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December 12, 2017 00:15

Cupboard under the stairs : photos, installation instructions

To rationally use the entire space of a private house or apartment, it is necessary in each corner to provide practical and useful furniture. In this case, such furniture is a built-in wardrobe under the stairs. For the independent arrangement of such a cabinet, it is preferable to have initial skills in working with joiner's tools, and for beginners, one desire is enough. On the features of the construction of the cabinet under the stairs, we will consider further.

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  • Options for using space under the
  • ladder The main types of cabinets under the
  • ladder Recommendations for the construction of the cabinet under the
  • ladder How to make the cabinet under the stairs: the features of the
  • production Cabinet under the ladder with your own hands

Usage options for the space under the

Ladder, in most cases,in multi-storey private houses or cottages. It is their owners who very often raise the problem of arranging this space. Especially when you build a closet

under a staircase, for example, there will be much more room in the room.


Very often, the staircase is installed near the front door or in the hallway. In this case, this room has several more doors or arches to move to other rooms. An excellent option will be the use of underworld space as a wardrobe.

It looks nice small rest room, built under the stairs. Depending on the type and size of the stairs, there is a sofa or an armchair, hang pictures, carpets, make niches with lamps.

The option of building a mini cabinet, with a built-in desktop and armchair, is also quite real for installation in this place, and the doors of the compartment will perfectly hide this room and help you retire in work.

There is an unlimited number of ideas for the arrangement of this space. The main thing in this matter is the owner's desire and demand for its use. Under the stairs organize wine cellars, flower shelves, books, clothes, install fireplaces, aquariums, ponds, equip mini bars or kitchen surfaces.


The most practical and popular option in the use of space under the stairs is the arrangement of the cabinet. At the same time it is functional, as it serves to store any things, from books and collectables to things and shoes.

These models of cabinets differ in spaciousness, since they have the same depth as the staircase itself. And the minimum length of the ladder is 95 cm.

The installation or construction of a cabinet under the stairs will make the interior of the room more perfect and harmonious. To do this, you need to choose a cabinet design that fits perfectly into the overall interior.

Summarizing all the above space under the stairs is used as:

  • wardrobe;
  • of the cabinet;
  • shelves;
  • of the chest;
  • library;
  • separate recreation area;
  • cabinet;
  • toilet;
  • for installing a deckchair or an armchair;
  • kitchen;
  • mini-bar;
  • of the television center;
  • aquarium, etc.

The basic types of cabinets under the ladder

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the options of cabinets that are safely installed in the space under the stairs:

  • Closet compartment under the stairs - this model of the cabinet will be combined with any interior. As modern manufacturers of this furniture open the possibility for customers to apply any pictures and photos to the doors of the cabinet, and also decorate the doors with a combination of mirrors with glass, glossy and matte surfaces, etc. Therefore, to choose a wardrobe compartment for any room is quite realistic. In addition, when ordering such a cabinet, the buyer independently chooses the number of shelves and their location. Using the built-in wardrobe compartment will save space and put a lot of things in it. In the presence of a rather steep staircase, it is recommended to combine the cabinet with other types of cabinets, for example with swing doors, since a very large angle of inclination does not allow the door of the cabinet to function properly.


  • Built-in wardrobe under the stairs with a swinging door - if there is a staircase in the hallway, an excellent solution will be the construction or purchase of just such a cabinet. But, note that in tight small rooms it will not be appropriate, since it takes a certain place to open the door. In such a cabinet, various shelves, hangers, hooks for clothes are equipped. A mirror is installed on the door. Close to the cabinet set the housekeeper, a stand for hats or umbrellas. If the area under the stairs is large, then in such a closet it is convenient to hide a vacuum cleaner, a mop and buckets for cleaning the house.
  • Installation of an open rack with a large number of shelves will make the interior unusual and original. This type of cabinet is fairly simple to install and will cost quite inexpensively. After all, for its arrangement enough to buy boards that are nailed to the wall. These shelves fit well into small rooms. But, note that they are not particularly practical because they do not allow you to store large items, clothes or shoes on them. For this, on an open rack, sliding doors are provided that hide all unnecessary items. They are made of wood or frosted glass. On an open shelf, it is appropriate to store photographs, souvenirs, decorative items, candles, etc., so the best room for their installation is the living room. On this shelf, there are books that will give it the look of a home library. In addition, the space between the shelves set the TV, and on the shelves of audio and video equipment. The cabinet looks beautiful in one color with the steps, it turns out a complete merger, but at the same time, the things installed on the shelves draw the outline of the cabinet. Open shelves will allow you to store on them wines or collections of home owners.


  • The construction of a sliding cabinet will store documents, tools, clothes, shoes, children's toys, etc. in it. The appearance of such a cabinet resembles a chest of drawers. They are installed on roller guides, providing maximum comfort when opening and closing the box. In the interior of such a cabinet looks easy and almost imperceptible. In addition to a horizontal drawer in the form of a chest, it is possible to have a vertical cabinet with several drawers. They perfectly fit bed linens, pillows and bedspreads. The opening of such a cabinet is carried out with the help of special wheels, they are not able to damage the floor surface, because they are located above it, and do not produce noise during operation. It is possible to transport the drawer to another place, so it differs not only in practicality, but also in mobility. It is recommended to store things in such a closet on the shoulders or in a box to avoid their accidental falling out during its movement.
  • Universal combined types of cabinets allow you to make the most functional type of cabinet, they consist of two or more of the above types of cabinets. Easy to use cabinets with a combination of closed and open type. In the first part there are shoes, clothes, etc., and in the second part - books, candles, flowers, figurines, photos within. This cabinet model is not only practical, but also beautiful, since a properly selected combined cabinet can decorate any room. The closed part is made in the form of glass, mirrors, stained-glass windows, photo-printed on the doors. And open structures make the room spacious and light.

