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August 12, 2017 18:06

Kitchen worktops made ​​of particleboard : description , advantages and disadvantages

For facing horizontal work surfaces kitchen furniture tabletops used chipboard.Due to the properties of the decorative laminate, they become an important element in the design of the kitchen.A wide choice of design of kitchen worktops is able to drastically transform the appearance of the most common dishes and their quality and functionality meets the basic needs of the consumer.


  • main varieties of kitchen worktops
  • Consumer requirements for worktops
  • decor Choosing countertops chipboard
  • Countertops in the style of interiors
  • Main features tabletops Chipboard
  • Cutting countertops

main varieties of kitchen worktops

Most kitchen countertops are made of chipboard (DSP) with a decorative coating.It is also used by other practical materials for facing work surfaces kitchen furniture.But the most widespread countertops made of laminated chipboard, although the decorative layers of other materials of a certain size have been successfully used for the same purposes.Kitchen workto

ps for decor diversity meet the needs of the most demanding customers.As for the material, they are:

  • acrylic;
  • artificial stone;
  • natural ornamental stone;
  • natural marble or imitation;
  • solid wood with oiled surface;
  • stainless steel;
  • lined chipboard mosaic tiles;
  • glass tops (colored matte and transparent crystal).


However countertops chipboard price is more acceptable, but the quality, practicality and decorative properties are not inferior to almost harder facing materials.Noble appearance of the DSP-tops offered by manufacturers in a huge range, allows you to choose any imitation of expensive material.

Facing kitchen countertops made of stainless steel, glass, stone, ceramics and wood is less popular, but they have their supporters.Much more affordable countertop chipboard, buy or chop them for unusually shaped surfaces - is quite accessible.Decorative chipboard laminated remains a major proposal for mass consumption.

Consumer requirements for worktops

Previously, for easy assembly in a small room, kitchen made of individual objects, but today designers offer a total built surface of the furniture.United worktop combines several outdoor cabinets, which minimizes the number of end surfaces of joints that are less protected against the ingress of water.

main purpose kitchen countertops - working surface for cooking, so the base material must meet the basic requirements:

  • practicality;
  • moisture;
  • ease of cleaning and cleaning;
  • surface resistance to chemical agents and abrasive detergents;
  • strength;
  • hygiene;
  • absence of toxic fumes;
  • resistance to loads and impacts;
  • ability to withstand the temperature of the hot containers.


Kitchen worktops DSP consists of 7 layers, so that during the operation guaranteed compliance with all of the above indicators.The decorative layer is protected by the plastic from burning when exposed to direct sunlight, mechanical stress and damage, appearance of stains and scratches.Countertops can withstand short-term contact with hot objects up to 240 ° C - about 20 seconds without destroying the laminated layer.

to the table top made of laminated chipboard or MDF is generally available and other similar decor panel, which can be used for walls and kitchen furniture.Often from the same material and make the other surface, which gives a special design of the kitchen chic.The combined worktop cut out holes for the gas stove, sink, refrigerator or horizontal washing machine.Among the shortcomings

DSP-tops can be specified:

  • the penetration of excessive moisture under laminated layer is likely to plate deformation;
  • required waterproofing of joints and end portions;
  • flawless operation of about 10-15 years, with subsequent replacement.

Tip: In order to save, you can buy a small tabletop thickness of the order of 28 mm, with a matte laminate layer.But to be more durable moisture-resistant chipboard worktops thicker, about 38 mm.Smooth glossy surface lacquer plastic shall not be cleaned with abrasive substances, or eventually lose "lac" properties.


decor Choosing countertops chipboard

countertop - it's not just the working surface for the butchering and cooking products, but also an important decorative element of the kitchen furniture.Although pure functionality, chipboard worktop affect the aesthetic perception of the entire interior kitchens.

Most tabletops Chipboard perfectly mimic natural materials, such as the texture of the elite wood or semi-precious stones.At present, the most common pattern tabletops:

  • crystal;
  • melange;
  • marble;
  • graphite;
  • metlosh;
  • «Sahara»;
  • Fahrenheit;
  • Jurassic stone;
  • salmon;
  • tavertin;
  • root roses;
  • Inco;
  • shells;
  • jeans;
  • salt and pepper;
  • parquet;
  • onyx;
  • malachite;
  • granite;
  • imitation of natural wood (in stock).

In addition, the color chipboard worktops any listed invoice give the broadest possible selection of the necessary palette for kitchen design.However, coated with a protective layer of transparent plastic surface is much more practical.Natural white marble, for example, sensitive to certain spots - on its surface may remain following coffee from tea, traces of dyes.But much easier to keep clean the surface of the laminated chipboard countertops white "marble".

in online shopping directories can be found any decor name.For example, marble or wenge are available in different variants of the color palette.Unlike stone, this material does not form cracks and chips by a sharp blow.Material quite practical, as opposed to some of its natural analogs and its joints are filled with silicone - to leak.


