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December 12, 2017 00:15

Laminated worktop : features , advantages and disadvantages

countertops called surface that covers the top floor cupboards kitchen units.Strictly speaking, the countertop is a work plane for each family.That is why you need to choose for themselves a functional and durable surface, which, at the same time, be beautiful and attractive in appearance.Recently, very popular laminate countertops for the kitchen.This option is a cost - the price of the stamp is not high, and the performance is quite acceptable.


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What worktop

Kitchen set - it is not only the chief assistant in the kitchen, but also a decoration and pride of every housewife.Facade and tabletop play an important role, since they need to be practical, and what could be there, just like the chef.

The most common countertop is a

monolithic plate, which is attached to the floor cabinets.But sometimes slab may consist of several parts.Table thickness varies - on average, it is equal to 2 to 7 cm all depends on the material from which it is made and, of course, on the wishes of the owners..The width and length of the stamp corresponds to the size of cabinets.But worktop can either strictly cover cabinets or protrude slightly beyond the boundaries of furniture.

What does the countertop?First, from the base.This foundation is a frequent speaker ordinary plywood, fiberboard, chipboard, MDF, etc.But facing these foundations - are all possible materials that add variety to the look tops.

Previously, all kitchen surfaces were made of wood, on top of which was covered with oilcloth.But today oilcloth considered "yesterday" and all surfaces are open to view, which is why the hostess eager to transform the kitchen.

one time a popular design kitchen countertops are plastic, but they are by nature short-lived.Today the choice for the top is huge.Facing can be expensive natural materials like wood, malachite, marble, granite.And it is possible to use modern materials - they are cheaper and easier, such as eg acrylic, laminate, metal.

very popular today worktops, laminated plastic - it is practical, fresh and inexpensive.The last point, incidentally, is often decisive for many of us.


What should be the countertop

is more convenient just to have a solid countertop - to work and care for her pleasure!In addition, the smaller joints and connections, the richer and monolithic look-in kitchen and the room itself.

Basically, one of the main advantages of the countertops - this is a competent union plate (gas or electric - is not so important) and washing.Besides worktops often performs the role of worker, because here built additional equipment like fryers, and sometimes even stretching.

But the main mission of the countertops - this desktop, so the look and the material from which the element is cut out, must meet the highest requirements.Among them:

  1. Moisture.Table tops should not absorb water, on the contrary, they have to protect the base (all internal) moisture: leakage, leakage, etc.
  2. strength.Countertops should be highly resistant to different mechanical stresses: hot dishes, careless handling of knives, punches, etc.All this should not leave at least some visible traces.
  3. Quick Clean.Countertops should not only quickly cleaned from various pollutants, but also be resistant to the use of various detergents (including aggressive).Imagine if worktop darken or brighten after the use of chemical agents to clean kitchen surfaces.

addition, countertop itself should fit the style in which the kitchen is made.It should be noted that there are surfaces that can only be used with one style.

For example, if you use the kitchen of hi-tech style, the countertop should be selected metal as all other materials will look unnatural and even superfluous.But if the country kitchen style or classic, the countertop should be wood - this is the win-win situation.For classical and contemporary cuisine in an original will also look worktops made of stone - it looks rich.The modern kitchen looks great and laminated worktops.It can adapt to different conditions.


Laminate countertops


worktop chipboard, laminated plastic

Countertops made of chipboard covered with laminate top - today's most popular items for the kitchen.They have a lot of advantages that make them confident leaders among kitchen countertops.What you should know about these tops?

  1. Laminate countertops have considerable strength, because even if they fall from a great height, you still remain the goals and in the normal form.Lots of "disaster" threatens finish: scratches will be a couple or a small dent.
  2. itself is not water-resistant chipboard material, but modern impregnation work wonders: by these means for kitchen countertops have an amazing ability to waterproof.
  3. Countertops made of particle board can last a very long time - you only need to choose the right coverage for the top.
  4. mainly chipboard worktop cover special laminate, which has a second name - HPL-plastic.
  5. laminate Drawing on chipboard made using a method such as postforming.
  6. Thanks postforming, laminate becomes thermally stable and resistant to external mechanical damage (knocks, cuts, scratches, etc.).
  7. laminate protects the chipboard from the various nuances that may arise during the use of a countertop.
  8. Countertops made of chipboard, the top covered with plastic, are not seamless, but if the work is done by professionals, then separate the specific field seams virtually invisible.
  9. have laminate countertops finishing ends is very important - it will prolong their lives as DSP will have reliable protection against moisture.
  10. edge finishing is carried out using the same plastic, which was involved in the decoration of countertops, although this solution is not the best.Some manufacturers have switched to an improved protection of the edge and end - acrylic, polypropylene, steel, wood.However, such a table top will cost a bit more expensive.
  11. If the countertop is integrated sink or stove for cooking (so-called "hob"), it is necessary to use a sealant - it protects from further moisture particleboard.


