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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a fireplace made ​​of plasterboard with their hands

fireplace in the house - it's not just a craze, but above all the warmth and comfort.There is nothing better than to gather the whole family for a cup of tea near the warm lights or dreaming beside him alone.But not everyone can afford to build a stone fireplace because of limited resources or space.In this case there is a great alternative - a decorative fireplace made of plasterboard.


  • Benefits fireplace plasterboard
  • Species fireplaces plasterboard
  • Decor portals false fireplace
  • fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands
    • Preparation of the base under fireplace
  • Mounting fireplace
  • decorating fireplace
  • stone Imitation
  • Fireplace plasterboard.Video

Benefits fireplace made of plasterboard Plasterboard

refers to one of the most popular eco-friendly materials, which are actively used in the construction of partitions, walls, mezzanines, shelves and, of course, fireplaces.He has virtually no weaknesses, except that he needs in the decoration, and even this can be

attributed more to the merits.

Decorative trim fireplace is a structure made of metal profile, which is sheathed with plasterboard.

Fireplace plasterboard has a number of benefits and advantages:

  • low cost in comparison with fireplaces of stone;
  • possible to manufacture structures of various shapes and installation even in small spaces;
  • simplicity and accessibility of installation - to make a fireplace made of plasterboard can even the most inexperienced builder;
  • false fireplace made of plasterboard can perform several functions - used as a shelf for books, muffin dishes and for other purposes, depending on your imagination;
  • because false fireplaces no open fire, it is completely safe to use.Therefore, if you have small children, you can not fear for their lives and health;
  • no danger of damage to standing next to the fireplace furniture and floor from falling hot coals.

What can be a fireplace made of plasterboard, you can see in the photo.


Untitled - 211

fireplace - from drywall

Species fireplaces plasterboard

Decorative fireplaces made of plasterboard can be divided into 3 types:

  • conditional - are protruding from the wall of the portals in the furnace which can be placed an electric fireplace;
  • reliable - fireplaces that do not differ from the stone fireplaces the size and appearance.The furnace can be placed burner bio fireplaces - full copies of the hearth;
  • symbolic - to these fireplaces do not have the attitude, as carried out in the form of decor, they have no portals.

Decor portals false fireplace

Raised fireplace plasterboard remarkable for its versatility.They can be used to simulate a real fire, but you can not hide the sham and even make this accent, it all depends on the style.

Options portals decor:

  1. portals most often decorated with candles that mimic the great fire of the fireplace.You will be able to enjoy a fire and a little heat.An excellent choice for a romantic evening by candlelight.
  2. For a more realistic picture of the furnace are added wood, which spread on the grill over the candles.It turns out the effect of a wood fire.
  3. new modern version of the imitation fire in fireplaces - LCD display or, as it is called, electronic photo frame.Externally, the device looks like a small monitor, where you will have the opportunity to change the appearance of a moving fire.If you want to use to fill the furnace electronic photo frame, or electric fireplace, you need to measure their size in advance so that they fit into a finished fireplace.
  4. Another unusual variant - decor using books, collections of figurines, toys and other items.
  5. Very nice would look a fireplace, decorated with a Christmas tinsel.It may be Christmas decorations, garlands, rain, and, of course, gifts for kids, and loved ones.


fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands

Before the construction of the fireplace, you need to prepare:

  1. First choose the room and place that will be mounted fireplace.It can be a bedroom, and a guest room or kitchen.If you have a small room, the corner fireplace made of plasterboard will be the best option.
  2. After selecting the place you need to make drawings and sketches of the planned fire.If you doubt its design capabilities, you can invite a specialist for these purposes.He will tell you what style is better to execute the design, so she looked in your interior.
  3. builders recommend to make the layout of the upcoming construction in order to properly calculate the amount of building material.The material for the layout may be a conventional board, and is suitable as a conventional PVA adhesive, and in some cases it will be enough even tape.You will be able to attach to the walls of the layout to see how it will look in the future fireplace.Take the time to layout production, it will save you time and money.
  4. And, of course, you'll need to build tools and materials with which you work:
  • sheets of drywall.If you plan to decorate the fireplace with ceramic tiles, drywall is better to take a water-resistant.The dimensions and the number of sheets depending on the size of the fireplace;
  • metal profile, from which you will make the frame structure: the guide (28 × 27mm) and the rack (60 × 27mm);
  • metal screws (14-16 mm length), which will need to connect the frame parts;
  • screws countersunk head for fastening the drywall sheets to the metal structure;
  • screwdriver;
  • electric drill and hammer drill for use with concrete walls;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • hacksaw;
  • Bulgarian;
  • metal scissors;
  • sharp knife construction;
  • building level;
  • roulette;
  • square;
  • dowels;
  • skin abrasion;
  • putty plasterboard;
  • sheets of foil or aluminum;
  • decorating material.

