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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose and install laminate doors

Interior doors - this is one of the main attributes of the interior of the house.Depending on the appearance of the door, and the kind of apartment depends on many things.If the doors are very different from a home decoration, then it will look directly addressed.And the old, not fancy doors and completely spoil the interior view of the home, even if you only make major repairs.


  • laminated and veneered door
  • how to produce laminated interior doors
  • Choice laminated doors
  • Cost Laminated interior doors
  • Featured company
  • manufacturers mount technology door
  • Box locks

laminated or veneered door

These kinds of doors are almost the same, but their performance characteristics are very different.Veneered doors on top covered with a thin wooden plate, with the main frame is made of MDF or particle board.


This technology allows you to fully simulate a wooden door, but has a number of significant drawbacks.Veneer, even the highest quality, it starts to peel off after 4-5 years.In

addition, the material is afraid of water, resistant to mechanical damage, it is extremely difficult to give in restoration.The process of removing and replacing the veneer is very time consuming, so it's easier to buy a new door.

laminated doors deprived of all these shortcomings, but, unfortunately, can not take full mene to convey the texture of wood.However, if it is a reliable, high-quality doors, which will last more than one year, attention should be paid exactly on laminated versions.

how to produce laminated interior doors

external appearance and beauty of the doors is highly dependent on its cover.The doors are covered with numerous materials: various films, veneer, wood, etc.However, the most popular are laminated doors.Firstly, they are very beautiful in appearance, as modern technology allows to produce laminated floor, not distinguishable from natural wood.Secondly, the low price, which according to some characteristics not inferior to solid wood.


basis laminated interior doors is a frame which is made of different kinds of wood, but the primacy belongs to the fabric of the pine.On the frame are attached plates of fine fraction.And the door is almost ready, but still far from the final presentation to the buyer.

To the door got a beautiful view, it is covered with laminate.Laminate, a panel obtained from a plate-based chipboard or fibreboard and several layers of paper impregnated with melamine resins, molded with the plate at high pressure and high temperature.Laminate flooring can be of different colors with different patterns.However, laminated interior doors "under the tree," the most popular and easier to fit into the interior.

Laminated interior doors are in excess of strong and durable, they are not afraid of humidity, changes in temperature, they are easy to clean and is very difficult to scratch, so they can be installed in the bathroom.

Choice laminated doors

Generally, in the manufacture of laminated doors used equipment from Europe and high quality materials.But, there is always the opportunity to face low-quality products.

When choosing a door, be sure to ask how it is covered with material.One of economical materials - is a laminated film, coated on top of the resin.This type of coating is the most short-lived, the paper easily leaves traces of scratches, peeled and very quickly damaged.The advantage of this product is not a high cost.So if you're in the store offer good and not expensive laminated doors, it must be understood that it is possible they are covered by such material.


quality laminated cover a completely different film, which is called dvuhromnym or laminate.It is a durable material that does not exfoliate, does not scratch and does not lose the color of sunlight.coating technology it is a film that adheres firmly to the web.

most durable coating material is laminated doors CPL plastic laminates or continuous pressing.CPL plastic differs from cheaper, its high durability.Therefore, it is used in many public places, such as in offices and shops.

Cost Laminated interior doors

price - this is the main advantage that can boast door laminate.Buy the most usual model with simple design, copy tree will cost about 1500-1800 rubles.

with glass inserts and stained glass, laminated doors, the price of which will vary around 5,000 rubles and over.

stained - polusteklo

often in catalogs of companies that sell doors, the price listed only on the door leaf.To install the door need door frame and trim.The cost of the kit varies from 800 to 1500 rubles.

Another type of cost - setting the door, which will cost 1800-3000 rubles.

Featured company manufacturers

In fact, companies that produce laminated interior doors for a lot of the market, let us consider some of the most famous:

  1. Company DOORTEX, founded in 1995 - is a leader in the production and sale of interior doors.These laminated doors from the manufacturer are produced using modern technology and meets the highest quality standards.The variety in the choice of laminate, veneer and doors of economy - the class will give you.
  2. Company «TREVISO PORTE» - this Italian laminated doors, made by the best factories in the ultramodern equipment.The door trim is used synthetic veneer of high quality, fully imitating the color and structure of noble wood.These doors are resistant to wear, and resistance to moisture.
  3. Factory "Mario Riolo" - a company that produces high-quality doors from Italy since the beginning of the 20th century, which has received the trust and an excellent reputation among customers all over the world.With 2007 offices in Russia were opened.The equipment on which the production is purchased in the European countries and fully automated process technology development is carried out by professionals from Italy and Germany.For the production of the models used laminated pine timber, fibreboard of high density, and honeycomb - this combination allows to achieve a high sound insulation.For finishing used veneer fine wood or high quality laminate.
  4. Factory 'Uniq' doors - is the production of laminated doors, made from natural wood paintings.In the process technology used to splice miniship through which drops the cost of the door of the array, and with it the price of the door.To avoid mechanical damage, the perimeter fabric obbivat n- shaped profile.Many types of doors are the author's patent and have the best quality products.
  5. Company CRS - a Russian manufacturer of doors more than 15 years working in the wood industry.It produces mainly laminated MDF doors.laminated boards, which by their characteristics are similar to natural wood, but are deprived of the main drawbacks are used for the manufacture of doors.Production is made on the modern European equipment.

door installation technology

Process plan consists of the following stages:

  • installation box,
  • mounting loops,
  • door installation,
  • installation of locks,
  • installation casings.

