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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to upgrade the kitchen with his hands

Many believe that it is the kitchen should be the most comfortable place in the apartment or house.Here come all family members in the morning to get a positive charge at the common breakfast and dinner are going to share news and experiences lived day.However, the interior of the kitchen quickly become outdated, it begins to pall, and work surfaces wear out and gain a little unkempt.Therefore, each is useful to know how to upgrade the kitchen with his hands, without making costly repairs.


main approaches to the transformation of the old kitchen

Getting partial renewal, in the search for a solution likeupdate the old kitchen, it is important to match its financial and physical capabilities.Probably the update will have divided into several stages, then the material is difficult to be Me.Something will have to trust the experts, and some types of jobs available and to make your own.Upd

ating the interior is also a great opportunity to show their creativity, taste and talent.Leaf through brochures with the proposed new furniture - maybe some ideas for the design of the facade seem acceptable for the transformation of its interior.Looking through the illustrations in the article, you can learn a lot of interesting ideas, but they can bring in their own way.


cuisine Alterations can be:

  • radical - with the change of the overall style and the purchase of furniture;
  • partially - with the replacement of some elements and facades of furniture;
  • minimum - with finishing and decoration of some surfaces, filling showy accessories and new dishes.

Since the restoration of the kitchen with his hands, it is important to understand one principle - even after the partial transformation, all surfaces should look like new.So first of all it is important to assess the extent of renewal, to remove all the defects from the surface and remove visible flaws.For example:

  • update the facade of furniture and work surfaces, replace countertops, put new handles and other accessories;
  • install the missing elements in the hood such as kitchen equipment, mounted on a different built-equipped, to replace the outdated gas stove and sink;
  • update the apron in the kitchen, do constriction kitchenette new leatherette, refresh surface stools;
  • assess whether to replace the flooring need to change linoleum or ceramic tiles;
  • to resolve the issue with the replacement of woodwork;
  • replacement lamps and lighting types;
  • ceiling update.


If the built-in cabinet furniture is old, but it fits well with the overall concept and the most thought-out configuration, you should not rush into its complete replacement, is sufficient to consider the restoration of the facade of the kitchen.The carpenter's shop can be enjoyed cutting all the doors of the laminate with all trim and fittings.Finished pieces of the facade will only hang yourself, and kitchen furniture will look like new.And all the tables can be combined general working top made of plastic or acrylic, and in your size and configuration it can also cut in the workshop or building a supermarket.In most of the major outlets have for this special equipment.In most cases it is enough to update only the outer surface of the doors:

  • handle self-adhesive film;
  • make inlays;
  • replace glass (colored, opaque corrugated, sandblasting, stained glass, relief).

Tip: Old kitchen facade sometimes it makes no sense to decorate after several revisions - replace the door and work surface.The method is convenient because housewives are getting used to determine the location of pots and pans, and this is important when preparing food in a hurry.Then, in the kitchen, looks new, all items will be on the old familiar places.


is impossible to ignore the desire of all family members, and especially the one who is engaged in the preparation of the bulk of the food.Most of the women in the kitchen spend a lot of time, and so on self-perception will largely depend on the desire to cook special dishes.I noticed that when a person is uncomfortable in the work area, the desire to engage in usual activities turns into onerous responsibilities, and vice versa - a routine brings joy and satisfaction in a supportive environment.This is most true for the kitchen equipment: one to prepare it, he should choose the style, comfortable colors and basic equipment.

Good taste and gut feeling tells you how to choose the facade, curtains, tablecloth (oilcloth), lamps, doorknobs, dishes and other kitchen utensils.Sometimes a complete replacement of motley utensils on a single set of substantially transform the kitchen:

  • set these pans of various sizes;
  • selection of dishes of different depths with the general pattern;
  • set of pots of different sizes made of stainless steel or enameled with the general pattern;
  • tea & coffee;
  • collection of handmade ceramics;
  • set of spoons and forks in the overall design;
  • set of blades on a common stand, etc..


course, can not be replaced all at once the dishes, but if you ask for, you can each month to replace something.It looks nice and all the kitchen utensils in the same style - the Japanese or Chinese, English classic or country.

Tip: No regrets bored part with household items and kitchenware.Replace the old cups, forks, plates on the ones that will bring real pleasure and positive emotions.Agree, nice on a daily basis to look at the plate with favorites and favorite drink from a cup shape and size.

good idea to update the old kitchen

If there is no particular preference for kitchen style solution, we can only rely on their feelings.However, those who are versed in the style of the interiors, it is best to choose your favorite (modern, ethnic, historical or Ecostyle).And then repelled from it in the selection of the facade, lighting, cookware and accessories.Sometimes it would be wise to contact a professional interior designer to make some sketches and choose the one you like the sketch.


1. Update the kitchen, you can start from the walls, perhaps it is time to change the overall color - more "appetizing", soothing light or intense emotional.Remember that the walls can be:

  • okleit washable wallpaper;
  • paint one color or make fun coloring;
  • cause liquid wallpaper or plaster original invoice;
  • replace tile or lay out an interesting panel, for example, from the bat tiles.

