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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hinges for interior doors

hinges for interior doors - this is a spare, that opens and closes the door.This detail is needed for fastening the door to the box.It is desirable that the loop in harmony with the decorative elements of door accessories used during installation and, at the same time, from a perfect functionality.

How to classify hinges for interior doors, and they are classified according to what criteria?

most widely used types of loops

Style leaf


Door Direct end leaf

When choosing hinges need to consider the type of door leaf.So, for normal web with direct end can be selected and elementary overhead loop and fabric with porch requires a specific structure of a rectangular loop with a bend c

ard (angular).Map - a moving plane with holes for screwing screws loop.


door porch

According to the direction of motion of the door leaf


Unilateral loops created for the movement of the door leaf only in a single direction.There are left-handed or right-handed.Plus, this variant - the comfort and speed of removing the door from its hinges when (although such is extremely rare) the need arises.


-sided loop


This type of hinge is equipped with three cards, coupled with massive cores, each of which has a spring to ensure a snug fit hinges to the door leaf.These compounds are typical for migratory bivalve 'a la Western "doors.The apartments they are used very rarely.

spring -sided

Spring sided loop


They are used for all doors, regardless of the direction of motion of the door plane.In DIY stores you will find a 4 or 5 inch along the length of the loops of the wings.Dimensions cards for such loops are equal or 100h25mm 125h30mm, respectively.The massive door, the larger the loop, you need to choose.Sometimes (if the door is too heavy), involve just three hinges: two at the top and one at the bottom of the door structure.These loops are composed of several bearings on the rotary axis.

universal loop

Universal loop

By way of connections with the door

Overhead door hinges for interior

They do not cause any difficulty in assembling.For greater clarity, they should be called nevreznymi hinges for interior doors.These cards are simply stacked and bolted to the door of the plane and Lutkov.The most widely represented in the sale of such products from the steel (and stainless) and brass.For the arrangement of the exterior doors are usually chosen stainless steel or brass samples, because of their resistance to temperature changes and other atmospheric influences.However, the installation of internal doors (where the physical characteristics do not make specific claims) often choose ordinary steel hinges, asthe price of such copies is much lower than that of wear-resistant counterparts.

hinges for interior doors butterfly - it's the same overhead loops, owes its name to a particular form, reminiscent of a butterfly.Cards such loops are arranged so that when the door is closed "folded" into one.


Flat hinge Butterfly

Mortise hinges for interior doors


Screw hinge

  • Screw loop - an example of products that are suitable for doors with a porch (a quarter).In these constructions function cards operate wing pins, some of which is threaded and screwed into the web and Lutkov.Others simply inserted into the pre-prepared holes.Then part of the loop are connected by means of the cylinder engages.The visible part of the eye is covered for this design aesthetics cap that you can choose the color of the handle or the door closer.In addition, the position of the individual parts of these loops can be readjusted in the future, which is very convenient when aligning the plane of the door on the box. End hinges for interior doors - a kind of set of loops, widely used for doors for light and medium gravity.Ideal for poorly installed doors with the presence of distortions boxes that can be visually adjusted by adjusting the position loop.

End loop

  • Hidden hinges for interior doors - is an example of non-standard mortise hinges, which are almost invisible when the door is closed.These concealed hinges for interior doors can be made in a one-sided variations, and in the universal.Individual samples of such products, as well as screw-in loop can resist regulation.However, their structure is more complicated than the design previously described models, and so set not so simple.

loop - whores

There will need maximum precision and diligence at all stages of installation.Regarding the prices of alternative internal loops on the inner door can be said that the value of these models in classical times higher, so the mass trends are not yet used.

Concealed hinges
Hidden hinges

What should I look for when choosing a loop?

  1. execution quality (type of coverage, the availability of rough cuts, burrs, etc..).
  2. presence of lubricant in the areas of friction.
  3. Reviews manufacturers.The most popular today are the product of Italian and Spanish producers, such as MORELLI, Archi, AGB, Armadillo and Amig.Their product longevity and durability.However, it is worth further interrogate relatives and friends for what they are loops, and how satisfied they are.
  4. cost.Products from the top manufacturers will cost you 5 times more expensive than analogue unknown firm.It is important to be able to catch a valid price / quality ratio.
hinges, often wear and decorative.These cards operate with all kinds of curly monogram.Moreover, by choosing such a loop-jewelry is not worth saving, becausein cheap versions of such curls quickly fall off.
decide, ultimately, to you!