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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of plastic windows independently.Adjustment fitting PVC windows Instructions

Windows: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), characterized by robust and reliable locking mechanisms and looped.Periodically mechanisms require adjustment and maintenance.After a while they bumped, wear out and require replacement or adjustment of nodes.Whenever happens pinprick to cause the master to adjust the PVC windows - it is unprofitable.Many problems can be resolved by yourself.


  • Tools to adjust windows PVC
  • Basic components to configure windows of metal
  • Replacement of rubber gaskets on PVC
  • windows Adjustable clamping mechanism window transoms
  • Setting when mashing leaf edgewindow frames
  • Troubleshooting window handles
    • lift Loose window handle
    • Replacement unfit window handles
    • handle does not close until the end, or bad closes
    • Repair jammed pen

In cases where it is necessary to replace the parchedgasket, adjust the knob or a binding tightly closing transom, it is possible to carry out adjustment of PVC windows with their hands.It is important to know the basic leveling

point and have a minimum set of tools.Fine adjustment fitting PVC windows or replacement unit takes very little time.

Adjustable - plastic windows

Tools to adjust windows PVC

  1. main working tool for adjustment of PVC windows is a hexagonal tuning key number 4. There are two versions of its execution "G" and «Z», suitable for any of the modifications.
  2. Screwdriver with a set of bits.asterisk useful bits (marking T, TX).
  3. pliers, oil or spray type machine WD-40.

Basic components to configure windows of metal


Replacing the rubber seals on the windows PVC

Repair and adjustment windows

  1. rubber gaskets must be replaced over time.There is natural wear of the mechanical and drying of rubber under the influence of temperature and atmospheric phenomena.Rubber gaskets are not only dry, but also significantly shrink.This occurs when prolonged exposure window in the compressed state.
  2. produce a replacement.Hook a flat head screwdriver old rubber seal and remove it.
  3. The vacant longitudinal groove on the perimeter of the window, carefully insert the new gasket.It is important to bear in mind that the rubber is used to stretch.The seal is inserted evenly and firmly seated in the longitudinal groove.

adjustment clamping mechanism window transoms

clamp - pin

  1. As a rule, it is desirable to adjust the clamping mechanism to adjust twice a year in spring and autumn.This is due to the influence of ambient temperature on the PVC.To adjust the guide PVC windows is not complicated.
  2. At the end of the transom has a protruding eccentric oval, which are located in the slots and plugs are called journals.The mechanism provides for reciprocal hooks, which are activated by turning the knob.To attenuate
  3. windows pressing density eccentric pivots outwards and to increase - on the contrary, the internal.To adjust depending on the manufacturer slot screwdriver or the ability to rotate the pin with pliers.
  4. If you encounter difficulties during configuration of the pressing mechanism, loosen the fastening mechanism protracted.This can be done by releasing the two screws with a hex wrench № 4.

Setting when mashing the sash window frame edge


  1. Such problems arise in undermining valve mechanism.Nothing wrong with that, and are all easily fixable.Manually exhibit the transom into the correct position.
  2. Lower and upper canopy system "scissors" are adjusting screws, allen key for adjusting and locking.
  3. For height adjustment, used the lower canopy.Remove the protective cap and an Allen key adjustment is carried out.Clockwise adjustment is made up, counterclockwise adjustment down.
  4. to fit the window horizontally, using a bolt installed in the lower part of the canopy.Adjusting bolt located parallel to the window and to release has two settings.You can get close to him on the part of the leaf, or the slope of the window.Smooth scrolling adjusting bolt, sash moves to the right or to the left.

Troubleshooting window handles

lift Loose window handle

This is a simple operation.Under the pen itself is decorative, rectangular plate.Her need to crank up to 90 ° in any direction.In the nest are two mounting screws Phillips-head screwdriver.They need only to pull up.

Replacement unfit window handles


  1. To remove and replace broken or damaged handle, enough to unscrew the screws with a screwdriver and the handle comes off easily.
  2. For replacement, it is important to purchase a similar handle.It can be purchased at the hardware store or the firm engaged in the installation of plastic windows.

handle does not close until the end, or bad closes

  1. Remove the safety valve and loosen the screws.The lower screw is mounting, and the upper screw- adjustment.The lower screw slightly loosen, adjust the upper knob.
  2. If this does not work then the possible reason - the entry of dust or the need for lubrication.For this disassemble the handle, clean and lubricate the mechanism of working surfaces with a thin layer of engine oil.It is possible to use a lubricant deep penetration type WD-40.

Repair jammed pen

  1. situation happens when the window handle jammed.This happens in the case of locking the blocking valves incorrectly triggered.To unlock the jammed sufficiently take pen lock lever and release the handle.
  2. lock lever is located on the front side of the sash on the handle side of the window.In execution design, there are two kinds of locking stopper in the form of a plate or tongue.When he opened the wing is at an angle in the region of the sealing gum.

more detailed and clear description of the adjustment of PVC windows look at the video at the end.Run your own repairs and adjustments PVC windows with a knowledge of some of the nuances is not difficult.