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December 12, 2017 00:16

Furniture made of withe their own hands

Wicker furniture made of twigs decorated with profitable and complements any interior, both classical and modern.If desired, through a creative clever design furniture with his own hands, you can create a unique and unique style in the apartment or in the suburban area.


  • Description Furniture
  • technique of weaving
  • Advantages and furniture disadvantages of vines
  • Choosing the right rod
  • Preparing vine to weaving
  • Sofa Rattan own hands
  • Coffee table made of twigs hishands
  • Grocery basket from a rod with his hands
  • Openwork breadbox of the vines with their hands
  • Care furniture made of twigs

Description furniture

Some kind of furniture lovers dare to completely fill your home interior items made of twigs.It can be not only a rocking chair, but wicker cabinets, tables and shelves.In any office or living room, on the veranda or the summer terrace are elements of decor are the main leitmotif of the interior.At all times, people in Russia were engaged in the manufacture of hous

ehold items vines.These were shoes, vases, baskets, boxes and furniture.The structure of the vine is very flexible and pliable, also holds great shape.Masters of Europe has also intercepted a craft largely due to ecological raw material, due to its vegetable origin.

stylish chairs and tables look great in combination with glass, metal and wood.

Weighs durable furniture made of twigs quite a bit, at the same time able to withstand fairly heavy loads - up to 200 kg.It is resistant to moisture and, if appropriate treatment, to the sun, even in the hottest heat.This allows you to use this furniture by the pool, in the sauna, in the country by the river, and so forth.

With proper care and maintenance of wicker furniture for its intended purpose it can serve their owners more than a quarter century.The traditional and most common models of furniture made of twigs, you can see in the photo.


big wicker - furniture


weaving technique

Modern craftsmen learned how to weave the vines the most unusual ways.In many ways, weaving style depends on the elasticity of the materials, as well as the personal preferences of customers or craftsmen.Products from a rod in the main weave in several ways:

  • simple weave, in which the rod bends around all risers like from the outside and from the inside;
  • weave in a staggered manner;
  • weaving two bars;
  • netting three rod;
  • sealing bead plait;
  • layer-weaving, when the number of the bars corresponds to the number of risers.

Advantages and disadvantages of furniture made of twigs

Benefits of furniture made of twigs:

  • environmentally friendly raw materials;
  • unique style wicker furniture;
  • combination of furniture made of twigs perfectly with any interior;
  • use of natural materials in the manufacture of furniture;
  • practicality and durability;
  • durability (about 20 years);
  • pleasant smell of wood;
  • absence of pests due to the pre-treatment of vines;
  • good furniture "breathes" and ventilated.

wicker furniture Disadvantages:

  • whatever you were trying to protect furniture made of twigs, prolonged exposure to sunlight it is able to burn and sometimes even crack;
  • Furniture made of artificial rattan destroyed by rain;
  • years with furniture (especially homemade) could unravel;
  • main disadvantage - the high price of furniture made of twigs.


Choosing the right rod

Quality wickerware relatively fine tracery of furniture should have a thin core.Rods with a thick core useful for making fences or arbors.Another selection criterion - the size of a willow leaf.The wider the sheet, the worse it will bend the vine, and vice versa.

popular raw material for the manufacture of wicker furniture is vine rattan and tropical.Very supple plaiting material, because it has greater flexibility, a solid crust with soft wood and hard-core.Branches rattan smooth and does not have the extra branches.Their length can sometimes reach 300 m.

Preparation for weaving vines

Taking into account parameters such as the quality of raw materials, its price, durability and practicality, for weaving furniture specialists mainly use rattan or vine.Since rattan - a southern plant, which is rarely seen in our area, and buy it at the store are not very profitable, for the manufacture of wicker furniture with his own hands the master used mainly willow branches.Yves any grades suitable for this craft.Harvested raw materials necessary to the end of autumn to the end of the winter due to the fact that during this period there is no sap flow in the trees, so it is possible to prepare very high-quality material.Special shears for wood should be cut straight, straight and long bars.

If in the future your wicker furniture will be on the street, it is better not to clean the cut branches from the skin.If your decor item is intended solely for decoration inside the room, it is best to clear the vine.For this purpose, freshly cut branches boil in water for 2 hours.Try to use at the same time a large and deep bowl, so as not to bend the branch several times.After 2 hours, peel off the branches will be easily separated.

rattan sofa with his hands

To work on the creation of a sofa made of rattan, you will need:

  • vine;
  • secateurs;
  • pencil;
  • knife;
  • line;
  • screws, screwdriver;
  • jigsaw wood;
  • varnish;
  • stain;
  • wooden sticks for the frame (2 cm thick);
  • drill, drill.

manufacture the sofa rattan Technology:

