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August 12, 2017 18:06

Decking : particular material , advantages and applications

Manufacturers of building materials over the past few years have made tremendous heights.The range of the construction market almost monthly updated with innovative new products, which are designed to bring to life the most attractive and comfortable design ideas. But, despite the fact that today almost all natural materials acquired by artificial analogues natural wood is considered to be a leader, both in domestic and in the exterior.But if skillfully approach the wood can be used indoors in its natural form, is in the process of improvement of open spaces, this material needs further treatment.Whichever design appeal did not have a tree, it has many drawbacks, including the fragility and susceptibility to outside influences.However, craftsmen managed to combine natural beauty and man-made practical, allowing the construction market has a very interesting and useful product called decking.According to the manufacturer, its technical and operational characteristics of this material has no competitors,

which significantly expands the scope of its application.



What is so unusual about the decking board?How does this stuff and where it is used?The answers to these questions are given by the "House of Dreams" in today's publication.

Decking - material for decks and piers

Judging by the title, the decking board - this board, which is used to cover the terraces, in particular, the public.However, not all so simple.As part of this board is present not only wood, but also polymeric materials, so it has a high abrasion resistance and durability.The idea of ​​combining wood and polymer components originally belonged to the developers from the United States, who worked hard to make the coating for ship decks more practical and durable.What we call "decking" in English by the term "decking", which literally means "to mold".The difference in terms of results from the fact that our experts have significantly expanded the scope of the material by introducing it into the design of household areas and terraces.

deck decking

Deck decking board

Beautiful terrace of decking

beautiful terrace of decking

porch of the decking boards photo

Porch of decking photo

process of creating a terrace board is based on a strict formula, according to which, the percentage of wood and plastic should be 6040.It is this ratio can increase the durability of wood and get rid of its technical imperfections, while maintaining the aesthetic value.In simple words, the board for terraces externally virtually indistinguishable from natural flooring, but offers all the advantages of artificial material.Thanks to this feature decking is used as in the areas of technical focus (decks, piers, marinas), and in residential areas (terraces, garden paths, around the pool area, pond, etc.).

wooden decking

Decking Wooden

Porch and steps from decking

porch and steps from decking

Laying decking around the pool

Laying decking around the pool

Benefits decking

practical value of decking in the following ways:

  • durability;
  • high strength;
  • ability to withstand large temperature fluctuations;
  • moisture resistance;
  • resistance to ultraviolet rays;
  • invulnerable to mechanical action;
  • lack of conditions for rot and cracks of;
  • invulnerable to pests;
  • no slip;
  • simple installation method;
  • easy care.

In addition, the surface of terrace boards do not need to handle the additional protective structures or to cover the paint mixtures.

Fixing decking planks photo

Mount decking photo

Fixing decking planks photo

Mount decking photo

Masters managed to achieve so attractive specifications, not only through the use of polymer materials, but also due to the fact that in the production of wood planks used special breeds.First of all, we are talking about varieties of wood with a high content of essential oils (conifers) that have good moisture resistance and durability.Also frequently in the production of decking used raw materials from exotic species of wood (Massarandub, Ipe, Cumaru, Teak, etc.), which differ invulnerability before the precipitation and temperature changes.

fasteners for decking

fasteners for decking

addition to the technical advantages, decking board attracts designers due to its natural, uncluttered appearance.Depending on the method of creation, type of flooring surface can be smooth or grooved.Also the additional material is frequently added pigments, which allows it to vary the range of shades.

how to strengthen the decking

How to fix decking

All these advantages contribute to the fact that the decking differs vast area of ​​application.This material is ideal for the decoration of all areas are in open space.For example, the board for terraces can often be seen in the landscape design of country houses, ranging from garden paths and finishing contours of water bodies.In addition, the material can be used in the interior of the bath, sauna, swimming pool or terrace.

Summer terrace of the decking boards photo

Summer terrace of decking photo

than cover the decking

The cover decking

Finish decking board

Finish decking board

Decking for bath

Decking for bath

Installation and maintenance of the terrace board

Installation deckingIt does not require special building skills.The edges of the boards are equipped with grooves and ridges, making installation does not cause substantial difficulties.This type of flooring is perfectly amenable to drilling and cutting, which allows you to execute portions of all shapes and sizes.

material served to you as long as possible, the master recommended to lay it on a pre-aligned and treated with sand or gravel lot.For the removal of water in the ground clearance zone should be given a small slope.

fasteners for decking

fasteners for decking

laying decking technology

Laying decking technology

Since flooring decking invulnerable to external factors, it does not require special care.However, to upgrade the appearance as well as to improve strength, experts advise treating it with a special parquet oil once every 3-4 years.

Terrace and porch of the decking boards photo

Terrace and porch of decking photo

Decking - a great help in creating an attractive and durable landscape design.The only drawback of this material is its high cost.But given that the period of service flooring is more than a decade, the cost does not seem so high.

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