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August 12, 2017 18:06

Scarecrow : the idea of ​​creating stuffed animals for the garden

When the section crop matures, it becomes a tempting target for all the birds living in the area.A flock of rooks, crows and sparrows capable of a few hours completely peck the fruit of the cherry or cherries.To protect the land from the voracious birds in ancient times, people have come up to make a scarecrow, which looked like the outline of a person. This method scaring be called 100% effective.Initially bird watching bogey-man, and seeing that it does not move, some of the most courageous representatives of birds decided to fly to the exploration.Of course, the response to such an invasion from the guard the garden does not occur, then the birds quietly earn their livelihood.

Nowadays there is a more reliable way to protect the crop - the electronic repeller bird.But, in spite of the development of technology, scarecrow still has not lost its relevance.Just today, it is a little device has changed its function: is now stuffed more used to decorate the suburban area.Just connect your imagination and

a little effort to look intimidating at first frightened turned into a work of art."Dream House" in this review to share ideas, create a scarecrow with his hands.



secret of effective bogey

Argued that early birds were afraid of frightening, but now have become accustomed to it, becauseanimals gradually evolve.But superstitious people believe that in ancient times, a scarecrow was done not only to scare away birds, but also as a symbol of protection at home and harvest.In the days of paganism was frightened by some deity symbol.People endowed his mystical powers and worship, asked for protection and a generous harvest.

Of course, this version looks very fantastic, but if you want to make a scarecrow with his hands, while you believe in the power of thought and visualization effects, decorate it with beautiful elements, symbolizing your desire.For example, the head can be frightened to wear a wreath of flowers as a symbol of beauty and health;wreath of fruit symbolizing fertility;or to make not one, but two frightening, if you want to attract in your house of love and understanding.

Solar garden scarecrow on

Solar bogey on garden

Couple scarecrow of flower pots

Couple orogodnyh scared of flower pots

Scarecrow on a bench photo

scarecrow on a bench photo

Beautiful pictures scarecrow

Beautiful pictures scarecrow

Scarecrows Garden grandfather and a woman

Scarecrows Garden grandfather and a woman

But do not hope that the belief in the magical power of a bogey to help him cope with its main task - to protect the crop from birds.If you plan to use a scarecrow for its intended purpose, engage in the creation of elements that really scare the birds.

So the birds are afraid of the following:

  • blue;
  • loud sounds;
  • moving objects;
  • shiny things.

Blue deters birds on the grounds that it is found in nature are rare and birds find it aggressive.Therefore, choosing the scarecrow outfit, instead of bright things to give preference to things bright blue shade.

Scarecrow in blue trousers to scare birds

scarecrow in blue pants scaring

Scarecrow in a vegetable garden in a blue jacket

Scarecrow in the garden in a blue sweater

Scarecrow in blue jeans photo

scarecrow in blue jeans photo

Ensure that the scarecrow in the garden constantly rattled and roared, hardlyout.However, if you attach to it rustling ribbons, bells, decorative pots and other light elements, with the wind they will go, making a distinctive sound.Add scarecrow shine, you can use foil, CDs, Christmas rain, etc.

Bright kitchen garden with his hands stuffed

Bright kitchen garden with his hands stuffed

Scarecrow with their hands from a sacking

scarecrow with his hands burlap

Make a scarecrow in the garden with his own hands

First of all, to create a scarecrow need to make base.The basis is most easily done with the help of wooden sticks or bars, which are held together in the form of a cross.In its simplest form to create a scarecrow enough to put on a shirt or on the basis of burlap, and build the right size head for him.

Scarecrow on a wooden base Photo

Scarecrow on a wooden base Photo

head can be made of the old leaky ball, wrapping it with a cloth and wearing a hat.Also, this piece of homemade stuffed conveniently do with the bag stuffed with things, pumpkins and other available tools round or oval.

How to make a scarecrow to the garden with a head

How to make a scarecrow to the garden with a head

If you want to give your creation is not only daunting but also aesthetic qualities, it is necessary to consider in more detail its structure.Put on his jeans stuffed with rags, cloth or foam rubber, erecting thereby feet.Make the body is easiest using the T-shirts or shirts, and stuffed it suitable for the volume of things.To head look more realistic, make it in white cloth bags or old pillowcase.In creating the head the most difficult - is to give it the desired shape.To facilitate his task, tamp the foundation of the future head not woven products, and straw, sewing up her stitches on the perimeter.

Girl scarecrow pictured the garden

girl scarecrow in the garden Photo

garden stuffed with their own hands

Garden stuffed his hands

matter how well it was not stuffed animals, a strong wind, the contents fall out to the outside.To prevent this, sew the edge of the sleeves and trouser guard harvest.However stuffed without hands and feet looks at least strange, so pick up for her creations shoes and wear suitable gloves.

Scary grandfather scarecrow in the garden

terrible grandfather scarecrow in the garden

scarecrow with his hands photo

scarecrow with his hands photo

Basis stuffed ready, however, to make it a real gem of a garden, consider a multitude of small details: headdress, face, attributes, etc..d.For example, you can pick up for a bogey huge hat with a brim, which is one of its kind to be afraid of birds, but you can find a beautiful bright wig or a cap for him.To create facial features, use any of your favorite material - buttons, knitted yarn, scraps of cloth, the eyes of the plush toys, etc.

Also, do not forget to give your creation what some suitable attributes that give it style and character.For example, let it in the hands of a bunch of flowers, bucket, pot, bells, etc.

And please note that the height should match the height of bogey man.This will not only give it realistic for the birds, but also, perhaps, in the night frighten intruders who intend to manage for a while in your garden.

how to make a scarecrow

How to make a scarecrow

scarecrow with his hands photo

Beautiful scarecrow with his hands photo

Bright and rustling scarecrow in the garden photo

bright and rustling scarecrow in the garden Photo

Scarecrow in a field photo

scarecrow in a field photo

If you own the art of cutting and sewing, posheyte scarecrow in a similar way as the sewn dolls.We can not guarantee that this product will scare the birds, but it is sure to become a worthy ornament of a garden plot.

Cute scarecrow photo

Cute scarecrow photo

You can also create a scarecrow in the form of an animal, cartoon character or a fantastic character.Interesting will be frightened into action - working in the garden or in the garden, pulling a garden cart, etc.The main thing that you have created products have dissuasive elements and at the same time able to decorate a garden plot.

Scarecrow kitchen garden with a trolley image

Scarecrow kitchen garden with a trolley image

Scarecrow for garden photo

Scarecrow for garden decoration Photo

Scarecrow on a country site photo

scarecrow at their summer cottage photo

Scarecrow at work in the garden

Scarecrow at work in the garden

Create a scarecrow - a creative anda very exciting process.In this case, you can rely on your imagination, abandoning the long-known patterns.

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