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December 12, 2017 00:15

How to choose a window in the children's room

When equipping children's room there is a question in front of parents, what kind of windows to choose for your child.So that and the material was secure, and high-quality fittings and decoration to pleasing child's eyes.


Requirements for glazing

in the market such an abundance of different windows that sometimes parents find it difficult to choose the right option.Here are a few tips on what to look for when choosing windows for a child's room:

  • To order windows need only official producers who are at the first request to show you all the documentation and confirm that they are environmentally friendly windows.There have been cases of disclosure of the group of swindlers who used wood from radioactive zones.It is clear that these windows use and child health will not add.Therefore, we should not hesitate to ask to show yo
    u all the documents for the products which you are interested.
  • Be sure to check the work of the installers of windows for sealing and fastening the window.They should be very high quality, or in the future, the window opening will freeze and purging.
  • Choose windows with the correct parameters, that there was a high thermal protection.
  • Pay attention to this point: the windows that face the sunny side, are in need of energy-saving coating, it protects the room from the harmful ultraviolet radiation in summer and in winter it is not so cold that will save on heating costs.

Materials for frames in a child's room window there are several types:

  1. of wood.
  2. of plastic.
  3. of metal.

Before selecting a glass material is important to assess how the window will be combined with the overall interior design, wallpaper and furniture, or you may need to also repair at disharmony in the room.Also pay attention to how the room is insulated, because the window in the first place, should be protected from the cold outside, and then be a decoration of the room.
windows in turn differ:

  1. number of cameras.
  2. glass Type.
  3. Stuffing space between the panes.


Wooden windows

Frame for wooden windows are usually made of wood of deciduous and coniferous species, and laminated veneer lumber.For a child's room is better to choose the frame of hardwood trees, because they are less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity it is not terrible.But most of all wooden windows are sold still from laminated veneer lumber.Make it out of several layers of hardwood, which are first spliced ​​in length with a special compound, which is not afraid of water, and then in width.With this technology, such windows are the most durable and can last a quarter century.

Conditions for wooden windows in the nursery:

  • wood for the frame should have a thickness of 85 cm
  • IGU should consist of two cameras..
  • inner glass must be sprayed with energy.
  • The space between glass panes must be krypton or argon, it would create a barrier to cold.

Select - A plastic - box - to -child - room

windows made of plastic and metal-plastic

When choosing windows made of plastic or metal and plastic, pay attention to such moments:

  • The mean climatological region in the window should be about five chambers profile and three glass.You can put the two-chamber, and, if it is energy-saving glass.
  • in noisy parts of the city can be put on the window glazing with laminated glass.It will make less resonating effect and protects the room from the loud noises from outside.
  • window to be built in a climate-control, so that the room will always be fresh air, and the draft will not be as happens when airing.


child safety windows

windows always attract kids like a magnet, because for them so interesting.But for the kids, this experience can be more dangerous and, therefore, the very first task of parents and builders - to protect the child from possible injuries and falls.

What should pay attention:

  • When finishing slopes is better to take natural materials, experts recommend the use of cork.These slopes are warm, eco-friendly, they are nice to touch, which is also important for young researchers, and yet they are not delayed by myself dust and cleanliness, as you know - the guarantee of health.
  • When choosing a window sill preference is given to high-quality materials, so that it did not have sharp edges, and it does not bend, and was well mounted.Even if the child pleases climb on the window sill, under such conditions, the kid will not threaten anything.
  • When choosing accessories be sure to buy and put on a special flap blockers that are locked.They are not expensive and will serve as a guarantee that the child will not fall, playing out of the window.


  • If there is a question how to put a window in the nursery: plastic or wood, the security situation is better to prefer plastic, it is not as susceptible to fire.
  • Do not forget to put in the baby mosquito nets to help protect your child from annoying and dangerous wasps, flies and other insects.

blinds for children's

Scientists insist that the child can not be the light that blinks, especially for sleep, so if you care about the health of his child, is when you make a window in the children to think about blindsin the nursery.In the nursery, you can mix all kinds of blinds, as long as they are in harmony with the environment.

most important criterion when choosing blinds - it is their safety and cleanliness.Cheap blinds, manufactured in a clandestine factory, can be dangerous for the health of the child, they are under the influence of sunlight produce toxins that can cause disease, even cancer.Therefore, choose only proven products.

Interesting options blinds in the nursery:

  • good option - pleated blinds, which are composed of two parts, one is more dense, and the other less.In the afternoon you can use translucent fabric, and at night or naps close dense web that it was dark.


  • Roller blinds are mounted directly to the frame and leave the window sill free.All control parts are securely hidden from children grasping the handles.The fabric in these blinds are usually cotton or polyester, is sometimes used to metallized substrate.These blinds are easy in the summer, they represent almost the entire heat.

roller - blind

  • Fotozhalyuzi - this is probably the most loved blinds for the kids.Drawing on them is done with the printing.Picture them clings: it does not burn, is not affected by moisture, it can be washed and not to worry, that the paint will float or fade.You can make them to order on the desired image, then such shutters are also exclusive.


If we talk about the color of blinds, you can use any colors, though gloomy colors for baby not too fit.It is also necessary to focus on the child's age, the baby suit with a bright print shutters and a teenager may want plain and austere.Although it is believed that in the nursery should prevail bright colors, they do not have to focus attention on the child and prevent him to study or relax.

Curtains for children's

One of the rules in the nursery window design - a properly fitted blinds.What should pay attention:

  • Curtains should not be too tight or black.The child needs for proper development of the sunlight, just like all living things on the planet.
  • not have to choose curtains of 100% cotton, this fabric is easily wrinkled, and you are tired of its stroke.It is better that in the fabric was a little synthetic.
  • not need to save on the curtains, keep in mind that an expensive fabric can be washed frequently without compromising it.
  • Curtains are best to hang curtains, so you can combine them with tulle.It will give the room comfort and attractiveness.During the day you need to push the curtains.
  • In the children's room should be two sets of curtains - one for winter, one for summer.
  • In children with two windows must be chosen the same curtains.The only exception is the joint room for two children, then it is possible to divide the room into two zones, respectively, and curtains to select suitable.


When making curtains need to watch that they are larger than the size of the window.That's right, if they start from the ceiling and extend to the floor.If the curtains wider than the window itself, they are visually expand the space.But here it is necessary to take into account the size of the room, in a very small room big blinds will look out of place.One more important thing - the curtains should only complement the interior, but in any case not to focus attention on themselves, if only it was not this idea from the designer.

kurtain vor Kids - girl1
Be sure to consider the safety of the child, and it depends on the reliability of fastening.Toddlers often playing, pull the curtains, you need to take this into account when you hang the curtain and the curtain cling.Better a hundred times to recheck and then calmly react when a child goes to the window.