Countertops made of laminated MDF

These countertops are doing much less than chipboard.

  1. MDF differs from the DSP that is used for the production of MDF wood fibers and for the production of chipboard - chip of wood.If CPD
  2. considered too environmentally friendly material, since chips bonded using formaldehyde resins, whereupon this material may produce formaldehyde vapors.It is harmful to the human body, and especially - for the children.But for the production of MDF wood fibers connect using paraffin and lignin, which is much safer for a person who works with the worktop.This is the only difference between these two building materials.Otherwise, they are identical and have the same advantages of disadvantages.
  3. Price countertops laminated MDF slightly higher than its counterpart made of particleboard.Since the operation is difficult to see the difference between the two tops, then choosing a work surface in the kitchen, only to consult with her purse.


Advantages and disadvantages of laminate countertops

  1. Laminate countertops can be in different colors and sizes, so the choice depends on the individual wishes of the owners.
  2. Dignity laminate countertops is that its design can be quite varied.For example, the tops surface may mimic natural wood or stone, leather or metal.The table top can have the most varied drawing or decoration in the form of prints.Of course, to the natural originals topam so far, but the resemblance is sometimes astonishing - especially the wood comes out well.
  3. bright laminate countertops can be a bit over time lose their appearance, for example, through a certain number of years may appear spots - they will be difficult to wash off, which will give topam ugly appearance.Of course, that dark spots may appear on dark surfaces, but on a light background, they will be much more noticeable.Moreover, it will be evident if the worktop monotonous.On the responsibilities it will have no effect - only on appearance.Experts advise to laminate countertops will last for many years without replacement, pay attention to the dark (but not Black!) Version, which has a neutral coloring or mimics natural materials: marble, wood, stone.
  4. Sharp objects may leave marks on the laminate countertop, so cut her with a knife is something still not desirable.Not the fact that scratches remain immediately after the first misstep, but rather a matter of time.
  5. laminated worktop "insensitive" to hot.On it you can put pots and plates of hot food, but immediately remove from the heat and put the red-hot pans still not worth it.Do not test the strength of the surface - it can bring it into a state of disrepair.
  6. If your kitchen cook often and a lot, choose a matte countertop - experts say that this choice will help both to preserve the surface in perfect condition longer.The fact that the surface gloss is more susceptible to mechanical damage.
  7. To save laminated worktop as long as possible, use special boards for cutting meat, slicing vegetables and bread - it will keep and extend the life of countertops.
  8. In that case, if you spend all kitchen work directly on the table, choose a light, one-color and matte surface.
  9. Deep scratches laminate countertops can lead to internal damage chipboard or MDF, which will swell from moisture and deformed.
  10. Standard laminate countertops have a certain size - "we" of the thickness is 28 mm, and in Europe - 38 mm.But private firms can offer a variety of options, if you agree, then the worktop you can be thick and 50 mm.
  11. countertop thickness of 38 cm is ideal to build cooktops (especially imported items) in it.
  12. If you want to extend the life of laminate countertop, you must be sure to handle the edge and the ends of the product.This should be dealt with manufacturing firms, but if such a service is not provided, or you do not know what it means for processing was carried out (and if it was at all), then you should spend all the work yourself.
  13. Choose and buy laminated countertops only trusted manufacturers that have positive feedback, and give a guarantee on their product.
  14. Often manufacturers offer together with the rest of the countertop tops, for example, an apron.Remember that modern designers assure that the apron should not come to the table top in style, color and texture.Best of all, if it will be combined with the floor, curtains or kitchen wall facades.If you are an adherent of the classics, or are afraid that the outside of the kitchen you will be issued properly, you should not experiment - do the countertop and apron the old-fashioned one color.
  15. Remember, laminate countertops are afraid of vinegar - stains from the liquid may remain on the surface for good.Given these features countertop, it is not necessary to handle all kinds of means, which may be aggressive to the surface.Especially cautiously concern those assets which do not adapted to cleaning countertops.


Laminate countertops.Photo



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