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December 12, 2017 00:15

Wine cabinets for the house : the choice of features and manufacturing

True connoisseurs of wines are obliged to have a home wine cellar.With it, the wine is kept at the right temperature and in the future, fully reveals the taste and aroma.If you wish to buy a cabinet in the store or make your own.About how to choose a quality wine rack and how to make your own hands, consider further.


requirements conditions for wine storage

wine is a special drink that require special treatment, so the conditions for its storage should also be special.To ensure the safety of wine stocks for a long time, we used the cellar.In modern times to build a cellar not under force everyone, especially the owners of small apartments.Therefore, they prefer to purchase wine cabinet.It is this piece of furniture is able to fully ensure the safety of the wine, its taste a

nd aroma.

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Please find optimal conditions for wine storage, which will help to make it more delicious aroma.These requirements are the guarantors of high-quality cabinet in which to store wine:

1. Temperature.

Preferably store wine at a constant temperature, which varies from ten to fifteen degrees.At low temperature, the wine is not able to open fully, and when inflated - they quickly deteriorate.It is not acceptable for storage of wine - a sharp change in temperature.In this case, the wine will simply lose their taste.

2. Installing bottles.

All bottles of wine should be exclusively in the supine position, horizontal to the floor.If you put them in a different position, the wine will get on the tube, which is under the influence of his deformed and dry.Further, oxygen in the bottle falls, it will lead to spoilage of wine.

3. Moisture Indicators.

to particularly important criteria for the premises for the storage of wine, is the level of humidity, it must be within sixty units, allowed small fluctuations of humidity in the two sides no more than ten units.


4. Lighting.

Availability overly bright colors leads to the oxidation process of the wine, so the wardrobe should be such that in the bottle of wine did not get light.

5. Calm.

In principle, the transport of any product is its gradual damage.The same goes for the wine.It should be kept in the same position and in the same place a few or a few tens of years, if you often move it, it will become bitter and dry taste.

6. Proper organization of the ventilation system.

It is this criterion will save the wine by the smell of mold and mildew.Since the presence of a constant flow of air helps to prevent their formation.

Wine Cabinet: advantages and features

When buying expensive flavored wine manufacturers always recommend that it be stored under certain conditions.If a wine cellar in the house is missing, then the best decision would be buying wine cabinet.This piece of furniture is characterized by a large number of advantages, among which:

1. Creating conditions to maintain optimal temperature.With it, the owner of the wine, sets a temperature which will ensure its preservation for many years.

2. Availability of special shelves - they are strategically located in the wine for their position.

3. Availability of heat-insulating elements and filters that allow you to maintain a certain temperature and to deliver the wine from unwanted odors.

4. In addition, the wine cabinet, as opposed to a standard refrigerator, provides individual storage of each bottle.It is able to maintain the desired humidity, temperature, and even vibration.


5. Attractive appearance - wine cabinets contemporary producers are characterized by original design and unusual forms.Some manufacturers allow self-selection registration outside of the door, the number of shelves and cabinet inner filling.

6. The ability to self-construction of the cabinet - is another important advantage of it.For the manufacture of such devices will require some work but the result will save money and get the cabinet, which will not be nobody else.

Wine cabinets for the house: the choice of features

main drawback wine cabinets is their extremely high cost, so when buying such a device, you must carefully examine its characteristics and approach this issue very seriously.

To ensure proper functionality, wine rack, you must carefully look after him.Therefore, when buying a cabinet, to accurately determine the parameters that will bring him.

1. Temperature functions.

In studying this aspect we will focus on multi- or mono-structures.Different varieties of wines require special temperature conditions, so manufacturers have developed modern monotemperatrunye cabinets where you can store them in the same type of wine, and multi-temperature products for storing various types of wine.The buyer should clearly understand in what model it needs.Of course, multi-temperature cabinets are much more expensive and require more power to run them, rather than mono.But, if the main function of the cabinet serves wine storage, during a short period of time, then it is quite enough to be a simplified version.


For collectors perennial wines that over time increase their quality and improve the taste, you need to acquire multi-temperature cabinets type.They allow you to set the temperature individually for each of the shelves.Some manufacturers have created wardrobes, are able to maintain the required temperature of the two, and some - even three.Thus, multitemperature wardrobe looks like a small cellar, which is characterized by a well-designed ventilation and the ability to individually served at different temperatures.Such products allow you to store wine long-term exposure.

2. Design.

One of the main factors that determines the purchase of a wine cabinet is the attractiveness of his appearance.Although internal content also plays a huge role in the quality of performance of the cabinet functions, external factors without significance.Wine cabinet must integrate harmoniously with the interior of the premises in which it is installed.

Therefore, before purchasing a wine cabinet - clearly specify its location in the house.Almost every wine rack appears in the form of a metal box on which a blind door set.Modern manufacturers of cabinets for storing wine are developing the latest technology to improve the design of its products.There are models with a combination of wood and metal to make the cabinet transparent glass is used as hardened and brittle - Venetian.For wealthy people in wardrobes made-to-order with the addition of inserts from precious metals and stones.

material to carry out the door is the most diverse.Very nice look glass cabinet door using the tinting.That is, it improves the quality of the wine, as prevented from entering into the cabinet and maintains ultraviolet optimum temperature.Additionally, tinted glass through all perfectly visible with wine bottles, and if necessary to demonstrate the collection is not required to open the cabinet.


3. Mounting Method.

In relation to this parameter wine racks are freestanding or embedded.The choice of a particular type depends on the amount of free space for the installation of the cabinet and on the personal preferences of the buyer.

4. Internal filling wine cabinet.

When opening a wine cabinet door the first thing you should pay attention to internal content.Since it is on this criterion is directly dependent on the quality of stored wine.In all models of wine cabinets shelves location is horizontal.Keep the bottle to easily and conveniently taken out from the cabinet.Learn about availability in the self-adjustment of height and angle of inclination of the shelves.In the presence of solid shelves arise inconveniences to care for them, and with the installation of wine.Better to choose the model that implies the existence of separate drawers.

In this case, pay attention to the quality which made for gliding roller strip.In addition, check the material that lies at the basis of the shelves.It should be durable, resistant to abrasion and vibration and easy to maintain.Best option that provides all of these requirements - a tree.

5. Features.

Examining this criterion, pay attention to heat insulation characteristics of the wine cabinet.The wall thickness should be about five centimeters, it is under these conditions the temperature regime will be observed correctly.Procedure, maintaining a certain temperature for wine storage by means of a compressor.That he is a provocateur vibrations that are trying to prevent manufacturers of cabinets for wine.To this end, the cabinet set the soft shock absorbers and isolated case.Some models work through Peltier effect, they have no compressors and create vibration, but the cost of such a cabinet is several times higher than the compressor.


6. The principle of automatic defrosting.

Wine cabinets are equipped with the same principle as a refrigerator.The cabinet is a special drain spout through which water flows thawed.It gradually evaporates.Some models imply reuse meltwater from the chute, it enters the chamber with beverage and thus regulates the humidity level.

7. Filters in wine cabinet.

Wine, as well as other drinks breathes thanks to the cork.Therefore, in the wine storage chamber is not allowed location of the other products with extraneous smells.Therefore, in each wine cabinet must be located on the filter, an activated carbon, which is required to change periodically.Therefore, when buying a cabinet, check with your vendors, places in which the filters are sold specifically for this model cabinet.


8. Manufacturers.

is recommended to give preference to manufacturers wine cabinets, which specialize in the manufacture of refrigeration equipment.

From the value of the product depends directly on the number of functions which it will perform.In some models, there are special displays showing the climatic conditions of the wine storage.Other models have a remote control that provides ease of use of the enclosure.Before you buy a wine cabinet must accurately determine the number of functions, not to overpay for unnecessary options.

Varieties of wine cabinets

in relation to the installation site wine racks are:

  • embedded;
  • freestanding.

Recessed wine cabinet differs superfluous material and power costs to install it, but takes up less space than a stand-alone.

In relation to the adjustment of temperature, wine cabinets are:

  • single-band;
  • two-zone;
  • three-zone.


One-zone wine cabinet has the same climatic conditions throughout the cabinet.Dual-zone wine cabinet is more expensive, as it allows you to create different temperature conditions for storing drinks.Three-zone cases less popular and are not used because of high cost.

in relation to the production of wine racks material are:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • combined.

Wine wooden cabinet has good shakeproof characteristics Metal cabinets are more expensive and difficult.The most optimal material is a combination of wood, metal, or metal glass.

addition secrete wine cabinet bar, which has a glass door.In such a device, each located in a wine bottle on a separate shelf, which has a unique tilt mechanism.

wine cellar fridge - has similarities with refrigerating chambers, as it works on the same principle.It is based on the use of the connector for cooling air.


wine cabinet with his own hands: instructions for the production of

With self-manufacturing of wine cabinet is first necessary to determine its location.Models, which will be discussed in this article are not the compressor devices, air cooling, but only are shelves for storing wine.Therefore, the room in which is mounted wine rack should be dark, moderately moist and cold.For this purpose, well suited cellar or pantry.

propose to consider three options for the manufacture of wine cabinets:

1. Simplicity and ease of manufacturing is characterized by wine shelf made of PVC pipes.For its production will need to have:

  • aerosol spray paint;
  • hacksaw;
  • blank PVC pipes of suitable diameter;
  • acetone;
  • universal primer in the form of spray;
  • self-adhesive double-sided tape.

Determine the location for the wine shelves in the form of empty niches or shelves in the closet.With roulette you need to measure the depth of the niche.Hacksaw help cut pipe sections, the required size.

In the absence of skills with a hacksaw.Field measurements of the depth of the cabinet, go to the store to buy the pipe.There, you narezhut pipe size.Using sandpaper treat end portions of pipes.Keep an eye on the smoothness of the surface, as it depends on the comfort in the use of the shelf from it.To eliminate oils and other substances that deplete the smoothness of the pipe, use acetone.First apply a primer, wait for it to dry, and then paint the pipe.connect the pipes to each other and set on a shelf or in a niche With self-adhesive tape.


2. To make a wooden shelf for storing wine will need to have:

  • two wooden boards with equal sides on the diagonal;
  • cutting tool for cutting;
  • varnish;
  • paint the desired color.

Decide installation place blame shelves.With the help of a drill propylene plank in the same places.Connect the two boards crosswise, but before that make the processing of wood by means of varnish and paint.Set the shelf in the right place.This design helps to keep the wine in a horizontal position.