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August 12, 2017 18:07

Plastic fence for the site

As expected, the current raw material slowly pushes the materials used for the protection of areas for many decades and even centuries. replaced wood, metal and concrete structures came fence made of plastic, and it is not necessary to be surprised, because the plastic fence has a beautiful appearance, besides, it is less affected by environmental factors, and with proper care does not require replacement every 1020 years.In our today's publication on the website of "House of Dreams" will feature not only the advantages and disadvantages of the fence - as we will see what are its types and how to use the fence on the site.

plastic fences to testify photos

Plastic fences to testify photos

Fences made of PVC in the domestic market appeared relatively recently, and still can not speak of the widespread use of this material for the erection of fences.However, the hosts, who appreciated its benefits for many years deprived of concerns related to the coating and protection of its intake from the harmful effects of the environment.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic fences

As with any building material, plastic has its pros and cons.Let's start with the advantages:

  1. Beautiful appearance - our compatriots primarily white and beige install fences, as these fences look very elegant and aesthetically pleasing, neatly framing the country site, cottage or just a bed.
  2. Durability - a plastic fence not start carpenter beetles, borers and other insects, it does not rot, not overgrown with mold, such as wooden fences, and do not corrode like metal fence.
  3. resistance to natural factors - it does not fade, is not afraid of chemicals and alkalis, and can withstand frosts in the winter.
  4. strength - thanks to special additives, plastic decorative fence has a special strength, when compared with other types of fences, it is stronger fences of corrugated board and concrete.
  5. Easy to install - no need for the foundation of the fence.
  6. Undemanding in care - for a fence made of plastic are easy to care, when pollution simply wash it with water.
plastic garden fence

garden fence plastic

There are also disadvantages of PVC fence:

  1. high cost - like all trends, the cost of these fences in the domestic market is quite high.
  2. manufacturing probability of low-quality PVC - if such constructs are toxic and poisonous, releasing into the environment harmful substances.When purchasing be sure to ask for a certificate of quality.
  3. Colored fences do not have a high reliability - the strongest considered white and beige plastic fences.
  4. Fast The contamination - after each heavy rain on a white fence may appear dirty drops will either have to wash it, or put up with dirt.
Plastic fence beige

Plastic fence beige

decorative plastic fence

decorative plastic fence

So, with advantages and disadvantages, we figured out, it's time to move on and look at the kinds of fences made of PVC.

Species plastic fences

Such fences may be of different colors, shapes and heights.

  • Colours .Speaking of colors, the most popular in our latitudes, as has been said, white and beige, at least set the gray fence.There is also a two-color barriers, such as white and beige or white-green.
Plastic fence photo

Plastic fence photo

Decorative plastic fences to give

Decorative plastic fences to testify

  • Dimensions .As for the height, then claimed six meters producer rarely are used in the country or suburban areas, while the height of 2m for external fences and do1m for internal fencing is considered to be the most popular.
Plastic Fence for flower beds

Plastic Fence for flower beds

The height of the plastic fence

height plastic fence

  • Forms .But the form of plastic fences in a wide range.There is a fence and a solid covering area from prying eyes, and fence with neat vertical slats, and a fence in the form of a lattice, and combined (solid bottom and top grid).
Plastic fences for photo plot

Plastic fences to plot photo

Types of fences made of PVC

Types of fences made of PVC

Where can I install the plastic fence

high solid fences are used for fencing suburban area.But no matter how hard sellers convince owners of country houses in the uniqueness and durability of plastic fences, yet in our minds the idea of ​​the fragility of plastic sits deep, we will be afraid to install fences made of PVC as a reliable protection area from penetration of detractors.On the other hand, are increasingly putting a hedge in the country or as a decorative element.

Fences made ​​of plastic Photo

Fences made of plastic Photo

For example, garden plastic fence is well suited for distinguishing inland area into functional zones - a small trellis fence separates the garden from the flower beds with vegetables.In decorative purposes, you can install the plastic fence around the flower beds, and yet it is separated garden paths.

Plastic fence for flowerbeds

Plastic fence for flowerbeds

Beautiful Plastic fence to fence white perfect as an external garden fence.Here it is necessary to clarify that the creation of the integrity and harmony of the exterior to the plastic fence can pick up the matching colored gates and gates.So, having decided to replace the fence of your site, you can be sure that all of its elements are organically combined with each other.

White plastic fence photo

White plastic fence photo

gardeners might like fences with mesh option.For example, conventional netting can now be replaced by a more attractive material - a plastic grid, which can have different colors.Such a fence of plastic mesh well proved itself as the fencing of the area of ​​kitchen gardens and villas, and to make it less transparent, plant vines on the one hand, making the fence in a hedge.The mesh size of such a network can range from 32h32mm to 70h58mm, and the most common colors - a green, khaki, green and gray.

plastic mesh fence

fence plastic mesh

Plastic mesh for fence

plastic mesh for the fence

As you can see, plastic fences for the cottages are a great alternative to concrete and wooden structures, and do not go to any comparison with a fence of corrugated board.According to the manufacturer, the life of the fence PVC is 20-30 years, so that you will forget for a long time to replace your fence.

To summarize, it should be noted that despite the variety of shapes and colors, plastic fence must be chosen based on the portion of the device structure and stylistic direction that is in it.The only way you achieve harmony and high aesthetic exterior suburban area.

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