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December 12, 2017 00:16

How to " wear out " furniture with his own hands .Master Class

Today, many people want to see the decoration of his home unusual, different from the usual situation of average apartments.Everyone wants to see around them expensive curtains, carpets, luxury antique furniture.But of course such an environment can afford not all - pieces of furniture have the signs of aging are very expensive and often sold only in foreign auctions.But if you still really want to make your apartment a special, output may become fashionable in recent years, artificially aged furniture, with their own hands.


  • Tools and materials useful in
  • How to make old furniture yourself
  • chemical method aging furniture
  • thermal method aging furniture
  • mechanical method aging furniture
  • As with waxand stencil wear out the furniture - a master class

Tools and materials useful in

depending on the selected method of aging furniture may need the following materials and tools:

  • brush with metal bristles;

  • Bulgarian with a brush attachment;

  • sandpaper of varying abrasiv


  • brush to sweep dust and sawdust;

  • brush or roller;

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  • blowtorch or kerosene burner;

  • paint antiseptic;

  • dark blue and white;

  • ammonia;

  • krakelyurny varnish;

  • stain;

  • shellac primer;

  • white spirit;

  • cloth, sponge.

How to make old furniture yourself

artificially aged furniture also looks very nice and noble, but to receive it is much easier, faster and cheaper than the original old.

Of the existing methods of artificial aging of wood surfaces that are available for self-development, there are three main:

  • Chemical.This method involves the use of various substances, such as ammonia, wood stain, varnish, etc. krakelyurnye.


  • Thermal.The effect of antiquity is achieved by exposure to a hot soldering iron or flame.

  • Mechanical.The most common method of injury - scratches, cracks, etc., and their subsequent processing of lacquer, paint to enhance the effect.

In applying these methods to get a completely different view of an antique furniture.Photos of each of the options are not comparable with each other, although all are considered to be manifestations of the same direction in the art of decoration.

Then you can consider each of them in detail, but before it is necessary to prepare surfaces to be treated, ie,remove the door hinge, furniture and decorative items, as well as a layer of old paint or varnish.

chemical method aging furniture

This method has several options, the difference between which is the use of different chemicals.

  • Aging using ammonia.Before starting work, should go over the surface with sandpaper, to show more clearly the structure of the tree.This is not required, but if you wish, you can enhance so aged effect.Next to the wooden surface applied ammonia.While working on it, it causes darkening and the appearance of a grayish hue, typical of old wooden objects.It should be noted that this method can be applied only to hardwood because of the presence in them of tannins.


  • Aging using paint and varnish krakelyurnogo.The aim of this method is to create visibility shabby, worn surface.The first step is to determine the main color of the object being processed, and then choose a lighter, to achieve a faded paint effect.For this same suit and bright white paint and paint ivory, warm milk, etc.The main color can be obtained by tinting the white.

  • first applied to the surface of the main tone.Once the paint is completely dry, paint over it again, but this time in white.After this, also need to wait for complete drying.Then dried up paint treated with fine sandpaper, achieving these actions obsharpannosti education and exude the lower, darker layer.

  • to portray crack use krakelyurny special varnish.It is applied to the base and after that, when they begin to coat the surface of the second ink layer, it is covered with cracks typical of old furniture.These cracks will have the color of the base layer.If you want to get a more interesting effect, then the base can take not one but several colors.

  • Aging stain.stained wood surface coat with a water-based base color setting.Thereafter, it was washed off selectively begin with a wet sponge.Emphasis is placed on the middle part of the board, while the edges, cracks, bends left dark.

If the implementation of the above steps have no effect, the surface to be polished after drying.In hollows and curves can additionally go brush dampened stain.The next stage is applied another layer of stain, but on a different basis (if the first one was in the water, the second one can take with alcohol, gasoline or naphtha-based).

further process part is completely dried for twelve hours.Then brush or a piece of wood paralon pores are filled with shellac primer.At the final stage, the treated surface is rubbed special wax and polish with a soft cloth.

method Thermal aging furniture

  • Acting this method, the surface of the wooden furniture is burned with a blowtorch until then, until you manifest a textural pattern and swirls.Once this step is completed it is necessary to remove carbon deposits from the surface, and also to achieve a relief structure with a wire brush.To wood pattern was as expressive and more manifested in all its glory, you can promo product in a single layer.Further, it is desirable to put terminating varnish.

This method requires the utmost care and attention because, working with a blowtorch, wooden object is very easy to irreversibly damage.


  • In the thermal method, as an option, can be used instead of the kerosene burner blowtorch.In this case, the surface damage is possible as a metal brush, after and before the heat treatment.

