maximum lightness and light?Prefer glass.Metal-allows you to perform the most daring ideas in terms of design.

entrance doors made of metal - the most common.Wood and glass are better established itself in the arrangement of interior openings.Plastic and aluminum - the perfect solution for garden pavilions and farm buildings.

However, you decide!In modern DIY stores you will not have the problem of the scarcity of the product range.So, articulate their wants and needs, and - go ahead!