2. Updating the apron (plate for a gas stove and along the work surface).The surface is most often soiled and laundered, it requires more frequent replacement.It can be a painting, putting some tiles or plastic lining.The choice of color depends on preference and practicality.You can make a sophisticated decor, for example, a panel of bat tiles, but the more smooth the surface is, the easier it is to clean.However, if you have a gas stove rear panel, and the kitchen is equipped with a powerful hood, the contamination of the apron will be minimal.


3. Update the kitchen table may be limited to updating the countertops in the kitchen, for example, to simulate natural stone - onyx, malachite, lapis lazuli.Today, synthetic countertops made of acrylic and other materials mimic any natural material.Especially looks nice replacement of the general material:

  • countertops and window sills;
  • working surface of furniture;
  • surface of the bar.

4. Replace laminate or linoleum in the kitchen, too, can significantly transform the kitchen.There are also more expensive finishes - floor fillers or filler colored small pebble.

Remember laminate must be waterproof and linoleum - without the large substrate, because if there penetrate the moisture, it will be difficult to remove!

5. Replacing accessories on the same for the whole handle greatly transform her kitchen.Today on sale there are handles on the cabinets and doors of any shape and style of various metal and other materials.Subtle and elegant chrome - techno style or high-tech, forged brass - for retro kitchen, turned wooden -. For the country, etc.


6. Change sink and faucet also update the look of the kitchen.Pay attention to the type of mixer, crane shape, color of metal, handles for hot and cold water - they, too, must comply with the overall kitchen design.

7. Update the kitchen facades are different ways:

  • paint;
  • decorate for special effect (old and others.);
  • make imitation leather inserts in the tone of a soft corner for the frame;
  • update kitchen self-adhesive film;
  • use any decorative materials for finishing fragmented;
  • insert other glass or paste over the inside stained glass film;
  • completely replace the door or put a layer of veneer wood texture chosen.

8. Replacement of textiles and design windows can significantly transform any kitchen, but it is important to pick up on the general style of cuisine:

  • net curtains, crocheted in technique loin;
  • flat Japanese curtains shielded in a special cornice;
  • thread curtains;
  • decorative curtains or blinds in an interesting technique of "hand-made" (applique, patchwork);
  • Roman blinds;
  • beautiful multi-layered curtains.


9. The small shelf on the kitchen perimeter of the ceiling will transform the look of the kitchen.They will provide a new place for the collection of ceramics or "exhibition" in the same banks of glass:

  • spices;
  • dried herbs;
  • cereals;
  • seeds;
  • tea sold by weight.

On the shelves you can pave long linen towels with sewn decorative braid or lace edging.Complete kitchen towels and embroidered cloth in the same style.And that will not rub off during daily use, you can lay on top of a transparent silicone or plastic wrap.

10. Update the kitchen ceiling can be a variety of ways, including complex decorative finish.The easiest way - to paint with latex or acrylic paint that is practical to clean.If you are good at drawing on the ceiling soot settles, it is possible to make the ceilings, which are also easy to clean.Matt ceiling absorbs little space, has the properties of high-gloss mirror and visually increases the height of the room.


11. If the old door to the kitchen to be replaced, consider whether it is often used.Is not it better to give it up or replace it with a new door, a beautiful and modern?Think about the type of handles to match the style and material of the rest of the fittings and handles faucets.

12. If the doors of furniture in the kitchen underwent conversion of self-adhesive film may be in the same style it would be necessary to update old tired old refrigerator door and household appliances.

13. Perfect way to give old things a new kind - molding, ie clearance surfaces overlaid with decorative elements.Suit special decorative elements, straight and round bar.Perhaps under the frame want to insert some beautiful decorative material -. Any network, rattan, plastic mat, embossed foam (for painting) and other

14. The surfaces of kitchen fronts and other plane can be decorated inlays of ceramic tiles under the frame orinserts of Plexiglas, which is well cut and sawed.

Tip: Plexiglas for cleaning Do not clean with abrasive substances, it may be scratched, but it is very practical - does not break on impact.

15. One of the easiest methods to give the kitchen a new appearance - update seating stools and drag the couch.The optimal solution - an artificial skin that will fit and inlays.However, this choice is not limited to - the market today have a variety of washable furniture fabrics for upholstery, which is very practical in use.


16. Decorate stools and chairs can also be a variety of ways, all depends on the style and fabrics.For example, conventional stool transform:

  • new soft seats, trimmed with fringe;
  • removable covers, crocheted;
  • capes of faux fur, which can be equipped with decorative elements (sheep, cats, etc.);
  • velvet robe with ruffles, and others.

This is only part of the ideas to help make a new kitchen in the old material without costly repairs.But remember that it is impossible at first to do something, and then to evaluate, liked or not?It is important to take into account all the wishes and possibilities, in order not to be disappointed and had to redo it.