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August 12, 2017 18:06

The furniture in the style of Provence with their hands

modern unified enough furniture is comfortable and functional, but often such products completely faceless.Create in your home positioning and comfortable environment possible, placing it suitable interior, corresponding to the individual tastes of the owners.Making his dwelling environment farmhouse south of France, you can use design furniture in the style of Provence.For this product is specially treated with a variety of decorating techniques and giving the effect of aging.


  • furniture for interior decoration in the style of Provence
  • ways of processing and decorating furniture in the style of Provence
  • Ideas for decoration of furniture in the style of Provence
    • Aging furniture using wax and dye
    • Aging withusing steel wool to polish furniture
    • Decoupage furniture in the style of Provence
  • furniture in the style of Provence - photo
  • decorating furniture decoupage technique - video

furniture for interior decoration in the style of Provence

for furniture inthe style of Pr

ovence is characterized by the use of natural materials - wood furniture and a variety of forged parts.Modern chrome and nickel products from the blocks, glass tables and closets in an environment not fit.But items made of wood or materials that mimic the surface of the wood should be fine.Such interior, painted in soft pastel tones, sometimes with some bright patches on the facades, underlined particularly original style of the French province.

perfectly fit into the overall picture of wicker chairs, wrought iron curtain rods, furniture, decorated with carved with intricate motifs.Suit wooden chairs and stools with carved legs, low "grandmother" cabinets in the antique style, chests and dressers - are often home furnishings look like they would faithfully served several generations.Bed in the style of Provence also supports the overall impression of the provincial, "village" simplicity - as a rule, it has a simple design and is decorated with carved or forged elements.

Style elegant simplicity can be supported and in the bathroom - it is applied to the walls of the room a rough plaster, paint over brick or sheathe wooden planks.In addition, it is recommended to install a bath classic streamlined form on the legs and a round sink, built-in cabinet, or mounted on a wrought-iron console.Wicker chairs, low bathroom furniture in the style of Provence, made of wood or MDF (dressing table, chairs, shelves and cupboards for clothes, chest of drawers), including elements of forging, box or basket from a rod - it all adds picture and looks quite stylish, creating a feeling of elegant simplicity.Decorated in a way bathroom offers the convenience and practicality of use.

especially organically looks in the design style of Provence in the interior of the nursery.Natural materials and light "airy" tone in the design of walls and floors, as well as pastel shades of baby furniture in the style of Provence create the room a feeling of spaciousness and light, soothe and create an atmosphere of relaxed comfort, a beneficial effect on the psyche of the child.Aged chairs, wardrobes and children's mini-dressers, decorated in decoupage technique or painted using acrylic art paints animal prints and floral motifs, woven basket or wicker chest for storing toys perfectly fit into the interior style of Provence children's room.Decorating items of furniture is quite possible to perform your own hands, you do not need to have special artistic abilities, a certain carelessness, naivety and deliberate simplicity are only welcome.A suitable pattern for the painting of furniture is easy to pick up with the baby among the illustrations of children's books for the drawing of the image, you can also use the appropriate stencils.


methods of processing and decorating furniture in the style of Provence

furniture with seats and peeling paint pastel erased range, which shine through natural materials, rough machined surface with a touch of patina, cracked and chipped - are typical attributes of the style.If you want to arrange the furniture with his own hands in the style of Provence, pay attention to the different techniques of processing and decorating wood products.Such treatment does not hit on the pocket, thus it looks very original and creative.Artificially aged furniture in Provence style, as if faded by the southern sun, often indistinguishable from antiques, made a long time ago.


If you want yourself to design the interior in this style, try to convert a standard piece of furniture in a unique product in the following ways:

  • to add bright accents in the relaxed atmosphere of the room, decorated in monotone pastel colors, you can use the painting techniquefurniture in the style of Provence - dwell in pastoral scenes, animals and birds, floral motifs and floral designs;
  • update existing furniture items, including old enough, and you inherited from your parents, it is actually using simple and quite spectacular art decoration - decoupage furniture in the style of Provence.Picking up a suitable image on paper or fabric, cut, and paste it on the surface of the article, covering the top few layers of lacquer for a sufficiently strong fixing.This method of decorating can quickly achieve impressive results;
  • decorative furniture can wear out, adding chips, scratches, and even deliberate wormholes, and then giving the surface of the product the effect faded, erased or cracked paint - using various staining techniques.

Ideas for decoration of furniture in the style of Provence

Different processing techniques of furniture provide a virtually unlimited space for imagination and realization of a variety of creative ideas.Combining them to design furniture in the style of Provence, you can achieve amazing effects decoration.