From that, how much door frame is installed properly, the quality of work depends on the door.Therefore, this step is the most important.Boxes are of two types:

  • collected,
  • disassembled.


Assembled box set is hard enough as it is necessary to adjust to the size of the a solid box with observance of right angles is extremely difficult.Therefore it is better to buy options disassembled, they consist of:

  • side panels,
  • upper limit,
  • sometimes include threshold.

threshold - is not necessarily an element, its installation is suitable only if you are using wooden flooring.In terms of fashion trends, the thresholds are not relevant.

first step - installation of the top bar.You must install it perfectly straight.Right angle must be in relation to a wall, and with respect to the opening plane.Otherwise, the door will clobber.After calibration, the bar is secured by several screws.

further aligned side bars.If one of them has made a slot for the lock, I immediately think of which way the door will open.From the economy of space and ease of use, the door is always open to larger premises.Strips are calibrated in two planes, and then fastened with screws.


Then securely fix the structure by means of spacers.This may be a piece of cardboard or wooden pegs.Done in order not to violate the integrity of the process of the final fixation.Apply assembly foam for this purpose.Blow out the seams between the wall and frame must be as deep as possible to the foam completely fills all voids.

box finally becomes a day, then you need to check it is level.If everything was done correctly, then the bubble will show right angles, otherwise you'll have to carry out the correction.Any door only operate at right angles.

technology is designed for thin MDF wooden box or boxes.Installation of wide wooden box will be discussed in detail in the overview video at end of article.

next step is the installation of loops, they are of three types:

  • monolithic,
  • free,
  • marked.

Monolithic loop immediately fixed on the door.Their design is arranged in such a way that the door hinge can not be removed (one-piece loops), so they are immediately screwed in place.The advantage of this embodiment in speed.Besides, it is impossible to make a mistake in keeping the working angles.


free loops are included separately.Under them to do gash (if you want to hide the loop body flush) and fixed as it is convenient.In practice - this is the most time-consuming installation option.It is necessary not only to mark the correct position on the box, but also on the door, the slightest deviation from the right angle will lead to rapid rubbing and damage to the door mechanism.The only plus - easy replacement hinges.

Marked loop - is the best option, as they are separate from the main structure, but in the doorway and box markings have been made.On sale this option is not uncommon.

door installation process is to ensure that the need to put the door leaf on the hinge (in the case when it comes to free or pre-marked-up design).Thus, it should be checked to a chassis of the mechanism has been installed bearing.Originally lubricated hinges is not necessary, but if the door during operation will begin to creak, require using a medical syringe fill in the chassis engine oil or liquid lubricant.

The final part of the work - installation of casings.As a rule, they are sold as a finished product.If the proposed complete version for some reason does not fit, then buy a special MDF blank.For their installation needed miter box and hacksaw.The lateral and transverse part zapilivaem 45-degree angle, and then glued to the wall with liquid nails.Before applying the glue necessary to check whether the same seam.It is worth noting that the trim will be perfect only on a flat wall, if there are defects between clypeus and the wall will be visible voids.The easiest way to hide them with plaster (actually only in the case of decoration).

Box locks

installed without the door handles and the lock can not be used for other purposes.But this process has a lot of nuances that need to be considered in detail.We must start with the lock types, they are:

  • on the gate system,
  • a key system,
  • on a combined system.

Cheap doors are usually supplied complete with gate lock mechanism.This means the system by which the opening and closing of the lock is done by switching a special gate.Most often presented spherical shape handles with a switch.

shutter captures the lock pawl and prevents it from moving, and the mechanism is extremely unreliable, as is often the gate flies off and locks the lock.In order to open the door, you will need to use a knife.The process is not complicated, but quite laborious.This option should not even be considered as highly speculative savings.


compromise between price and quality - a combined system, they are equipped with one hand under the key slot, the other - the gate switch.from design issues are the same, but they will not solve the special tool, and regular key.It is important to set the lock so that the side with the connector went out into the hallway, in the event of sticking of someone is always able to open the room.

These locks are represented by different manufacturers and are made in different design decisions, but the cost is really high-quality products starts from 800 rubles.For this money, easier to buy a high quality locking mechanism works on the classic.

tapping procedure itself consists of three stages:

  • drilling base Lock case,
  • drilling holes for handles,
  • fixation mechanism.

Perform work needed in that order.After the tie still need fasten protective Garda hole for dogs.