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August 12, 2017 18:06

Screens for radiators : photo editing features

screens for radiators - an indispensable element of the interior, without which it is impossible to give the room a finished appearance.Without the use of such gratings room will look unattractive, and therefore there is a need to purchase and install the decorative element.


  • What are screens?
  • Protective screens for batteries.Types
    • Screen plastic
    • Metal for
    • Screen Wood Screen
    • for
    • screen Glass Screen MDF
  • Mounted screens for
  • batteries How to Install screen

Decorative screens for radiators batteries are shown inconstruction market in a wide range.Popular guards are made of inexpensive materials.For example, perfectly fit into the interior of any room screens made of MDF.But it does not stop your choice, be sure to check with the models, design screens, intended not only for the protection of heating battery in the rooms.You can also find a suitable option for caf├ęs, restaurants, hotels, etc.

What are screens?

pay tribute to fashion or to understand the importance of t

he small details of the interior?Everyone must decide itself, we also look at a few options that will help us select the appropriate screen for the heating batteries.

Appointment lattices:

  1. improve the aesthetics of the room.Accents and hide unpresentable battery located in a prominent place.
  2. protect people from burns.This is especially true in children's institutions, cafes, restaurants, facilities for families with young children.
  3. Setting screen will facilitate care, especially if the room set old-fashioned radiators.They are very difficult to wash, as the dust clogged in the narrow lattice.

Protective screens for batteries.Types

for heating radiators "Soviet" sample or choose the new models is the shield.It will hide the boring monotonous white aluminum radiators, as well as successfully fit into any interior space.

When we make repairs in the room, we try to think through every detail.We select the material covering the walls, ceilings and floors in one color.After completion of repairs also have to solve a complex task, because you need to select the furniture, curtains, lighting.The interior must all be in harmony.How regrettable when radiators, even today, are evident.If you just think about this moment still in the process of repair, you can order an exclusive product that will fit the design of the room.But this is possible and to stop, because not everyone can afford to pay for high-priced exclusive radiators.There is a solution - you can buy special protective equipment for heating batteries that will blend in with the room decor.

So, we came to understand that the safety devices for the radiators have to be beautiful.But this is not enough.The heating season in Russia lasts at least 6 months, and sometimes more.Clearly, all this time, the screen will be in close contact with the air flow.So, it must have protective properties.

screens may be made of such materials:

  • plastic;
  • stainless steel
  • ;
  • tree;
  • glass;
  • MDF.

Screen plastic

Plastic screens on the battery are low cost and light weight.At the end the positive properties of the device.By purchasing this screen, there is a possibility to buy a protective device made of substandard materials.When heated, the plastic can give off noxious fumes, and if the radiators are too hot, even melt.

Advantages of plastic panels:

  • ease;
  • low cost;
  • suitable for residential buildings, hospitals, offices.


  • releases toxins when heated;
  • wear out quickly;
  • looks cheap;
  • due to the release of toxins need to constantly ventilate the room.


Metal Screen

Metal screens were invented in the 19th century for the batteries.The first model made of thin sheet steel.The main advantage of such overlays - inexpensive cost.Among the minuses is worth noting primitive.

interesting option that looks good and is in harmony with the interior premises - stainless steel grille with holes.

Among the advantages of metal grilles can be distinguished:

  • good heat dissipation;
  • easy care;
  • improves air circulation and the room is heated quickly and uniformly;
  • protected from contamination;
  • just take off;
  • easy to clean;
  • do not change the color and shape.

one disadvantage - fit, made in the style only for room design "Techno" or "high-tech".


Tree for

screen Wooden screens for batteries - the classic version of the protection of radiators.They have good heat dissipation.In the manufacture of various types of wood lattices can be used from a tree, and the ability to cover the product desired shade of varnish or paint will make an individual screen.The main advantage of such arrays is that they are suitable for any style of interior.

Popular this year grilles for radiators - from rattan wood.It is the dried stem of tropical creepers, steamed.The processing stems dried and subsequently subjected to deformation.The material consists of several layers, elastic, so it can take any form.The main advantage of this material - easy and safe for humans.


Advantages of wooden lattices for radiators:

  • aesthetics;
  • environmentally friendly material;
  • high heat;
  • harmony with the interior design and furniture.

The disadvantage is the high cost of manufacturing.For wooden grids must be carefully taken into account and to take care that the tree - it is a soft material, so it can be deformed with time.

