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August 12, 2017 18:06

Types and specifications of glass

windows - this is one of the transparent window through which we see the world).This is what is inserted into a PVC-frame, the block of sheets of glass, hermetically bonded together using special technologies.


  • Target challenges facing developers of glass
  • How does the glazing?
  • criteria differences models of glass
    • number of glasses and cameras
    • substance filling the inter-glass space
    • Intended purpose
      • windows for general purpose
      • Specialized glazing
        • impact-resistant windows
        • Energy efficient windows
        • Sun windows
        • Frost windows
        • Sound-proofed windows
  • Standard specifications of glass

Changing characteristics of glass entails the emergence of entirely new properties window created on its basis.What also tends manufacturer, offering the customer a variety of windows?

Target challenges facing developers of glass

  • Limit "leakage" of heat through the window, the same reducing the amount of payment for heating.
  • Isolate home from extraneous noise.It is very importan
    t for the building, located near highways, buildings, entertainment centers, etc.
  • Warn attempted vandalism and illegal invasion of private property through the windows.It is the primary task in setting up offices and public spaces, located on the first floors of homes.To protect
  • room buildings and their inhabitants from weather influences (wind, cold, sun, etc.)

How does the glazing?

We have already stated that the double-glazed window - a unit, consisting of several layers of glass with a cavity between them and the spacer around the perimeter.Void frame filled with special granules, collecting excess moisture.Moreover, in most rehydratation frame has openings no larger than the diameter vlagopogotitelya granules.Better if the frame is made of a curved profile than from disparate parts.In this case, it turns out smaller joints and gaps, breaking tightness.Relative tightness is achieved with the help of various sealants.The chamber between the glass layers (which happens a few) is filled with an inert gaseous substance or air-dried.Technical characteristics of glass with the gas in the chamber is much better performance models with dry air.However such glass in gas bags after 10 years will have to re-inject, asabsolute tightness can not guarantee no sealant.

criteria differences models of glass

number of glasses and cameras

  1. single chamber glazed , the characteristics of which are dictated by the physical properties and the thickness of the glass sheets (two of them), as well as the width of such a chamber.Simple single-chamber glass - an ideal option for those who are trying to save.The price of these models is much lower than the two-chamber, but it should be recognized that they are inferior to the specifications.
  2. windows with two cameras .This unit is composed of three glass sheets and two mezhdustekolnyh cameras.Technical characteristics of triple-pane windows with different models differ markedly.The variety of the properties of glass layers and different width between the impact on the parameters of window systems.
  3. practice also manufacture window bases on order of 4 or more layers of glass.
single chamber , dual-chamber , soundproofing

single chamber, double chamber and soundproof windows

substance filling the inter-glass space

  • dehumidification
  • inert gas
  • sulfur hexafluoride

Intended purpose

windows for general purpose

Standard single-chamber double-glazed windows that are not endowed with any special characteristics

Specialized glazing

One such glass blocks, usually stands out clearly positive features: improved thermal, insulating and strength properties.Choose these systems for specific conditions, guided by the desire to achieve the desired effect.If such a "special" glass has a "soft" protective layer, it is placed inside the glass film.

impact-resistant windows


of several layers of laminated glass or glass-protected film can withstand the mechanical action of the impressive strength.Even when broken windows data are not dangerous (do not constitute sharp edges).Fragments do not crumble, and localized remain in the injury site.

Energy windows


To enhance the energy efficiency of the window system chamber cavity in such glass blocks is filled with krypton or argon.Typically, to achieve the desired effect, only one window having 'special' specifications, complete.All the rest - the standard.Widely used two types of glass with reflective transformed characteristics affecting the increase in quality of heat-insulating glass:

  1. i-glasses. on the glass plane is applied by vacuum deposition film forming materials that create a "soft" low-emission protective layer facilitates heat wave reflection from the surface of the window.Emissitenta display surface (E) illustrates the tendency of the glasses to "beat" the heat back into the building.standard E-glass is equal to 0.83, and energy-saving - 0,004.That is, the higher the rate, the more heat out through the windows.Energy-efficient windows can help reduce heat "leakage" of up to 90%.Energy-saving technologies - in - 1 building
  2. For k-glass characterized by "hard" coatings of indium tin oxide, which protects from the influence of infrared rays.In this case, thermal insulation is achieved by applying a protective strengthening layer pyrolytically.The specifics of this process lies in the high-thermal effects on the gaseous organometallic compounds in an oxygen environment.The result of such an impact - the molecules of metallic oxides create a hot cake on the plane glass, vpekayas it.


Sun windows

Made of glass reflector having a reflective effect.They protect the premises from the effects of UV on the principle of the mirror.For such purposes as popular tempered glass produced during the heat treatment.The glass windows of the basis of such material have improved strength characteristics and durability.


Frost windows

They are characterized by a higher measure the dew point (-55 ° C) compared with conventional (-35 degrees) and energy saving (-45 degrees).That is, anti-cold fogging of windows occurs at a lower temperature.

energy-saving packages

Sound-proofed windows

As a rule, one of the two cavities between glass panes of the model exceeds the width of the other.Enhanced through the use of soundproofing tripleksovyh glasses or glasses with insulation in the form of a resin layer.


Standard specifications of glass

What are the comparative characteristics are analyzed when selecting appropriate for the particular case of glass?

  • thickness of the glass block heat transfer
  • soundproofing
  • number of cameras

These values ​​are determined and, by and large, the cost of the window.Characteristics of the most running models of glass collected in the table below:


Design description 4-12-4 indicates that the package provides for a 2 glass sheets (4 mm each) between glass panes with a camera of 12 mm.4-12-4-6-4 marking states that the two-part model is characterized by three panes and 4 mm between the two chambers (12 mm and 6 mm).

thermal characteristics of glass directly determined by the number of cameras and thick glasses.The thinner the layer of glass, the worse it retains heat.Thermal characteristics are listed in the column "heat resistance»