  1. Before you begin weaving carefully oshkurte stick to the sofa frame.
  2. Vine also prepare.After the boil and remove from her pelt, wait for the complete drying of materials.
  3. To make the seat frame of the sofa, take 4 sticks prepared:. 2 - 60 cm, and 2 - 40 cm Fasten them together with screws and screwdriver in such a way as to obtain a rectangle.
  4. Then prepare the front legs.There will be 3, with height, which you define yourself.But the standard height - 40 cm
  5. By harvested at the corners of the frame, attach the stick:. Two - on the edges, one - in the center.
  6. If the height of your backrest of the sofa is 25 cm, with a height from floor to rear seat sticks should be 65 cm. Measure and cut the jigsaw is of such length.
  7. 3 self-tapping screws, attach rear legs to a rectangular frame on the same principle as was fixed, and the front feet.
  8. If desired, you can connect the rear frame sticks the total arc.So, back to your settee will have a rounded shape.The length of the stick about 100 cm, it is necessary to fasten screws to the tops of the two rear poles in such a way as to form an arc.
  9. For greater strength fasten together the sofa legs additional sticks.
  10. main frame is ready now rattan branch should be planed for the flexible ribbons.
  11. Chips can be made with a knife.Carefully cut the long downward vine branches.
  12. When everything is ready, it remains to make the frame.In this case you can use very different techniques, but the easiest way to apply the technique of simple weave through one rack two or three bars on the outside and the inside.
  13. envelope rod a rack in the front, next rack - rear, to the closure of the circle.In this case, the circle is closed, the racks should be an odd number.
  14. When proceed to the next row of weaving, do not forget to go around the first rack on the opposite side, fixing each rack in the correct position.
  15. In the case where the rod is ended at its base, a new overfill for the same rack and tuck the ends inside.
  16. After the weaving frame, the sofa is necessary to cover the stained and then varnished.And when the construction is dry - it is possible to decorate foam seats sheathed by a beautiful cloth.

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Coffee table from a rod with his hands

In order to produce a small wicker coffee table, reserved by a set of necessary tools:

  • plywood sheet;
  • 4 boards for the frame and the same number of bars for the legs;
  • plate upholstery plywood;
  • 4 rod for fastening the table legs;
  • bars and ribbons for braiding.

Manufacturing process:

  1. of thick plywood sheet fret saw out the rectangle of the desired size.
  2. With ribbons and twigs of willow weave fabric suitable size plywood countertops.
  3. gently and unobtrusively nail fabric to the table top with small studs and set it aside.
  4. Now for manufacturing podstolya.From 4 boards make the frame of the table, her nail bar 4 - design legs.
  5. Additional branches fasten together the legs about midway crosswise.Then follow the winding parts willow design ribbons.
  6. Nails nailed to the frame of the table top.
  7. Dry wicker table and then cover it with a layer of lacquer.

tabla - sg6 - maks.800h600v

Grocery basket from a rod with his hands

At a picnic and a hike in the compact basket of vines is always the way, besides, such a simple product on forces even make novice masters.About baskets weaving technology'll order:

  1. To start fabricate thin hoop of wicker.Bend it to the desired diameter, willow ribbon tie the ends together and cut the excess with a knife.
  2. To create the foundation, start one by one to weave the vertical bars-strut to the ring at the same distance from each other.Observe the right angle.
  3. Circle tail rod and wrap around the rod-riser, press with your fingers.
  4. observing sequence, weaving another rod-risers.As an example, weaving technology at an early stage resembles weaving a wreath of flowers.
  5. get a rough skeleton of the future of the basket.Begin braiding it using rods.Rows of rods are pressed together tighter.
  6. When you reach the bottom - bend rods, struts and trim the excess is too long ends.
  7. Then braid the bottom of the basket of fine vine.
  8. handle products are made of woven between them a few bars.Basis handles - thick bar-borehole, it is necessary to wind thinner rods.
  9. Tie the ends of the bow and bend them on both sides of the flanges baskets.
  10. as additional decorations you can use willow ribbons of different colors to weave them into the process of manufacturing the product wall.


Openwork breadbox of the vines with their hands

For making bread bins, you will need to prepare one wicker bottom of a round shape (diameter 15 cm), spider (4x4), risers stick length of 55 cm (19 pieces), thinbars, rope, pattern-disc (diameter 20cm), a plywood base (diameter 14 cm).From the list of instruments worth taking an awl, screwdriver, screws, 20 mm, twine, lacquer.

manufacturing stages:

  1. finished bottom of a soak in order to avoid damage to the netting and attach it with screws to the pig.The height from the bottom to the blank can be determined independently.Presumably it will be 6 cm.
  2. thick tips of twigs-risers sharpen a knife and insert into the bottom next to the sticks.
  3. pliers squeeze the stanchions at the bottom, lift the top of the head and tie up.
  4. then directly at the bottom of the basket braided rope stanchions three rod, and the walls do one rod 60 mm in height.
  5. stanchions filbert form of an arc and the ends are woven together superfluous.
  6. working with the vine, do not forget to wipe the sticks with a damp cloth, so they are not broken.
  7. height ledges bread bins and bending stanchions align the top a side template that is attached to the bottom in the beginning.
  8. When finished weaving skirting, you can remove the disc.
  9. finished product strength for the cover varnish.


Take into account all the nuances in the manufacture of wicker furniture, as well as to remember the sequence of execution of the procedure of weaving vines various furniture you can view the video.

Care furniture made of twigs

durability of wicker furniture made of natural materials directly affects the correct care.There are three basic rules that must be followed when caring for furniture made of twigs:

  1. To prevent cracks on such furniture, it is necessary to humidify a little about once or twice a month.Simply cover a chair or table wet blanket or sheet.
  2. If your wicker set gets wet in the rain, let it sit overnight in a dry and ventilated area, it is desirable to dry completely.
  3. Regularly clean the dust from the vine.This can be done the usual soft, dry or damp cloth.
  4. Greasy and dirty places are simply removed any soap.Fat can also be output using talc.
  5. In no case can not load anything damp wicker furniture.Otherwise, it can change its shape.

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