In the process, not in any case impossible to delay the fire at some places longer, others less.This is best done in the open air - in the yard or, in extreme cases, on the balcony.Before you start to singe processed furniture is better to get the hand to an unnecessary piece of wood.

mechanical method aging furniture

This method is the most common among the people and is most suitable for safe usage in the home.It has three ways to implement:

  • first method.It is very simple.The treated surface is cleaned with a wire brush, and cover the white frosting, wait until it dries.Azure - a translucent cover, through which lurks the natural structure of wood.

When the coating is completely dry, we clean the brush again.The result of this treatment is bleached wooden surface, which has a small scuff and relief.

  • second option.It is a little harder than the first: the brush is removed soft wood fibers, creating a non-uniform structure, and then paint to enhance the effect.First pass over the surface with sandpaper, and then a metal brush, which can be replaced with the corresponding grinder attachment, if desired, the wood fibers are removed.After that you need to clear the working plane from the sawdust, so that they do not interfere and do not block the work.At the end of this procedure, the surface becomes contrast and relief.In order to strengthen and highlight its beauty need to make azure coloration in two layers.The coating is applied with a brush or roller.After waiting a couple of minutes after application, remove the excess with a sponge, watching the show through the terrain.As soon as the product will get the desired look, you need to break off and leave it to dry completely.Then apply varnish.


  • If you like an antique furniture in the style of "Provence", under the varnish should be applied to additional thin coating of white glaze.After drying it can be applied as a final layer of transparent glaze.Such an aged furniture with his own hands looks very good, if the bright colors prevail in the decoration of the room.

  • third option - a multi-layer painting.Before beginning his furniture surfaces be damaged all sorts of tools that leave different marks: tap with a hammer, a saw could move, to scratch awl, etc.This is followed by a layer of transparent primed wood preservative, let dry thoroughly and apply a continuous layer of antiseptic paint.When completely dry can again handle a large product first, and then fine sandpaper.At the first "footprint ever" layer does not have to appear strong.Masters involved decorating furniture, argue that an excellent result gives a non-uniform coating derevozaschitnym, antiseptic "Pinnoteks".

  • After sanding is necessary to brush away the dust and the resulting open tree white frosting.Through her coat will shine through the dark basecoat.Moreover, the uniform coloring is inappropriate in this case sincethe appearance of the old worn surface stress dissolves and clearings in the coating.After drying of this layer is necessary to once again use a metal brush, imitating the surface structure of the old wood furniture.At this stage, the colors begin to contrast sharply.But the tone of the old wood is always more muted.Smooth sharp difference may be using the white blue, half diluted with white spirit.

As with wax stencil wear out the furniture - a master class

This method of decorating furniture helps solve all the familiar problem when any of the furnishings had served for some time and had lost the original appearance, but it wasrobust and reliable in terms of quality.In this case, you can give it a second life with the help of the technique of artificial aging, which is somewhat similar to the above methods, but something is different from them.

Of the additional tools and materials that are not described in the relevant section, we will need:

  • black and white acrylic paint, and it is desirable that the white was spray;

  • white paraffin candle;

  • rubber lace doily;

  • parquet or furniture polish.

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To achieve best results, you need to accurately and consistently perform all the items following instructions:

  • as the preparatory stage of the decorated piece of furniture must be sanded, first big, then fine, in order to remove remnants of the old paintor varnish;

  • take a brush with synthetic bristles and is completely painted over the work surface with two coats of black acrylic paint.The second layer is needed to align the first;

  • further paraffin candles rub the edges, corners, and other prominent place of furniture that would be so likely to be rubbed over time.This action is necessary for the subsequent application of paint has the ability to remove it in the places where she lay down on the wax;

  • Now take a lace cloth, which will play the role of the stencil, and fasten it on the site of the furniture, which would be relevant figure if it's a chair, then on the back or seat if the cabinet or bedside table - that on the door or on the roof, etc..d.After that, spray with white paint to paint the entire surface to the product.It is advisable to do it in the street, but if this is not possible, it should at least lay a floor newspapers, film or cardboard, otherwise everything will be covered with spray paint;

  • when the paint is completely dry, using a sponge, clean the places you before painting rubbed with paraffin.You will see through the top layer of white paint comes out dark.Thereafter, the napkin can be removed;

  • in shutdown better cover the surface of the parquet varnish to prolong the life of the new coating.

In conclusion, we can say that own an antique wood furniture, a photo which in various versions you see on this page, this is what will bring into your life breath of fresh air, will allow you to rise above the routine and will be proud of the unique situation inhouse and the fruits of their skilled hands.