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August 12, 2017 18:07

Coffee maker for home: choose correctly

Day, as a rule, many starts in the morning, and the morning begins with coffee.Naturally the desire to prefer a cup of fragrant and delicious beverage. But most people bypassed the usual instant coffee.And all because the time to stand at the stove and cook a divine drink, usually in a hurry do not suffice.

But progress does not stand still, and today went on sale coffee makers and coffee machines for home - appliances, giving pleasure fragrant and incredibly tasty cup of coffee.

If you are in thought, to buy or not such a "helper" or have come close to a choice, but get lost among all the products offered, read our tips on how to choose a coffee maker or coffee machine for home, depending on their types.

How to choose a coffee machine for home

How to choose a coffee machine for home

First of all, you must understand the difference between a coffee maker and an espresso machine.Coffee - it is an appliance that requires the attention of a person at virtually every stage of the brewing coffee.The appliance is - is a fully automatic de

vice that does not require large expenditures of human time.It is enough to fill the grain and choose what kind of coffee you want to get a result.

should be noted that many manufacturers focus attention on the fact that they would be called a coffee maker coffee machines exclusively.Argument is that the device itself is rather complicated.Fall for these tricks or not - it's your own business.But we will not go on about the manufacturers, and call a spade a spade.

Types of coffee machines and coffee machines

coffee makers come in several types:

  • French-press or French press;
  • drip, they are also called filtering;
  • geyser, the second name - steam;
  • carob, to put it simply - the espresso;
  • combined;
  • capsule.

coffee machine can be:

  • home or a coffee machine for home - enough to put the grain in a special compartment and press the start button.The more expensive the coffee machine, the greater the variety of drinks you can cook in it;
  • semi - designed for offices, small cafes, easy to use;
  • professional - is able to provide 300 people per hour, however, the quality of coffee in a coffee machine rather unstable.

To help you understand the difference between all of the above terms, we explain each of them separately.

Coffee "French-pressĀ»

Easy French press coffee maker

Comfortable home coffee french press

Coffee machine for home french-press photo

Coffee French- Press Vitesse

Coffee French-Press Vitesse

advantage of this appliance in the simplicity of use:coffee we do not need electricity.In such a brewing coffee machine can not only coffee, but also tea.

Outwardly, this looks like a coffee maker of cylindrical shape made of heat resistant glass.Inside, it has a piston with a metal mesh filter.

To make coffee at the bottom of the coffee machine is required to pour the required amount of ground coffee.Then fill it with boiling water, cover, the piston should be raised.Let it brew for 5-7 minutes.After the allotted time, above, omit the plunger to filter missed coffee grounds and pour the drink into a cup.

Giving preference to a coffee machine, you must understand that:

  • whole process: fill coffee, pour hot water desired temperature, follow the time, lower abs and pour the coffee - you have to do yourself;
  • in a coffee machine "French press" is not possible to prepare a cappuccino or any other drink, besides the usual coffee;
  • brew this coffee should be immediately before use;
  • similar process eliminates the possibility to entrust his children, as the coffee you use boiling water;
  • taste of brewed coffee in such a device is not perfect.

But, despite some shortcomings, coffee "French-press" is a budget and easy option for the home.For it is best suited finely ground coffee.

Drip coffee

Home coffee drip type Russell Hobbs Cottage Floral 18514-56

Home coffee drip type Russell Hobbs Cottage Floral 18514-56

Drip coffee house Scarlett SC- 038

Drip coffee house Scarlett SC-038

Coffee drip Bosch TKA 8633

Coffee drip Bosch TKA 8633

more complex appliance,than "French press", but, nevertheless, very comfortable, and most importantly - safe.

Drip coffee consists of 3 main parts:

  • special compartment for clean cold water.He has a clear timeline, so you can see the number of pours liquid and to control it.For example, some coffee machines have two scales, one for the more solid and one for less strong coffee;
  • bowl in which the filter with coffee.The set includes a nylon filter with a scale.On it you can determine how much coffee should pour.Enough of this filter is usually 60 cups.Then you can buy a disposable filters - they are discarded after use with-grounds, or the golden filter - it will last for a long time, but you'll have to wash it after each use;
  • bowl ready for filtered coffee.At the drop of coffee falls into the cup.Sama bowl stands on an ad hoc basis - metal plate that supports the required temperature of the coffee, so it does not cool down.

