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August 12, 2017 18:07

Euroslate ondulin : description of the material advantages , installation

Today there are many roofing materials to build soundly roof.They all have their advantages and, of course, are not without drawbacks - as they say, nothing is perfect in this world.The main thing when choosing a similar material reasonably weigh its pros and cons, to compare them to make demands to the roof structure, and only then make a purchase.In this article we will talk about this as a roofing material evroshifer or ondulin.At the site of "Dream House" we will examine all of its positive and negative qualities, a closer look at his production, performance and installation features.

Euroslate ondulin

Euroslate ondulin

Euroslate: specifications

As a rule, the technical characteristics of any roofing material include parameters such as its dimensions, weight, wavelength, Useful area and withstand load.It is on these specifications evroshifer we focus:

  • Dimensions Ondulina.This roofing material has standard dimensions - a length of 2000mm, width of 960mm and a thickness of 3mm.In principle, if we draw an an
    alogy with other roofing materials, the size evroshifer differs little from such sheet materials.
  • Another important characteristic is Ondulina wavelength - its size depends on how long it will stay on the surface of the roof of snow and debris.Euroslate in this respect also is virtually no different from the same metal and has an optimum step wave constituting 95mm.Wave height does not exceed 36mm.
  • weight of roofing material is an important technical characteristic of an impact both on the device of a roof rafter, and the ease of installation.For all its dimensions rather big weight of a sheet evroshifer is only 6,5kg - in the hands of a skilled installer, he seems just fluff.
  • And, finally, useful area of ​​this material.If we put aside all the laps, which provides Ondulina mount technology, the single sheet depending on the slope of the roof is able to cover an area of ​​space 1,29-1,56m².
evroshifer specifications

Euroslate - specifications

Advantages and disadvantages evroshifer

Onduline is made on the basis of natural materials - it contains purified bitumen, many mineral fillers, as the basis for use of cellulose fibers as impregnation acts polymer resin, andto obtain the desired color is applied mineral pigments.These raw materials and determine the properties described below evroshifer:

  1. Long service life (as compared to other similar materials) - set manufacturers warranty of 20 years, his actual service life exceeds 50 years.
  2. Environmentally friendly - no harmful to human body and environment components make the operation of this material absolutely harmless.
  3. strength and ability to withstand high loads.Onduline is able to withstand a lot of weight and withstand shock loads - if we are talking about the impact on him of such natural precipitation as hail, the latter will not cause any harm to the roof.
  4. relatively high fire safety.Euroslate able to successfully withstand temperatures up to 300˚C.
  5. Lightweight.This positive aspect to minimize both financial and labor costs in the transportation and installation of this material.If you compare the cost of laying Ondulina with other similar materials, the installation of its cheaper.
  6. increased heat and sound insulation.The roof of Ondulin not drumming in the rain, and can reduce heat loss.
  7. relatively low cost.Compared with shingles or metal tile, evroshifer is the price of the order (or even two) below.
Ondulin photo

Ondulin photo

But as they say, nothing is perfect there.The disadvantages of this material include the following:

  1. The fragility at low temperatures.In principle, this disadvantage is solved quite simply gain crates.
  2. Have the characteristic smell of bitumen, which increases with the ambient temperature only increased.
  3. At temperatures above 300˚C ondulin ignited.Increase the fire safety of this material is possible by splitting the roofing into autonomous segments - for this purpose used a special separator made from heat-resistant materials.
  4. not enough bright colors.Bitumen is used as a main filler, not only allows to produce ondulin bright color.
Roof Roof evroshifer

Roof Roof evroshifer

But all these flaws fade in the background evroshifer benefits - such a combination makes this roofing material is one of the most popular.

Features mounting evroshifer

Roofing of Ondulin

roofing Ondulin

By and large, evroshifer installation is not much different from the usual styling of slate or metal - ondulin also laid from bottom to top, and at the same time is a small overlap to 10cm.Fastened it with nails or screws provided with the press washer and as its next relatives, it requires an additional sealing in the form of rolled on the rafter of the web material.

Different installation Ondulina only reinforced crate - to reduce the harmful effects of high loads of snow, crate for this material is laid with a cross in 400mm increments.But in the rest of the whole installation takes place in a standard way.

Euroslate for roofing houses and gazebo roof

Euroslate roofing roof of the house and pergola

In general, in spite of all the shortcomings and a little complicated reinforced crate assembling, ondulin remains one of the most popular materials.Euroslate successfully used as roofing for the building of almost all types of buildings, including private buildings and public facilities.

author Vladimir Belov

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