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December 12, 2017 00:15

Sauna in the house with his own hands

build a sauna in the house is not as easy as it might seem.This is a rather complex structure, requiring compliance with the engineering, fire and electrical codes, and some design nuances.For the sauna in a private house require suitable premises for the steam room, changing room and shower.You can build a sauna and a detached building on the site adjacent to the house.


  • saunas intended for private homes
  • foundation for a sauna on a private plot of land
  • Walling and interior sauna in a private house
  • Construction of the furnace, vents and doors to the sauna in the house

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Discover how looks a sauna in the house, photos of various options easy to find on the Internet.There you can find houses with sauna projects with the necessary calculations and dimensions.For one person enough 2.5 - 3 m3 in the steam room and a relaxation room can be equipped with a compact shower.

saunas intended for private homes

Depending on the type of vapor, temperature and destination, there are sever

al types of saunas and baths.

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  1. Finnish sauna characterized by dry steam and heat.Experienced sauna lovers catching a temperature above 130 ° C at a humidity of 7 - 10%.In the steam room must have a thermometer with a long scale and intended for use in extreme conditions.Of great importance is the tightness of doors and vents in the sauna.
  2. The Russian bath, on the contrary, high humidity and mild temperatures 65 - 70 ° C.In the pair settling furnace heater.The presence of large quantities of steam in the bath involves the reliable isolation of all electrical appliances.
  3. For people who can not tolerate high temperatures approach the Turkish version of the sauna (hammam), wherein the low-temperature and high humidity.At a temperature of 35 - 40 ° C, it is useful to carry out physiotherapy and spa treatments, massages, wraps, etc.

For any kind of sauna is optimal to have the presence of the pool at the adjacent territory..In the steam room, in addition to the thermometer must be hours.Sometimes, for security doors steam rooms are made of tempered glass to order.

foundation for a sauna on a private

plot of land, depending on the composition of the soil erosion and landscape features of the selected type of foundation for the sauna.The whole process of saunas everything from scratch there on the video at the end.


  1. most simple foundation for saunas - columnar.For its arrangement does not require a lot of material and physical costs and drainage system.In the corners of the building are drilled holes for the concrete support posts 1.7 meters deep.Along the perimeter of the intermediate support columns are set, and the entire system is linked horizontal edge beam.Such a foundation is not scary, or subsidence of swelling soil.This foundation is not difficult to build a sauna in the house with his own hands.
  2. monolithic strip foundations will require more time and material costs.Rummages around the perimeter of the projected saunas trench depth of 70 cm and a width of half a meter.Set formwork, reinforcing skeleton and gradually filled with concrete.Continue to work only after 28 days when the concrete to withstand reach 50% of the theoretical density.

Alternatively use pile foundation or slab.These foundations are designed for the more massive structures, and developing are rarely sauna.

Walling and interior sauna in a private house

sauna walls are built from solid round logs stacked in a log cabin.Most of the popular premises erected building materials -. Bricks, concrete blocks, sawn limestone, etc.


  1. interiors are finished timber.Wood boards and beams of high density chosen for saunas, strength and low thermal conductivity.Suitable planks and beams both deciduous and coniferous species.
  2. Before starting finishing work on the inner walls of the channels for wiring Stroebe.Wire size must comply with design loads consumed.Cables laid in the dry pipe sleeves and walled up.
  3. Bare not finished wall before finishing works hydro and paroizoliruyutsya.To do this, apply asphalt or bituminous paper.On the surface of the walls of the insulating layer stacked vertical stripes as wallpaper - overlapping, temporarily fixed with an adhesive tape and secured crate.
  4. Shower room is coated with ceramic tiles, and the rest of the room with wooden paneling.On the walls stuffed obreshetochny beams 30x50 mm in increments of 1 meter from the floor, and 1.5-2 meters vertically.On it is mounted carefully polished lining to the castle and is fixed with screws.
  5. Floors and ceilings are also sheathed with wood paneling.complete insulation of buildings is carried out if necessary.The free cell crates filled with insulation.It is better to use a heat-resistant mineral wool.Polystyrene does not like high temperatures and is prone to evaporation of harmful substances.
  6. At arrangement of shelves, it is desirable to avoid the bindings on the nails or screws, the metal is heated to high temperatures by much stronger wood and can cause burns.Fixing benches and shelves are made on wooden pins.


is important to remember that the wood paneling in the sauna never varnished, so pay special attention to grinding and polishing of wood.

Construction of the furnace, vents and doors to the sauna in the house


  1. stove ovens made of refractory bricks and for their construction is better to invite a specialist stove-maker.From a metal rod or a square lattice fencing is ordered, and the working surface is laid with cobblestones.Diabase or Porphyria - most suitable for heating the mineral, but it can replace normal river or sea rounded stone - a pebble.
  2. Electric furnace heater or heaters are used only factory production.Their parameters for network load must comply with the cross section of wiring and appliances are grounded.Designed for steam rooms are equipped with cast iron furnace screens and hydroprotective seals.
  3. outlet in the steam room is in the process of building walls.The hole at least 25x25 cm sheathed wooden slats and seal.The channel leads to the overall exhaust system or directly to the street.Closes outlet vents for example, or tightly fitting wooden gag.
  4. to steam in the sauna doors are made of heat-resistant plastic and wood.From softwood common pine, spruce, fir, cedar less.From hardwood used alder, birch, oak, aspen, and others. The doors are made initially warmed and two-chamber.
  5. Along the perimeter of the door frame is glued rubber sealing tape, sealing contiguity of the door and the inner part is equipped with a canopy.The curtain is a curtain of thick and soft tissue attached to the upper jamb of the door frame and prevents leakage of hot air and steam.


For thermal curtains fit tarpaulin, thin felt or a felt fabric, you can use a restored old blanket or rug.