Preparation of the base under fireplace

Before mounting frame for the fireplace, you need to prepare the ground under him:

  1. best base cushion is made of concrete.Its size should be larger than the fireplace in the 20-25 cm and a height of 20 cm.
  2. Despite the fact that in the fireplace of the drywall is not used an open fire, the walls around you still need to protect because they are from ordinary candlestoo, can be heated.The best insulating material is asbestos or aerated concrete.If your fireplace is decorative, the protection is not required.

Mounting fireplace

So, you can begin the installation of the fireplace.First collect the metal frame:

  1. If you plan to place the fireplace is not very close to the corners, the frame can be mounted directly on the wall.
  2. Put on the walls and floor need markup.
  3. Then proceed to the mounting profiles, which you cut to the necessary size - attach the profile to the wall with a drill and drill a few shallow holes ground-label.
  4. Remove the profile and predrill holes in the ground mark to the desired depth, so that they fit dowels.The concrete walls of the drilled hole puncher, a drill to cope with brick walls.Check the horizontality and verticality of the frame building level.
  5. According to attach your drawing cut lines metal profile to those that are already mounted on the wall.
  6. If the place chosen for the fireplace or near the corner of the fireplace is a corner, the frame will need to collect in full, and then mount it into place.

When the metal frame is ready, you can sheathe plasterboard:

  1. Sheets rascherchivayutsya material and trimmed to size using a grinder and are attached to the profile with screws.
  2. All joints cardboard-gypsum sheets necessarily stronger metal profiles with screws.
  3. To strengthen the construction of every 30-40 cm inserted into the profile line, which is also mounted on the screws.
  4. All seams zashpaklevyvayutsya after they abrade skin.
  5. Carr insulated aluminum foil or sheets.

Decorative fireplace in which you plan to install the candles must have a chimney, like a real fireplace.flue pipe is double - one pipe to another part.For security purposes, one must have the damper.But, if you allow space in the room, you can do the chimney just for beauty and more like a real fireplace.

fireplace - wheel - plasterboard

Decorating fireplace

Now that the fireplace design is ready, you can proceed to the very important point - the decor.For this purpose, different materials and capacities according to taste preferences.It may be self-adhesive film, paint, tile, plaster, plaster of Paris, and even elements of forging.You can combine several types of finishing material.Very good looks decorative stone in combination with metal forging.The most important thing in choosing the decor - the harmony with the general interior of the apartment or house.

Pasting film:

  1. Pasting fireplace plasterboard film - most budget and a simple way of decor, which does not require special surface preparation.
  2. Raschertite film in accordance with the size of the fire and cut with scissors.
  3. Stick tape on the drywall and smooth with the help of a piece of fabric.
  4. film lasts quite a long time, but eventually did begin to peel off the corners.In this case, the film may be replaced with a new or other material to decorate the fireplace.

Staining fireplace:

  1. If you decide to paint the fireplace, you need to prepare well the surface, putty joints and the heads of screws, because any paint reveal all the irregularities.
  2. After shpatlevanija surface thoroughly erased sandpaper.
  3. after drying putty need to apply a primer to improve adhesion of the paint to the surface.For this fit primer with pigments, it helps avoid gaps, it is applied very evenly.
  4. 4 hours after priming you can start to paint.Choose water-based paint, it is best suited for drywall, it dries quickly and goes perfectly smoothly.
  5. Similarly, preparing the surface for paperhanging.
  6. choose to work instead of roller brushes, then you do not have to apply more than 2 layers of paint.
  7. first coat of paint dilute with water 1: 2, and the second can not be diluted.

Untitled - 221

stone Imitation

looks very beautiful fireplace, decorated with natural stone.But this is not suitable finish, because a very heavy stone for plasterboard.It can be replaced with tiles or artificial stone, and their imitation.Imitation stone by far the most popular form of decoration:

  1. Treat drywall surface - clean from dust and pieces of fillings.
  2. Zashtukaturte surface and create in it a form of different size bricks.
  3. Round off with a brush blocks so that they were similar to the laying of rough stones.
  4. After complete drying of the plaster pick the surface of a special acrylic paint lazuli color you need.
  5. gray paint-azure color space that mimic the masonry cement.

Facing tiles:

  1. Before veneering ceramic tile surface is prepared as well as in the case of imitation stone.
  2. lays tiles on a special adhesive, which can be purchased at hardware store.
  3. day after laying can seal the joints between the tiles.

order to give a complete view of the fireplace, the decor complement baguettes, plinths, pilasters, moldings, columns, moldings, forging and other elements.For more similarity with natural decorative fireplace you can arrange it with some accessories: metal bars, a door made of tempered glass, a fireplace with a poker set, drovnitsa.Above the fireplace you can hang a shelf for books, candles, family photos or your favorite figurines.All this will give more comfort and warmth.

Now that you know how to make a fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands, you can safely get to work.

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Fireplace plasterboard.Video