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December 12, 2017 00:16

Garden chair with his hands

Manufacture of wooden furniture - an ancient form of applied art of our people.Using simple tools and widely available materials in our area, craftsmen create products that are of high quality and originality, which can be seen in every detail.Interest in equipment premises furnishings own production has many owners of private houses and dachas.After a long winter so I want to quickly get out into the fresh air and make something with their own hands.It is easy to perform, and, most importantly, a very popular product for a rest on the territory of the infield will be the garden furniture.Chair, perhaps, will be the most indispensable attribute for any summer resident.The most natural and natural materials for the manufacture of garden furniture is, of course, wood.It can be as noble wood - beech, oak, walnut, and less expensive species - pine, aspen, basswood.


  • Features
  • What is needed for the manufacture of garden chairs
  • How to make a rocking chair on their own



According to their design features garden chairsdivided into two main types.At first - the rear leg and back seats single piece, the second - the rear legs and backrest vertical bars consist of different parts.The seats are made in one piece or panel board framework.Between the legs of the chair frame is inserted, called progam.This solution allows to double the strength of the structure and its service life compared to the same product, but without the progam.

Another way to increase the strength of wood products, which is subjected to a constant load, a tenon joint.The larger the cross-section of the details, the length and width of spikes, the stronger will be the product.For product-support, made of solid hardwood timber, the size of square feet in cross-section must be performed at least 28x28 mm, rectangular legs, the figure should be at least 22h40 mm.When it comes to wood of coniferous trees, they are automatically increased by half.

What is needed for the manufacture of garden chairs


In the diversity of the drawings provided by the internet garden chairs, you should choose the one that will produce the forces, and also will have an attractive appearance.So, to make a garden chair, you need to consider how you would like it to be, and if possible to make the drawing, and then fabricate components of the future product.

For durable fastening elements garden chairs suitable glue, bolts and screws.But to accomplish the task, you will need standard carpentry tools:

  • electric saw;
  • plane;
  • hacksaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • sander;
  • clamp;
  • roulette;
  • line;
  • pencil.

To make the chair to give not require excessive force.Details for him the same type and, therefore, easy to manufacture, and are interchangeable.First of all, you should decide what size we need the chair, as this model will look good not only as a garden chair for adults, but also can be made and a smaller copy for the younger members of the family.But before you start tinkering is necessary to prepare a drawing of garden chairs.

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for this garden chair, we need the board thickness of 50 mm and 25 mm.The chair has four legs, two legs to back, the two pillars of the seat, the two pillars of the armrest 7 slats for backrest and seat and two armrests.For fastening bolts must be 10 mm 10h100 with nuts and washers, and screws 40 50 mm.

Raschertite on the board for future details shown in the drawing size garden chairs and drank them.Each product is to be processed a plane and then clean using a grinder.Particular attention should be paid to the ends of the elements of a product to protect them from moisture.To do this, all external surface impregnate with hot linseed oil, it is desirable to such processing twice.

next step is marking and drilling the holes for the bolts.To do this, you will need to drill a 10 mm.

To assemble the side frames, put them on a raised surface, so that subsequently the rear legs do not interfere with the further manipulation.Fasten the parts of the product according to the drawing.The main condition for proper assembly is that the parts are mirror images of each other.Place both in a distance of 640 mm between them.Details for the backrest must be attached with screws parallel to each other, it is possible to make small the distance between the slats, and can be attached back to back, at your discretion.

Note that experienced craftsmen applied important technological method in the manufacture of garden chairs: seat must have a slope towards the back, but in this case the use of the chair is the most convenient.It is important that the fasteners do not cling to clothes and may have been the cause of injury, so they should be "utaplivat" in the tree.To do this, made a special bevel, which are formed by using a drill bit of larger diameter than the actual holes for screws.

Just attach the back elements and details of the seat, while the shorter strip should be located between the front legs of our chairs.Now, it remains the case for small - to fasten the armrests.

another important manipulation is leveling legs with rounded ends, or sweep, the chair is correct, if it is based on the plane all the legs.

Garden chair on the mission has to be durable, so that the sun and moisture did not cause significant harm, it is necessary to protect the tree.For these purposes, the varnish or paint suitable.It is desirable to apply several layers, each of which must dry at least 24 hours.

natural desire to improve their product - add a soft base on the seat or obtyanut a cloth with foam rubber.

How to make a rocking chair on their own

Perhaps there is no person who once would not dream slowly and rhythmically rocking in a rocking chair and let your body relax, and enjoy the comfort.And such a luxury would be a garden rocking chair, and besides, made with his own hands.

to manufacture rocking chairs garden is best to use natural materials.Amazing looks on a background of green lawn chair in rattan or willow twigs.However, such products can not be called strong, and to perform such work requires special skills.

If the main requirements for the rocking chair are durability and wear resistance, is the most suitable material will be forged metal for him, but this skill under the force of a few.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, to make a garden rocking chair with his hands, structurally, it is hardly more difficult than usual chair.After all, the only distinguishing feature between them is the presence of the product of the runners (or skis).They can be very different in length, important in this case will be stable, because the main difference between long and short runners is the amplitude of the rocking chair.You also need to take into account the important fact that the longer the runners will be the least strong.


To produce a simple rocking chair, does not need even a drawing.And this may well come up old chair or a chair with wooden legs.Draw on paper a member with a concave base, then cut the bars of wood of two runners.These detail the inside of the recess will need to cut it out so that the legs of a wooden chair stood close to them.Around each leg must arrive one restrictive bar on each side, a total of eight.As we get home-made chair, without any prior calculations for the safe and sustainable should swing each leg screwed on three large bolts.Insert between the legs chair nailed to the support beams and close this design plate made of plywood or thin boards.In front, between the runners, you can add a footrest in the form of strips.And to our chair does not wobble too much behind runners make a small recess, which will extinguish the swing speed and therefore warn rollover.

If you do not have a large value size and weight of the finished product, it can be double rocking chair from scratch.Drawing the side portions of this design can be easily found in the public domain and copy on paper, then to transfer the contour to the material used without any serious errors.It is very important to get it right at the beginning that the two side walls are identical, and the lower part they have been perfectly rounded.A suitable material for our products will evrofanera 30 mm thick.From it also cut out the frame, connecting the two sidewalls.The length of the framework will depend on the desired width of your product, and you take care of the strength with the help of a properly chosen thickness of the sidewall connecting element.The surface of the seat and backrest will consist of long, thin sticks, fitting each other either closely or at a small distance, at your discretion.To build such a product is no particular standard, so each artist can develop your own algorithm.Frames between the sidewalls will be located in the head, in the middle part and in the legs, and connect them better by means of long konformatov.It should be noted that this is the case when it is better to measure out a few times, and then only to drill the necessary holes.

Since the product consists of a large number of long, thin frames, you can use a little trick when they mount to the base, greatly simplifying the task.This is the "jig".This arrangement will help without any hassle precisely drilled bars at the right distance.Make it can be immediately in place of the remaining materials.Attach the end and the side of a small timber pieces of plywood serving limiter, and drilled "conductor" in the required location.Now, through the resulting hole, we outline the workpiece.The markup will perfectly smooth and symmetrical.Next is a matter of technique and your hard work, you need to drill holes in target bars and connect them with the foundation screws.For the beauty and completeness of the product holes from screws need to putty.The final stage of work will cover your product varnish or paint.Only in this case the garden chair with his hands last a long time and is not only a reminder of your skill, but will certainly be the subject of pride for a job well done.