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August 12, 2017 18:07

The headquarters of the Basque Health Department

«Health Department headquarters Basque» ( «Basque Health Department Headquarters») in the Spanish Ensanche - one of the new buildings built according to strict rules of the local mayor's office, according to which all modern buildings must maximize repeat the form of the neighboring houses, not beabove them, has no penthouses and ... stuff, stuff, stuff.Because architects young but already famous company «Coll-Barreu Arquitectos», it was so easy to write his extraordinary creation in the architectural ensemble of the street Licenciado Poza and Alameda Rekalde, built back in 1862.

The building is located seven stories: The two of them are located research laboratories;two floors, not separated by floors, occupies the conference room;on the first floor there is a meeting room and administrative offices.The rest of the floors are reserved for offices and archives.Under the building there are two floors of parking, which you can get on the elevator.

double facade solves not only the city's requirem

ents.It also protects the building against fire, heat and saves is a great protection against noise.Because of this in the construction of the building is not ordinary air conditioners have been used, which saves work in the Department of Health of people from having to breathe recycled air.

Despite the apparent complexity of the facade, its affectation lines in any case does not affect the feelings of those who are inside the building.Quite the opposite - it is something that the facade is made almost entirely of glass, allows all those who work or undergoing tests at Headquarters not lose its connection Department of Health of the Basque with the surrounding city, not only contemplating his views through glass walls, butremaining part of it.

Photo © Aleix Bagué

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