Cabinet under the stairs photo:




Recommendations for the construction of the cabinet under the ladder

  • Before starting work, do not forget that after a few years, the amount of things in the house is increasing, and there is always a need for a place to store them. Therefore, with sufficient financial resources, try to make the largest and most functional closet under the stairs.
  • As the main supporting element protrude the walls, so they must have a certain power, which will help to withstand the load, from things located in the cabinet.
  • Note the opening mechanisms, they must be of high quality, as frequent replacement will damage the main doors of the cabinet.
  • Determine in advance the material from which the cabinet will be made.
  • Try to combine the shelves to put all the necessary things on them.
  • When installing the door coupe, the purchased wheels should be with the presence of Teflon coating, ensuring their durability.
  • Sliding doors should not be more than one meter in size, in the presence of a large space, it is recommended to install several flaps.


How to make a cabinet under the stairs: the features of manufacturing

Before making a cabinet under the stairs, clearly define its functional load and the type of cabinet. Next, you need to draw a drawing, according to which the assembly and installation of the cabinet will be made. In addition, the drawing indicates all the shelves, hangers, etc.

All components of the cabinet depend on the amount of free space under the stairs, on the type of things that will be stored there and on the personal preferences of the owners.

For all works, the following materials will be required:

  • of materials, allowing to carry out the internal finishing: wood chipboard and paint;
  • of the facades of drawers and door sections;
  • Bulgarian;
  • electric drills;The
  • hacksaw;
  • electric shock;
  • roulettes;
  • bruskov, the size of 0.5x0.5 mm;
  • self-tapping screws for wood;
  • fittings( its number depends on the type of cabinet and the variety of shelves).


Prepare the space below the staircase before installing the cabinet. To do this, remove all items from there, tap the walls, if necessary, and then trim with a lining, wallpaper or other materials. After the completion of all the preparatory work, proceed to the direct manufacture of the cabinet.

Instructions for constructing a cabinet under the stairs with your own hands:

  • Make all the necessary parts, their number and type depend on the pre-designed drawing.
  • If you have several different shelves, you will first need to install them. As a material from which they are constructed perfectly fit the beam, MDF, plywood, drywall or wood.
  • Mark the locations of the shelves. Please note that the holding of one shelf will require the presence of two bars. To calculate the depth of the bar, it is sufficient to steal the depth of the shelf, these values ​​will be equal.
  • With self-tapping screws designed to work with wooden products, attach the bars to the pre-marked sections of the shelves. Further installation of shelves. In the production of this process, there are two options for fixing them. First, it means the installation of shelves directly on the base of the bars, and the second - not only installation on the bars, but also fixing the shelf with the bars with the help of self-tapping screws. When storing heavy things, the second option is more reliable.


  • Next, the use of a screwdriver is required, since it is with its help that the cabinet door is fixed. It is advisable to purchase a purchased box, since it is very difficult to achieve an ideal docking when it is made independently.
  • Place the hinges on the box and attach the prefabricated door facades. Swing doors are easier to install than sliding doors, so they can be installed by hand, but when installing a sliding door, it's best to contact a specialist.
  • When the installation of the cabinet is complete, proceed to its exterior finish. Internal filling, most often painted in one color or glued on the shelves of a special film that mimics the tree. And the color of the door itself is selected based on the interior of the room.

Cabinet under the stairs with your own hands

Before starting work, draw the drawing yourself or consult specialists for help. This stage is very important, because it depends on it the appearance of the cabinet. Think about the type of cabinet, choose between built-in models and mountable. The first option will allow using walls instead of cabinet walls, thus it will be possible to save more space and material for work. The second option is more expensive, but it does not require dismantling, if necessary, in installing the cabinet in another place.

If the area under the stairs is large, it is recommended to install a closet, otherwise it will be enough for a standard cabinet with a swinging door.


First, the space is released under the stairs, the walls are trimmed so that the things that will be stored in the closet will not spoil them. To strengthen the floor, use a film or thick paper.

Before installing the cabinet directly, markings are made according to which the shelves are mounted. As a material dividing the cabinet into partitions, there is a chipboard or gypsum board.

Installation work begins with the preparation of the necessary parts, which are cut according to the dimensions indicated in the drawing. If the cabinet is purchased, then simply find the necessary part and install it in the right place. Please note that when cutting parts, strict accuracy must be observed, since an error of one millimeter will lead to the unfitness of the cabinet or part.

Decorative panels are most often used for interior finishing of the cabinet. But the easiest way to finish the walls, according to the general style of the room.

After installing internal partitions that separate the cabinet into several zones, additional partitions are installed.

With the help of screws for furniture, a door frame is installed, and the door is fastened to it. Each loop requires a separate attachment. It is advisable to entrust the process of manufacturing the door to specialists, since the purchased constructions will not fit under the ladder or will occupy only a certain part of it.


Fastening of platbands is carried out by building glue. The final stage involves the installation of a door. In addition, do not forget about the fittings in the form of handles for doors and locks for certain boxes. Watch for the quality of these items, since they are subjected to the highest load, due to the frequent opening of the cabinet.