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August 12, 2017 18:06

Crooked House in Poland , Sopot

Very often modern architecture, growing up in the historical parts of the city, just cross out the charm and comfort of the cozy streets of low-rise blocks. But not in the countries where they honor the tradition and sensitive to its history.And if the new building still has a non-standard forms, unusual architecture, it is simply doomed to be the object of admiration of the citizens and must-see destination tourists.This attraction is the house of the curve in Poland, which is less than a ten-year history has turned into one of the most outstanding heritage of the country.

Crooked House in Sopot - what is it?

Unique house without right angles was built in 2004 in Sopot by architects and Shotinskih Zalewski.After receiving a task as accurately as possible to enter the new shopping and entertainment complex in the historic part of town, while to attract more visitors and shoppers to the stores, restaurants and bars, the architects did not panic and inspired by the drawings of Jan Marcin Shantser and Pe

r Oskar Dahlberg, who made out children's booksWe created a real masterpiece.

Crooked House in Poland photo

Crooked House in Poland photo

View of the house of the curve in Sopot night

view of the house of the curve in Sopot

night On the one hand the building resembles a toy house, and it seems like it's made out of something plastic - clay or jelly.But, despite its absurdity, the house of the curve in Sopot stands firm "on their feet" and is not going to fall apart completely.Outside, he really does not have a single right angle, but inside everything is quite functional.On the ground floor is a cozy restaurant and shops, and the second floor is occupied by the studio radio broadcast.

Crooked House in Sopot interior

Crooked House in Sopot interior

Crooked House in Poland, inside view

Crooked House in Poland, view from inside

If we talk about the size of the building, its area does not exceed 4tys.kv.m., ieit's a very small house.After entering the unique building is inherently a wide staircase takes us to the second floor, of course, if we do not want to have a cup of coffee in the café or make purchases in stores.But if we are passing on the right ladder and leaving the cafe, walk straight, you will see the famous Wall of Fame, where leave their signatures and well-known public figures.And the fact that the house is visited by sharks show business, says the fact that there on the second floor of the two radio stations.

Wall of Fame in a crooked house Sopot

Wall of Fame in a crooked house Sopot

Crooked house in Poland during the life

Life curve around the house in Sopot and boils on weekdays and weekends.Summer cafe near the entrance of the shopping mall will refresh everyone to drink and satisfy your hunger, slot machines, located on the first floor, will give unforgettable moments of excitement gamers, and make purchases in such an interesting place is much nicer.

daily near the house are thousands of citizens, hurrying about their business or slowly strolling through the city center.Tourists are committed not only to capture it for its photo-report, but also photographed themselves on the background of extraordinary crooked house in Poland, and even buy a souvenir of this architectural miracle.

Crooked House in the Polish city of Sopot Photo

Crooked House, Sopot, Poland

Photo Curve home in Poland

Photo Curve home in Poland

Planning and construction of the historic center was held in accordance with the town planning requirements, so no tall buildings or some kind of architectural elements of a house of the curve does not differfrom adjacent buildings.Even the abundance of glass on the facade and the roof does not give the right to carry it to the category of ultra-modern building.All are present in the measure: constructivism and rational, and fabulous absurdity, and even a little fantasy.

The miracle of architecture - House Sopot is a side view of the curve

Miracle of architecture - House Sopot curve view of the building side

Crooked house in Poland , Sopot

Crooked House in Poland, Sopot

If you are intrigued by the architecture of this building, and you will definitely want to see what is inside, you can always visitofficial website curve home and see pictures of each floor.There is also a possibility to go on a virtual journey - to wander the corridors shopping center and a good look at a house, not only outside but also inside.

Unique house in Poland curve could not go unnoticed, and the Internet community, and in the next vote, he won first place as the most unusual and original building in the world.

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