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December 12, 2017 00:15

How to Build a pergola frame with his hands

arbours twined greens, can become not only a place for the whole family, but also the decoration of the site.On sale there are many ready-made models made of various materials, but much more interesting to create your own design, fitting into the surrounding landscape.Arbour, made with his own hands, is more than a year to please the inhabitants of the house - its dimensions and appearance depend only on the taste and fantasy plot owners.


material gazebo

frames garden arbors are made of different materials:


wooden structure remains the most popular form of holiday houses.In its manufacture is most often used is not very expensive pine and spruce timber.Structures made of larch will last longer, bu

t they will cost more.Any timber before use should be impregnated with an antiseptic solution, protects against environmental influences.


Benefits arbors of wood:

  • naturalness;
  • environmental cleanliness;
  • quick mounting frame.

material Disadvantages:

  • demands on care;
  • not very long service life.


metal frame gazebo is made of round or rectangular pipes.


material Advantages:

  • strength;
  • reliability;
  • long life.


  • high cost;
  • metal heat in hot weather.

Wrought iron gazebo is best to fit into any landscape.Completed masters of artistic forging ornaments adorn the structure, making it easy and graceful.The main drawback of this design - the high cost.


brick and natural stone

Pergolas made of brick, natural stone and concrete are built more thoroughly and often they have a BBQ or even a fireplace.


advantages such arbors:

  • naturalness of the material;
  • durability;
  • able to use glazed structure as a separate summer house.


  • complexity of repair;
  • considerable weight;
  • duration of construction.


frame gazebo - drawing, design

drawing Mapping is the first step in the construction of the gazebo.This takes into account every detail:

  • form structure and its size;
  • design gazebo;
  • used material;
  • load on the structure;
  • number of people for whom it is intended.

On the basis of the drawn scheme is a calculation of necessary materials and fasteners.

Site Preparation gazebo

After selecting the location for the gazebo, it is necessary to prepare:

  • remove the fertile layer of the earth;
  • desirable to fill a layer of sand, gravel or crushed stone;
  • carefully align the surface.


then prepared on site according to the drawing done marking the future of construction.At its corners are driven pegs and pulled the fishing line.This is done to assess the real size of the gazebo and the possibility of receiving the interior.

Tools for

to work on the assembly frame gazebo will need the following tools and fasteners:

  1. to a wooden frame:
    • screws and nails;
    • metal corners;
    • screwdriver;
    • circular saw;
    • hacksaw;
    • chisel;
    • jigsaw;
    • elektrorubanok;
    • hammer.

tools - for - construction - gazebo - your - hands

  1. For metal frame:
  • screws and bolts;
  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • drill;
  • drills for metal.

To build arbors of brick or stone need cement.

measuring, layout tools and the level should be available for installation of any frame gazebo.

foundations for gazebos

Building gazebo begins with pouring of the foundation.There are several options for the structure of support:

1. Monolithic foundation - is rarely used as for the construction of a light, summer gazebo there is no need.Most often used for the construction of a more thorough, brick or stone buildings.

2. Strip foundation is used for large designs and is performed in several stages:

  • on pergola perimeter dug pit, a depth of about 40 cm;
  • its bottom is filled with stones or some debris;
  • set formwork serving above ground level at 30-35 cm;
  • into the ditch fit fittings or iron rods that bind or welded together;
  • pit filled with concrete and left to dry for a few days.

3. pier foundation is used in the construction of gazebos often.Easy enough frame constructions of wood or metal requires no capital concrete support.The foundation for arbours are dug into the ground, asbestos and metal pipes, brick columns and wooden beams, which before the installation coated with bitumen or tar.


  • prepared by marking the middle of the gazebo and its corners dug pit depth of 40 to 80 cm - this parameter depends on the freezing ground.If you plan a great design, it made additional depressions along its perimeter;

  • bottom layer of gravel pit is filled and compacted;
  • Ā«envelopeĀ» fits waterproofing - roofing paper or roofing felt.Later zavernet column therein;

reinforcement - columnar - foundation

  • set itself the foundation of the pipes, logs or bricks that are stacked in a checkerboard pattern;

Fundam post

  • bottom columns wrapped with insulating material, joints smeared with mastic asphalt;
  • foundation is aligned level and filled with a solution or poured gravel and compacted;
  • the center of the corner columns set the pins to secure the gazebo base;
  • ready to support laid waterproofing - roofing material.

carcass gazebo

Wooden frame gazebos with their hands

for Construction Work directly by the gazebo:

  • in bars 100x100 gashes made in a half-tree for the connection.They drilled holes for corner posts.Bottom rail is built and installed on a foundation.

foundation , garden furniture


  • On four bars the required height is measured and they are cut off.At the top of the columns is propyl 40h100 mm for fixing the diagonal ligaments.On the lower end of the rod is drilled a hole for the pin.
  • finished boards are mounted on the pins are aligned vertically and secured temporary diagonals.

  • propyl done to connect with pillars and they are connected to each other in a half-tree on the edges 40h100 boards.
  • middle of the diagonal ligaments strengthening bars, and its ends are inserted into the cuts pillars.
  • Produced cantrail design.


  • frame roof pergola as 100x100 made of beams and planks for the column 50x100 - for rafters.

Driving - assembly - arbor

  • saw off the bar 80 cm and it is propyl 50x100.
  • on the board cuts are made at an angle to connect with pillars.
  • Rafters on the floor of the tree are connected with each other and with the column.

  • prepared roof frame mounted on poles.At the same time the central section of the beam has to rely on a bunch intersection and stand vertically, and the rafters 40 cm protrude beyond the frame parameter.Fastening parts takes place by means of nails.
  • other rafters are fastened to the pillar vnakladku.

design - arbor

  • Running purlins under roofs.

How to Build a pergola frame with his hands

  • thickness of the boards of at least 40 cm plank floor.
  • At a height of 90-120 cm are installed railings.


elements of wooden frame attached not only to the method of washed down, but with metal corners - this method accelerates the construction of the gazebo.

How to decorate the design - to decide the master himself.Most often it railings below sheathe clapboard.Top arbor decorated with bars of wooden slats or different figural elements.

roofing material usually corresponds to coverage of the main building on the site.

metal frame gazebo

Before starting to work on the assembly frame gazebo shaped pipes cleaned from rust, primer and paint.This will help prevent corrosion of the metal structure during operation.

gazebo - of - truby2

To build a metal frame is used as a tape base, and columnar.In the first case, the installation of bearing struts consists of the following stages:

  • supports set into the prepared pit formwork and exposed vertically using wooden slats attached to the metal clamps.
  • On top of all the pipes are connected to a single frame.
  • produced pouring the foundation.


When using the pier foundation, there are two options for installing the supports:

  1. Bearing racks are inserted into the dug pipes and welded to them or fixed in the poured concrete.
  2. lower base made of a channel, is established on the foundation.To him are welded uprights.

Then, a horizontal frame rail.For the strength of each column are set diagonal braces.

Mounting roof

For a small square arbor rafters made in the form of triangles.If their length exceeds 1.5 m, the strength in welded for additional spacers.Slope square tubes for rafters - 10-15 degrees.


Fixing metal frame elements is a method of welding, as well as by means of bolts and screws - it all depends on the metal used and the skill of the master.

to design jewelry using ready-made forged elements of the lattice.It looks nice combination of metal with wood and stone.

photo frame gazebo:


garden - gazebo - of - polycarbonate

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