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December 12, 2017 00:14

How to care for interior and exterior doors

Doors - a mandatory attribute of interior home furniture, which is present in absolutely any home.They perform a number of important functions and require careful use.Observing the basic rules of care for doors , can extend their life and keep the original appearance of a new object.


Doors lacquered

Caring for interior doors , having a polyester coating require regular inspection, which will reveal the damage, scratches and other defects.Since these products are often presented in the economy segment, the quality is not always at the highest level and for the doors to be carefully looked after.However, this process is quite simple, and can quickly restore the original appearance by using lacquer and impregnation agents.


Consider the basic rules of care for doors:

  1. Because this view of the interior is made of a material that undergoes special drying, in the period between the purchase and installation of
    the door need to store it in the room.This will pass acclimatization.
  1. Avoid excessive dryness and heat in the room in order to prevent cracking of the web.
  1. preferable - not to remove the polyethylene until the time of installation, as well as to save the product away from heating systems.This will avoid the unpleasant consequences of sharp changes in temperature and humidity - cracking, warping, swelling and other distortions..
  1. Install door lacquered necessary in the last turn, after the completion of all repairs.Since the effects of moisture for them fatal.
  1. If the door leaf is covered with tinted varnish to avoid permanent contact with his direct sunlight - this can cause uneven fading of the surface.
  1. To maintain the aesthetic appearance, every 6 months, you need to perform a deep cleaning.To do this is to make such manipulation:
  • wipe the surface of the fabric with a damp cloth;
  • dry towel, wipe down the door;
  • apply the product to 10% alcohol solution or a specialized tool.
  1. At intervals 1 time in 2 months it is necessary to handle the door polish, as part of which contains paraffin or natural wax.Such measures will create a thin protective layer that protects the product from moisture.

Buying wax, emulsifier, antistatic silicone or other means for the care of the doors , pay attention to the type of surface, for which they are intended.As part of quality solutions should not contain harsh chemical additives.

Among the most famous brands, producing of furniture care products can be identified such as:

  • Emsal;
  • Chirton;
  • Pronto;
  • Oricont Luxus;
  • Tatrachema;
  • Mebelux;
  • Fabulous furniture.


for wooden doors Doors in solid

Care is a particularly meticulous process, since these products are made in the technological equipment, are of high value and display the status of property owner.The most common materials for production are: beech, alder, oak, pine, ash.Products made of solid wood have a long life, but for them to be carefully looked after.


main requirements for content and for wooden doors Services:

  1. workpiece can be by conventional means, intended for furniture.If the blade is made of pine - is permissible to use a mild soap solution, as the material is poorly sensitive to moisture.However it is necessary to protect the canvas from mechanical impact and damage.

Important!Do not use acetone-containing solutions, as well as scouring powder.

  1. During repair work, it is recommended to remove the door from its hinges or cover them with plastic wrap.The protective coating should not have gaps or holes.
  1. Operation is necessary to avoid increasing the humidity and temperature inside the room, as it is the main enemies of wood.
  1. necessary to wipe the door leaf with a special solution containing 15% alcohol and 85% water at least 1 time in 3 months.After a wet wipe, be sure to wipe the product dry.
  1. not recommended to use such products for doors care , that contain abrasive powders.It is fraught with deterioration of appearance of wood web and its functional characteristics.
  1. If during use on doors scratched, they can be quickly eliminated.To do this, you need to do the following:
  • wipe with a damp cloth damaged area;
  • gentle pressure, treat the place scratches with sandpaper with a fine fraction;
  • apply a thin layer of polishing wax on the bare land;
  • remove the excess with a dry cloth.

also recommended to perform inspection door fittings not less than 1 time in 2 years.To do this, you will need to perform such manipulations:

  • remove the door leaf;
  • adjust and clean hinges, rails and fasteners;
  • lubricate all pieces of semi-fluid grease or oil;
  • hang on the door hinges and test the serviceability of accessories.

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Veneer doors

Doors veneer type - quite common constructs that are known for reliable performance, long life and good workmanship.Care veneered doors will not only prolong their operation, but also to simplify and make them comfortable to use.


Caring for veneered interior doors simply.To do this is to follow a few recommendations:

  1. It is very important to comply with the timeliness of the web survey and door hardware.Products from this category is difficult to give in the restoration, so it's best to avoid them spoiling.
  2. most noteworthy varnish that covered the surface of the veneer.It helps protect the wood from the strain, damage and weather, as well as gives the product an aesthetic appearance.Therefore we can not prevent abrasion of lacquer surfaces on the door.
  3. necessary to clean the fabric of dirt and dust not less than 1 time per month, using special means of processing the surface of the furniture.This polish gently removes all particles and covers the canvas with a protective film that prevents the penetration of moisture.Besides protectional layer has a dust properties.
  4. desirable to use care products containing natural beeswax.This will protect the surface of the door from the adverse effects of sunlight and make the web a noble gloss.
  5. not less than 1 time per year must inspect and clean the accessories.Then it should be treated grease.
  6. If the door spontaneously changes from a closed position to an open, remove it and make an adjustment fittings.If you do not fulfill it in time, there may be unpleasant consequences in the form of sagging canvas and damage.
  7. Do not place near the door heaters, do not expose the product to heat or moisture.

Often, when mopping the bottom edge of the door veneer also falls into the water, which entails negative consequences.In order to avoid damage to the product, it is necessary to handle this part of the door and a double layer of wax polishes, specifically designed for furniture surface.This will keep the fabric in a suitable condition for many years of use.

Learn about the features and differences between the types of interior doors can be below:

Glass doors

Sliding interior design with glass fragments or whole glass doors - quite fragile and elegant interior.They have expressed the aesthetic appeal of being the object of attention in any interior.For this reason, you must take good care of their condition and carefully exploited.

Maintain a glass door in good condition only.This will require to follow these guidelines:

  1. Wipe the glass must be tight as it is pollution, but at least 1 time in 2 weeks.To do this, use only cotton cloth.As
  2. detergent must use solutions having a neutral or slightly alkaline environment.Permissible to use a weak solution of shampoo.
  3. not recommended to use detergents with abrasive powders.
  4. can use folksy recipe, wiping a glass surface with mild soapy water with vinegar or ammonia asleep.
  5. not be used for cleaning hard cloth or brush.



for interior doors Caring regardless of their type and characteristics of the surface - an important component of product content.Simple handling and regular cleaning will help to avoid serious problems and damage to the web, as well as costly repairs or restoration.

Important! is a requirement that the ban on the use of these materials in the courtship of doors with any type of surface:

  1. scrapers or sponges with rough plastic or metal surface.
  2. Treat surface of the web means that are not specifically designed for cleaning the surface of the furniture.Use
  3. detergents which contain as a part of oil, abrasives, alkali or acid.

to interior of door leaf Care Guide can be seen in the video: