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December 12, 2017 00:15

How to install shutters on the window

Roller blinds on windows, shutters, roller blinds ...

This is a partial list of the names of a practical and stylish design element window openings, is gaining with each passing day more and more fans.This is evidenced by the rave reviews the owners of various roller blinds at the windows.


  • functions
  • Design and function
  • Types of roller shutters
    • By type of drive
    • By type of locking device
    • By type and appearance of web
  • Installation Instructions
    • What is needed?
    • installation types
    • installation process

What shutters need you?As it turned out, in deciding the choice of roller shutters on windows, the price is not the only deciding factor.


  1. Protective. shutters serve as an additional barrier in the window opening, protecting the home from intrusion.
  2. Decorative. Roller blinds for plastic windows have long been an element of elegant decor, stylish addition to the interior of the building.The canvas of the blinds can be of different colors and texture
    s.You can always choose a model, in harmony with the structure of the facade or interior decoration of the room.
  3. insulating. Roller shutters in the clear are a kind of blanket for a window, protect from wind gusts and street noise.

Design and function

mechanism window roller shutters (photo) includes:


  • Protective box
  • canvas
  • guides
  • Special devices to protect against vertical shear.

operating principle of the roller blind system comes down to rewind the fabric blinds on the shaft in a protective box in the afternoon, and unwinding it with the guides attached to the wall at night.Special locking devices make it impossible to open roller shutters outside.


Types of roller shutters

There are interior and exterior blinds on the window, depending on which side of the box is planned to install them.What other features are classified blinds?

By type of drive

  1. Roller blinds manually operated. fabric winding onto the shaft of roller blinds manually.For this purpose they are equipped with inertial stacker with a handle or a cord, the propeller mechanism and springs.To the canvas does not spin in the opposite direction, there is a special locking device.This system is ideal for homes with a limited number of low windows.
  2. electric roller shutters.The price of such roller blinds Window significantly higher than manually operated models.But they are indispensable in big houses, administrative and public buildings with many windows larger.Managing these shutters automatically by pressing a button, or even on a remote distance.Moreover, it is possible to program the opening and closing of certain paintings in a strictly specified time.

By type of locking device

  1. Roller blinds with side valves (the most common option).
  2. shutters with upper lock mounted in a box area.
  3. shutters with locking device at the bottom of the bar.
  4. Protective blinds with electric lock-switch, which is activated by the key.

By type and appearance of web

fabric roller blinds color today, you can choose practically any.Furthermore, they can be colored and coated or patterned custom text.In general, every whim!As for the material for the fabric, try to find out more detail.

  1. Fabric blinds. canvas of shutters made of different tissue types.This model rolet used primarily for internal protection and decoration of windows.They are a stylish accessory in the interior, perfectly complementing it.Thanks to the special impregnation, such roller blinds to protect the room from the sun, not efflorescence.1-1
  2. Protective shutters. Such systems meet all the requirements for roller blinds on windows (protect, insulate and decorate), but their price is much higher than normal decorative fabric curtains.They vary depending on the kind of the surface has a cloth.
  • solid shutters with aluminum or steel blade.Strong defending from all external influences.

zasshitnye - blinds - 2_e1813.512

  • Perforated shutters .This shutters made of galvanized cold rolled steel, durable, practical and aesthetic.The door leaf has perforations that allow the light to fall into the room even with closed blinds.From the street it is also available a partial review of the interior (as advertisements for restaurants and shops, for example).

shutters - torg4004

Installation instructions

How to install blinds on windows?Of course, the ideal case - blinds installation specialists of the company that sold you the blinds.But in practice it is the other way.So, just in case, we consider all stages of the process of installing roller shutters on the window with his hands.

What is needed?

  • level.
  • Roulette.
  • Pencil.
  • drill or screwdriver.
  • screws.

installation types

Roller blinds can be installed in several ways, depending on the needs and individual characteristics of the room.The main types of installation are shown in the photo:


installation process

  1. Mark the site of the future location of the brackets (this number must be equal to 2 units per 1 m of the blinds.).Blinds - 5
  2. Screw the brackets with screws to the eaves, wielding a screwdriver.zaschitnye_rollety_15
  3. Put shutters in brackets (without control unit).kover_montazhe Rolled.sdr
  4. Adjust the brackets, focusing on the level.
  1. Remove the blinds.
  2. Unwind flag before the expected peak.
  3. Install lock control circuit in position, preventing further unwinding.
  4. Close the lid control mechanism.
  5. Secure the blinds in the bracket and insert the clip until it clicks.
  6. Experience as working shutters that you set.

Now you know how to attach blinds on the windows, and can apply their knowledge in practice.