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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to Stroebe walls for wiring and sockets

Conducting repair work in any environment is usually not without replacement of old electrical wire or installation of new wiring.Often there is a need to install additional branch outlets for connection of household appliances in the desired location of the room.Qualitatively Stroebe wall under provodkusmozhet everyone, so seek help from a qualified construction crews or private electrician is not necessary.


  • Requirements Process
  • Tools shtrobleniya
  • Substrate Preparation shtroblenie
  • Instructions shtroblenie
    • breaching furrow puncher
    • Shtroblenie hammer and chisel
    • Shtroblenie Bulgarian
    • Working with Wall Chasers

Requirements process

Before Stroebe walls, you need to carefully prepare for the process.Initially is applied to the paper chart layout and consider the practicality and accuracy of the location of each posting. Yield: electrical switches, sockets, outlets for lighting equipment, etc. The main aspects that need to pay attention during shtrobleniya are the follow


  • workflow should be madein a parallel direction to the main building constructive - only horizontally or vertically.Sometimes it may be inclined recess, but in the case if the wall is at an angle as, for example, in the attic;
  • not allowed breaching a channel length of more than 3 meters;
  • learning the norms, whether Stroebe wall apartment, important to adhere to the requirements of the furrow depth, which may be no more than 25 mm;
  • vertical shtroblenie must take place not less than 100 mm from the openings of windows and entrance doors, and on the gas pipe - at least 400 mm;
  • horizontal furrow can be done in 150 mm from joints and floor slabs;
  • number of turns from the wall outlet to the junction box, it is desirable to minimize.The best option - to do one corner of the transition from horizontal to vertical, excluding distortions at the junctions of the walls;
  • prohibited prodelyvat horizontal slits in the supporting walls.In the typical panel houses this rule applies to all surfaces, except for the narrow walls.Wherefore lay wiring must take account of this requirement.


Tools shtrobleniya

Before you get started, you must know exactly what shtrobitpoverhnost and which tool is most advantageous to use.Consider all the options in more detail:

  1. chisel and a hammer - this set was used for a long time and today it gives building tools for quality of the result, practicality and time.However, the benefits of the price.
  2. Impact Drill or punch - such devices can do the job quickly and cleanly as possible, but it turns out not furrow sufficiently flat.
  3. Bulgarka - the most common tool that allows you to get a smooth channel, but at the same time in the air produces a lot of dust, which is difficult to remove even the building cleaner.
  4. wall chaser - a specialized unit, with which you can make a perfectly flat slit to the required depth and width.The only disadvantage of this tool is its high cost.


Substrate Preparation shtroblenie

sure to know how to properly shtrobitstenu for electrical wiring, it is important to examine the requirements for the preparation of the surface to work.To do this is to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. primary task before shtrobleniya - this is a test for the presence of the wall flush in the place where it will presumably run furrow route.To do this, you must use special equipment, which will indicate the wiring runs. Important! When testing is necessary to protect themselves, because they can come across the wires to the connected voltage.
  1. then you should apply a new layout to furrow the route from the wall mounting location to the junction box.
  2. sure to curtain the door and window openings with a damp cloth before starting work on shtroblenie.This will prevent the spread of dust around the room.


Instructions shtroblenie

Run process recess walls can be using multiple tools, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.Their choice depends on the outcome requirements and practical use of instruments, as well as the specific features of the surface for breaching the furrow.Let us consider in more detail the process shtrobleniya walls of different tools.

breaching furrow puncher

process shtrobleniya puncher looks like this:

  1. Prepare 2 nozzles with a short and wide brown and shoulder blade.
  2. Then do the holes at a distance of 15 mm from each other along the line marking the route.The depth of each is approximately 25 mm.
  3. Do shovel furrow.It is important not to put across Stroebe nozzle line, as this may result in excessive chipping wall fragment.
  4. After completion remove dust with a vacuum cleaner construction.

visual guide on how to properly Stroebe wall, a video presented below:

Shtroblenie hammer and chisel

In order to make a furrow with a chisel and a hammer, you must adhere to such sequence of actions:

  1. initially should identifychisel deepening in those places where it will begin and end Stroebe.
  2. Then you can begin by Stroebe outlet surface of the selected segment.To do this, place the chisel across the channel and punch the wall fragment in depth.
  3. Then continue the process of removing material along the grooves of the route.
  4. In following this proceed to deepen the channel to 25 mm, work on the entire line length.


Shtroblenie Bulgarian

to work on the wall recess Bulgarian initially need to purchase a special diamond blade - this will achieve the desired result with a minimum of effort and errors.The process of shtrobleniya looks like this:

  1. originally should be done 2-sawing along the furrows of the route, which will run parallel to each other.The distance between them must be equal to the desired width of the channel.
  2. Moving along the intended line, select the unwanted material between the PROGRESS nadpilami reaching the required channel depth.
  3. Since working with grinder in the room spreads a lot of dust, it is necessary to prepare in advance an industrial vacuum cleaner.For
  4. need assistance of another person, who will be able to keep the suction pipe as close as possible to the place shtrobleniya.

process shtrobleniya wall using the grinder can be seen in movies:

Working with Wall Chasers

This tool is an advanced kind of grinders, as provided for wall chaser fixing diamond cutting nozzles, the distance between them can be set independently.Such groups are protected by a special casing required to complete closing the contact point with the tool surface.Also, the tool is equipped with a tap for a suction attachment of the vacuum cleaner tube.Control the depth and width of grooves can be done within the housing by adjusting.Otherwise, the work of cutting through the wall is carried out on a similar principle shtrobleniya grinder.5 shtroblenie Detailed guidance on the wall shows in movies: