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August 12, 2017 18:07

Crystals Retail and entertainment complex in Las Vegas

presents to your attention shopping and entertainment center «Crystal» , it is part of a huge complex of «MGM Mirage City Center» in Las Vegas , stretching over an area of ​​more than 76 hectares.Sam shopping center covers an area of ​​46 thousand square meters and is designed for different uses.

It housed an upscale retail establishments, fashionable clubs, gourmet restaurants, galleries, offices and accompanying all this office and administrative offices.A developed « crystals » were Daniel Libeskind design studio, and built by the company «Adamson Associates» within the project on the reconstruction of the city center.

« crystals » not in vain so named.They really look like a huge crystal monolith incredible area, which does not lose its shape or at one of the angles.The architectural style of the building used by the basic rules of post-modernism, imposed on nearly not widespread deconstruction, which allowed the "Crystal" to become one of the most exciting events in the world of modern archit


affectation Trunk rigidly separated from the interior architecture, which, on the contrary, resolved in the spirit of functional user constructivism - nothing more, nothing looked, nothing that could remind you of how chaotic the building looks "Crystal" outside.

Moving away from the first shock, which produce « crystals » on those who first saw the apartment complex, you climb the spiral staircase to be in a world of authentic luxury - among «Louis Vuitton» store brands, «Hermes»,« Prada »,« Tom Ford »,« Tiffany & amp;Co »,« Bulgari »and many others, including restaurants, of which only two can be called -" Wolfgang Puck "and" Beso "- that judges understand what kind of a high level of service in question.And yet, once inside, you will see the amazing fountains and incredible statues, created by world renowned sculptor Henry Moore.

the design and construction « Crystals » Only environmentally friendly materials were used, which allowed the trade and entertainment center to get a certificate of environmental safety in November 2009 from the «Green Building Council».

And to finish our story want another fact - today Complex «MGM Mirage City Center», which are part of "crystals", considered the most expensive commercial facility in the history of the United States - its price exceeds $ 11 billion.

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