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December 12, 2017 00:16

How to choose a sofa for the living room

The living room is a special place in an apartment where people receive friends and hold business meetings, so the choice of furniture for this room should be conscious. The sofa in the living room is a kind of business card.

When planning its acquisition, clearly formulate your requirements for this part of the furniture composition and carefully study all the characteristics of the available samples.

The decisive factors for choosing a sofa in the living room

Let us consider in detail each of these factors.


When choosing a sofa for the living room you need to clearly imagine whether the sofa will only perform a decorative function, or perform any other tasks.

  1. Sofa-transformer .This solution is suitable for a small apartment. Very convenient in a cramped space, if a compact sofa can be converte
    d into a full bed for several people or, for example, in a bunk bed. 9564-500x375
  2. Sofa with built-in drawers. Departments for storing bedding will make room in the cupboards or refuse from them if the living room is designed in the style of minimalism. Transforming-sofa-bed-by-Fanny-Adam
  3. Modular sofas in the living room. Such furniture consists of disparate parts, which can be arranged in different ways, depending on the need. It is very convenient if such modules are equipped with wheels. Then their movement will take a few seconds. 1253014946572
  4. Living room with sofa and TV. Do not underestimate the role of the TV in a modern home. Therefore, more and more popular are sofa designs with built-in TV or the possibility of its subsequent placement. Choosing such a sofa in the living room( sample is presented in the photo), you will create a kind of home theater, and you can comfortably watch your favorite TV shows. 28
  5. Corner sofa in the living room. This model will maximize the use of space near the walls and thus free up the central part of the room. The interior of the living room with a corner sofa creates a sense of order and harmony. 176947
  6. Two sofas in the living room. This solution is certainly acceptable only for spacious rooms, where a large company often meets. Usually, such a complex includes soft furniture, made in the same style, with the same upholstery. A full sofa, as a rule, is complemented by a shortened sofa, on which two people can sit. 1-28


  1. Large massive sofas perfectly fit into a spacious living room, adding a comfortable feeling to the room. Such a sofa becomes the center of furniture composition.
  2. The middle sofa will be appropriate in a small living room, where a large number of other furniture already fit. The use of a massive sofa will lead to excessive clutter of space, which is not very aesthetic and will create certain problems when moving around the room.
  3. Compact sofa - furniture that will freely enter a small living room. A small sofa will create a cozy atmosphere even in a limited area.


Sitting on the couch, a person should feel relaxed and relaxed. Nothing should constrain the pose of a resting guest. The degree of comfort is determined by such criteria:

  1. The level of seat stiffness. This indicator depends, first of all, on the filler of the soft part of the seat and has several degrees.
  2. Presence of armrests, pillows and cushions. These elements are designed to provide convenience, but, undoubtedly, should be the continuation of the stylistic decision of the entire living room.
  3. The shape of the sofa also plays an important role in achieving comfort. The developers of modern furniture try to create ergonomic sofas today, taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of the human body. 103281268_8139770_2s891_1296025142

But, in case of using the living room for official meetings, you need strict furniture that does not have to relax. Here, the use of classic models with a more rigid seating and armrests is permitted.


There are several aspects that determine the quality of the sofas for the living room.

  1. Upholstery. The type of upholstery of sofas presented in furniture stores today is very diverse. The most popular are:
  • tapestry;
  • jacquard;
  • chenille;
  • leather;
  • wool;
  • cotton;
  • flock;
  • microfiber.
  1. Filler soft part. Batting and felt have long been used to fill the sofas, but today these materials go into the background. Most widely in the current furniture production as a filler is used sintepon, foam rubber or polystyrene.
  1. Frame. The main elements of the sofa design can be made of different materials.
  • chipboard. This is a fairly popular material, because of its low cost. But the models from the chipboard, of course, are inferior to the quality characteristics and the length of service life;
  • natural wood. Furniture made of natural wood is environmentally friendly, durable, durable and quite expensive;
  • metal. As a rule, folding parts of the sofa and various fasteners are made of metal.


This value depends on the cost of the main design elements and the popularity of the brand-manufacturer, as well as the type and size of the chosen sofa for the living room.


Color scheme. The choice of the color of the sofa is influenced by the shade of the walls in the room. There are several possible color options:

  • bright spot on a neutral background. If the color of the walls is sustained in pastel colors, to brighten the interior, you can prefer a bright sofa;20100323173046
  • calm on the bright. Here, again, play in contrast. Against the backdrop of a bright wall, you can put furniture of neutral colors to achieve balance and harmony;corsica3
  • monophonic on the mottled. If the wallpaper has a multicolored print or colorful drawing, then it is most appropriate to choose a solid sofa so that the living room does not look a bit lame;8
  • mottled on a monophonic. The principle is the same as in the previous case, only now the walls are monochrome, and the upholstery of the sofa has geometric ornaments or a colorful design;6d49788208222bbe47869971d8413972
  • upholstery sofa in the same color scheme as the wall. It is possible and this option, but it is not necessary to select completely identical colors, then the furniture will merge with the wall. There should be a difference in a couple of tones in that, or another, side. Ie, the sofa should be a little lighter or darker than the color of the surface of the walls;X383ySnTxRo-500x398
  • black and white combination. If you have a bright spacious room with a minimal amount of other furniture, then you can afford a black sofa in the living room. In malometarahku it is better to take a white analog or apply a black and white combination. Since purely black furniture visually makes the room even smaller;Candy-Twisted-Sofa-500x393
  • combined version. It is, for example, a combination of different upholstery colors of the sofa and sofa cushions with shades of wallpaper or other wall decoration materials. slopg b

Possible combinations of shades

Universal base - upholstery made of materials of such colors: brown, gray, white, black, beige. These colors are well combined, practically, with all other shades. Consider the most popular schemes of combining the basic shade of upholstery with the color of decorative inserts or pillows can be used when choosing a sofa in the living room:

  1. Green + yellow, brown, orange, pink, red, lilac, khaki.
  2. Black + white, blue, blue, red, yellow, orange, purple.
  3. Red + white, gray, black, beige, light green.
  4. Brown + yellow, beige, orange, green
  5. Blue + yellow, orange, red, blue.
  6. Orange + blue, green, blue, gray, brown.
  7. Yellow + blue, lilac, blue, green.
  8. Purple + beige, yellow, green.

However, now you have the opportunity to order upholstery, taking into account your own tastes and preferences, under the order.

Cases .You can resort to a little trick. In order to extend the life of the sofa, which is an average of 5 years, use sofa covers. This will greatly facilitate the cleaning process. Covers, if you decide to use those, should be made from natural, body-friendly fabrics( linen, cotton, viscose).achromatic-traditional-details1-500x500

Sofas in the interior are the central figure, and therefore they should be in harmony with the basic stylistic decision of the room and be combined with the design elements of the whole room.