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August 12, 2017 18:07

The mansion in which you want to live

Mansion, where you want to live - home design solution for a large family gathered to acquire private housing in the densely populated area.

So, are you going to build your house, but for some reason (whether material, whether geographic) can not find a suitable plot sizes, to feel it as if on a desert island.All you can - to build a house on a small rectangle of land to the borders which is closely surrounded by other houses and mansions.What to do?Quit your venture?Or did you read this post, where we will discuss how to build a house, in which even at the maximum proximity to the other buildings you feel retire?

In any case - or how little you have bought will land, it will always go to the road, which means that you will always have an ample supply of empty and undeveloped space.If so, then the best thing you can do - to deploy every single window of your home in this way, a vegetable garden from the neighbors three solid walls and a high fence.

Moreover, if you put your home at the end of

the site, and your fence is really really high, you still will be hidden from unwanted views of the courtyard, where you can now arrange: although swimming pool, even a gazebo, thougharea for picnics.And so the usable area of ​​the yard you do not take the road, the garages are invited to make straight for the fence that will save you a lot of ground.

Of course, all the windows will not be able to endure, and so arrange all service areas (laundry room, bathroom, toilet, storage area) in the back of the house.Most likely, their windows and a small window will appear opaque glazed windows, and if so, then you will not care that someone is looking at them.

Another note on the balconies, which in this house for three.Glazed or lined with grapes they are also perfectly conceal your privacy from neighbors, became a favorite gathering place and recreation for the whole family.

Speaking of your family - it is interesting that in this house may live, without interfering with each other and getting almost 100 percent autonomy, several families.In this case, provided that you live peacefully without quarrels, all of you will benefit from a common staircase that connects the house in one piece.But if you are afraid of conflict or want to give everyone the right to life of its own, you can build a ladder on the side of house, so she led him on every floor in a separate unrelated to each apartment.

And finally: do not be afraid, because of the presence in it of all-glass walls of a house will be difficult, and most importantly - it's expensive to heat.Modern plastic and metal windows and insulation, you vmontiruete in the wall during construction, perfectly conserve heat, but because the cost of heating a similar house would be less than the cost of two-bedroom apartment in the city obgorite.

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