Glass Screen

glass screens for batteries made from tempered glass or stained.The thickness is in the range of 8 mm.These screens are used for the decoration of elegant interiors.Glass is not subjected to mechanical stress, that is, it can not be damaged as it is placed in the protective film.It also protects the glass structure of the cracks and bumps.The corners have a rounded shape, which allows the screens even in the nursery.

clean glass screens for radiators can be liquid detergent.If you want to buy protection for glass panels, but can not afford it because of the high cost, pay attention to the low-end models, made of acrylic glass.These screens will be slightly thicker.You can choose a matte or semi-transparent surface.Acrylic glass is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to select a shade that matches the decor of the room.


Another type of glass screens for radiators - triplex system.This multi-layer screens, made up of several layers of thin glass, bonded together with polymeric materials.The common name - stained glass panel.

There are varieties of stained glass screens:

  1. with photo printing - the main advantage of glass screens.Due to this possibility on the spot unsightly radiators appear beautiful pattern, landscape, panorama of the city or the image of animals and even loved ones.It all depends on your imagination.


  1. Pattern silicate paints - the artist does the chosen pattern, which is then baked in an oven at high temperature.As a result, the coating durability is very high.
  1. Processing glass surface of the sand jet with air, plus the addition of dyes.Get exclusive pattern, called "sand-blasting".
  1. fusing when on the glass surface are laid out dozens of small glass fragments, forming a certain pattern.They are then baked in an oven at high temperature.This results in interesting patterns.
  1. Tiffany - technique, which won the hearts of many art lovers.The glass surface treated glass cutter, then laid out on the pattern of copper foil.Items collected solder (copper and tin).The result is a chic pattern.The cost of the glass screen is very high.
  1. bending technology - is the formation of the glass while hot.Using such a technique can achieve any shape.
  1. Matting or etched glass surface - picture or pattern is applied to the surface and scratch out a special sharp instrument.
  1. faceted approach - faceted glass fragments are impregnated with glue and glued to the metal frame.For decorative use rhinestones and artificial stone.As a result of hard work of glass screens for batteries are very durable, they are not afraid temperature fluctuations.
  1. Film stained-glass window.The manufacturing process used lead tape.This glass surface looks very nice, but has a high cost.


Pros glass grids:

  • ease;
  • large selection;
  • exclusivity.

Among the shortcomings emit high cost of the product, the need for careful care.Additionally, glass screens prevent the normal air flow between the battery and the heating box, whereby condensation occurs.

Screen MDF

Boxes made of MDF (compressed sawdust).It does not deform under the influence of hot air and humidity.From a sheet of MDF box is constructed, and the front part is made of wood or plastic.If the lattice of solid MDF, the normal heat transfer is broken.It is better to choose a design with holes.

What are the advantages of MDF lattices:

  • not deformed;
  • insert can be replaced by another;
  • low price;
  • ease of installation;
  • easy maintenance.


  • if the insert does not meet the above requirements, then the heat will stay inside;
  • after installing MDF box cooler wash impossible.


Mounted screens for

batteries When screen for iron battery should pay attention to the design.

Types of gratings:

  • flat radiator located in a niche;
  • box when you want to hide the battery together with communications in a box;
  • mounted screens without cover for radiators under a window sill, for projecting radiator - mounted design with a lid.

mounted grilles are very popular among the owners of country houses and apartments.Grids for batteries reduce the harmful effects of infra-red radiation, and do not hinder the normal circulation of the air flow.

turns out that the screen for radiators - a kind of border that divides the two air flow (hot and cold), and improves circulation.In addition, the hinged grille protects from burns, bruises and bumps, especially when young children are growing up in a family.They prevent dust accumulation in areas of the radiator, to which it is difficult to get to the battery quality wash.To remove dust and dirt screen itself, you need to unscrew it and rinse under warm running water.You can use liquid detergent.Paint screens for heating the batteries do not need to, because they are covered with a special heat-resistant paint.


How to set the screen

With the installation of the protective fabric handle each.You need to carefully read the instructions and understand the fastener.Some models screens simply hung on the screws, like a mirror, and some are "worn" on special clips.In any case it is necessary in advance to make marks on the wall under the fixture.There are some models that do not specifically need to fix.They sit on the radiator, thanks to its curved shape.


convenient and practical grille - mounted.To perform the installation, you will need only a few seconds.It facilitates care because any time you can remove the protection, to wash it.

Mounted screens durable and aesthetic, and probably why they are always in demand.

As we know, the grating performs two functions: protective and aesthetic.Speech that screens promote efficient heat transfer and improve the heating of the room, can not be.But we can independently affect the process and improve the heat transfer by setting the interval between the heat sink and the reflective wall element.If you have enough space, you can attach the foil to foam or paste adhesive.Then we can talk about improving the heat exchange not only in residential areas.