Countertops in the style of interiors

When selecting material countertops, its texture and color, it is important to take into account compliance with the basic color scheme and style of cuisine:

  • surface of stainless steel - for high-tech style, avant-garde, techno;
  • array of expensive wood - Country, Provence, retro, grunge, classic British and Ecostyle;
  • artificial stone - a fusion of art deco, modern, neutral contemporary design;
  • bamboo imitation in laminated chipboard - Japanese and Chinese style;
  • jeans or other cloth wrapped with imitation - kitsch, vintage, pronounced youth design;
  • imitation shells - sea or Mediterranean style;
  • natural marble or imitation - the Empire, classical, gothic, antiquity, palace style, Baroque and Rococo;
  • sugar (imitation sand) - African, Moroccan and Egyptian style;
  • monochrome matt surface - minimalism, post-modernism, functionalism, Scandinavian style;
  • fancy decor - constructivism, expressionism.

The catalogs can be matched to your interior exactly what best corresponds to the designer's idea and the client's request - worktop made of particleboard.


Out of the total of the material can be made not only to the working surfaces of kitchen furniture, but also to combine the general plane of the table and the kitchen windowsill.From the same material with the same decor, if you allow the size of chipboard worktops, also do:

  • the bar;
  • shelves;
  • apron;
  • sink;
  • sidewall soft corner for the kitchen and other surfaces.

Main features tabletops Chipboard

Kitchen worktops often made from chipboard or MDF, and their decorative paneling is covered with several protective layers.They are mounted on the working surface of the kitchen unit for subsequent installation on the sink countertop.It is convenient and practical for a plane slicing, cooking, placing a hand basic kitchen utensils.That is why they are more valued by consumers for comfort and practicality, and their excellent decorative properties recede into the background.Covered with plastic table top for a long time it has gained popularity among domestic consumers.


Countertops mounted on the end of the kitchen cabinets, the bars are attached to the binding screws.Decorative laminated chipboard is considered to be the most accessible material used in the manufacture of tabletops.Their edge is:

  • with rubble;
  • bevel;
  • with hem.

on the domestic market with a large range came Russian and foreign manufacturers of tiles and building materials.Their products are not very different in quality, but the cost depends on:

  • slab thickness;
  • protective properties of the laminated plastic;
  • features decor;
  • indicators of water resistance.

Tip: On the main indicators of the material is not worth saving, because this part of the kitchen units is quite difficult to change.However, if necessary, replace countertops and other decorative surfaces do not recommend to buy the first available.

Pay attention to the thickness of the countertop chipboard, moisture resistance index and decor.The most expensive countertops are considered to be Italian.When used in kitchen countertops whole, it is important to carefully handle rear end chipboard laminated - it will serve as well as moisture resistant.


Profile countertops form varies, so you can choose the most suitable:

  • straight profile without rounding;
  • 1 reclining (office) bevel;
  • 2 sloped bevel on opposite sides;
  • 1 blockage (cut);
  • 2 with rubble from different angles;
  • 1 hem (rounded);
  • 2 hem (on opposite sides).

rounded edge of the laminate is more convenient for the working surface, and direct, without rounding for trimming.Facing Worktop made:

  • registration edge in the same plastic as the working surface;
  • processing PVC edge;
  • Postforming.


For registration and protection of the end surface of the edge of the kitchen furniture is used to match the countertops, its size - 32 mm and 42 mm.special corner joints in the form of a T-shaped strips are also used:

worktops for kitchens made of particleboard manufactured with different thicknesses:

  • 28 mm;
  • 38 mm;
  • 50 mm.


  • 3050 mm;
  • 4100 mm;
  • 4200 mm.

standard width of kitchen countertops - 600 mm, but can be found layers of laminated chipboard larger, they are much more expensive than usual.Moistureproof countertops - the most expensive, practical and durable, in the section have a greenish tinge, thanks to a special waxy impregnating wood chips.

important addition countertops - a small ledge or recess along the edge of the lower front part of countertops, called "drip pan".The device collects a drop of water, preventing it from dripping under the inner surface and the kitchen cabinet.But the countertop with a rounded hem lamination goes to the back of the work surface, eliminating swelling.This kind of tops - the most practical.


Tip: The most practical set-piece countertop at all tables, and if one of them is slightly lower under the legs or end portions can be made extra-base legs.On a worktop without joints and work more convenient, and looks more aesthetically pleasing, and leakage is minimized.The main thing - the most carefully handle end portions, and if their integrity is questionable, may be further treated with sealant or silicone.

Cutting countertops

At home quality to saw table top is not possible, and quality meats bought in carpentry and furniture shops on special equipment.Stone and granite tiles cut hydroabrasive by specialized companies, metal - on universal milling or CNC machines.


Specialists not only countertops will make any size, which allows the sheet of laminated chipboard, and cut out openings of any configuration.Accurate cutting and trimming worktops of any material - guarantee the aesthetic appearance of not only the working surface, but also the entire kitchen.