There are several ways to make old furniture in the style of Provence with their own hands.Sometimes this process is quite lengthy and requires considerable effort.If you want to get an idea of ​​how to paint furniture in the style of Provence, to learn how to artificially "old" and decorate a variety of furniture items (tables, chairs, chests of drawers, cabinets, etc.) on their own, try to apply some quite rapid methods available.If you have a desire to do it at home it is not too difficult.

To handle a piece of furniture (eg, chest) in order to make an artificial aging effect, you must first prepare it properly.To process the entire surface of the product without gaps, it is necessary to facilitate access to it.This will require to remove the various removable accessories - handles and decorative elements, pull out all the boxes and collapsible shelves.

Aging furniture using wax and dye

To make furniture aging effect will need the following materials and supplies:

  • suitable paint bright colors;
  • sponge - you can use the kitchen for washing dishes;
  • fine grit sandpaper;
  • candle wax.

If you are going to "wear" the furniture by yourself, do not forget to podstelit something on the floor in order to avoid contamination in the course of work.Next, you need to do the following steps:

  1. If dresser painted or varnished, you must remove this layer, using sandpaper.
  2. The surface of furniture carefully, with no gaps rub paraffin candle along the growth of wood fibers.
  3. The following dye product.You can use the spray paint in the can - with the help of user-friendly paint over cracks of wood and other hard to reach places.By placing the cylinder at a distance of about 50 cm from the surface of the chest, a thin layer of spray dye to obtain a uniform coating.
  4. To give the aging effect it is necessary to process the painted surface of the chest of kitchen sponge intense vertical movements.Start erasing ink excess paraffin from the side portions of the article (first practice on a small inconspicuous area).Try not to overdo it, otherwise gaps in the form of exposed surface will not look too aesthetically pleasing.
  5. If desired, the treated surface of the furniture in such a way by means of painting with acrylic paints or decoupage can accommodate a variety of themed images, patterns and motifs.132

To consolidate the effect of the prepared surface is coated with several layers of lacquer.This treatment reliably consolidate decor items in its original form.For the effect of cracking the paint, you can use craquelure varnish.

Aging with steel wool to polish furniture

Making furniture artificial aging effect can also be in a different way - with the help of metal wool (steel wool) gray-black.This special material is used for rubbing and polishing of furniture, you can buy in the shops of household goods.


To give the aging effect will need to do the following steps:

  • processed piece of furniture should first prepare a similar method described above - Remove the knobs, decorative items and remove with sandpaper fine grain old paint and then paint the surface monotonouslyor a few close shades;
  • then walk in the direction of the fibers on the surface of the metal wool products, erasing its intense enough confident movements.Thus, you will cover with a layer of black "smoke."Next, you need to take a damp cloth napkin and wipe the product, partially erasing the layer and achieving the desired effect of flying time - giving barely visible "traces of dilapidation" and "abrasions".Upon reaching the desired result, wipe the surface of furniture with a dry cloth;
  • handle furniture and treat metal wool, and then carefully wipe dry with a cloth.164

Decoupage furniture in the style of Provence

Effectively issue old thing in the style of Provence is easy, using the technique of decoupage.To make furniture "rustic" French style optimally fit the image of domestic animals and rural landscapes, still lifes, a variety of floral motifs and floral arrangements.

for decoupage furniture in the style of Provence, we need:

  • quick-drying acrylic paint - white or light pastel shades;
  • three-layer napkins with a suitable pattern;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue or adhesive pencil;
  • kitchen sponge for washing dishes;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • powder patination.

first need to prepare the surface of furniture.To do this, you must clean up the remnants of the old paint and varnish using sandpaper with fine grain and then to paint in several layers of the surface with acrylic paint light pastel colors (as a basis, you can use white paint, on top put a beige or other pastel shade of your choosing).


prepare the surface of furniture for further processing, you can begin to follow-up:

  • Cut selected motif to decorate and stick it on the surface of the product with a small layer of PVA glue and then gently blot the image of a sponge to remove the excess glue.You can also use the glue stick.
  • Waiting for drying glued motif, carefully wipe around in suitable locations furniture surfaces with sandpaper, ensuring easy scrapes paint effect.

  • Apply sequentially onto the surface layer of acrylic lacquer furniture, and then processed in random locations powder patination.
  • Fix the result with the help of two or three layers of varnish.

furniture in the style of Provence - photo










decorating furniture decoupage technique -video