If you chose to filter coffee makers for the home, you should consider some things when buying:

  • less power from your assistant, the tastier and stronger coffee you get;
  • in more expensive models, it is possible to maintain the temperature of hot coffee after a trip of a special compartment for water heating;
  • drip valve is used to drink the remains have not been put on the surface of the metal plate when the cup is removed from the coffee.You can also shut off the flow of coffee, even if in the compartment with water there is still liquid.For example, if you want to get a strong drink, the water will accumulate in the filter, enrich the aroma and taste.Be sure to watch out for, so that the filter does not have accumulated too much water, then you risk to damage the appliance;
  • modern bowl for the finished coffee can be put in the microwave;
  • more convenient to use the traveler towards the filter and not removable;
  • well, if you have selected the coffee maker has a special compartment, which should be removed after using the cord.

For coffeemakers filtration type is best suited coffee coarse.

Geysernaya coffee

Geyser Bialetti coffee makers for home

Geyser Coffee machine for home Bialetti

Original geyser coffee makers type Bialetti Break 3 servings

original geyser coffee makers such as 3 servings Bialetti Break

It can be manual or electric.Manual geyser coffee coffee is put on the stove or hob.Electric coffee geyser connected via a cord to a wall outlet.

this coffee consists of:

  • water compartment;
  • filter into which you pour the coffee;
  • pot - it already gets ready to drink through a special mesh that prevents the coffee grounds.

To brew coffee in a geyser coffee machine, you must do the following:

  • pour purified water into the compartment for water to the said mark;
  • to fill the coffee filter, smooth, but not to stamp;
  • install a filter on the compartment for the water;
  • top coffee set;
  • include a coffee maker in the socket or put on a low heat;
  • when the water begins to boil, it will pass through the filter, and then by a special tube will result in a cafetiere.If at the time of coffee entering the coffee lid open, you will see this interesting process that is very similar to a natural geyser.Through this process, this household helper and earned its name - geyser coffee;
  • hissing sound indicates that the water in the bay is over and the coffee is ready, turn off the coffee maker, or remove it from the stove.

manual coffee makers advantage is that you can adjust the hot water: the slower the process, the richer get coffee.

For geyser coffee makers recommend using coffee medium ground: something between a milling for the Turks and drip coffee maker.

carob coffee

Espresso coffee bean types Jura Impressa F50 ECO

Espresso coffee bean types Jura Impressa F50 ECO

Locust bean coffee for PHILIPS Saeco HD 8325 at home

carob coffee house PHILIPS Saeco HD 8325

Ideal for connoisseurs of coffee.Do you know what type of coffee bean is preparing espresso?And it was on the basis of this drink can be prepared:

  • cappuccino;
  • latte;
  • lungo
  • Espresso Italiano.

espresso machine comes in two forms:

  • steam - is designed for 3-4 cups.The process of making coffee over a longer;
  • pump therapy - is under increasing pressure, due to which the process of making coffee takes less consumption of coffee decreases the drink quality is much better.

cappuccino lovers should pay attention to this point: some carob coffee maker automatically fed milk froth, in others, it must be added manually.In the first case, the coffee will cost more.

In some types of espresso coffee machine is enabled, which you can use coffee pods.Thus, you will not need to clean the coffee maker on the grounds.But the type of bean coffee machine price this feature will be higher.

Another option, which affects the cost of the coffee maker is the ability to simultaneously cook two different coffee: cappuccino and espresso.

Combined coffee

Tea combined DeLonghi BCO 420

Tea combined DeLonghi BCO 420

Combined maker DeLonghi BCO 260

Combined maker DeLonghi BCO 260

It includes the functions of drip and espresso coffee machines.Plus a helper that can be cooked at the same time a large number of droplets of coffee and a cup of strong espresso.However, when buying such a hybrid, you must understand that it requires more maintenance, as well as various grinding coffee.

Capsule coffee makers and coffee machines

Delonghi Nespresso EN 265 CWAE capsule coffee

Delonghi Nespresso EN 265 CWAE capsule coffee

Quite a number of manufacturers offer this type of coffee makers and coffee machines.Its advantage is that it is not necessary to grind the coffee and calculate the amount needed for brewing.Simply install the capsule.Also for this coffee maker is easy to care for, it does not require a thorough cleaning.

disadvantage of this type of coffee maker is that the number of types of coffee, which can be prepared in it, is very limited.And the cost is not cheap capsules.

How to choose a coffee machine for home

As we already mentioned, the coffee machine have different productive capacity.As the device for home use, there is more options and choices to make easier.The first coffee house may have a small or medium-resource, depending on how many family members you cook coffee or how often arrange gatherings with the guests.

Some models include the use and pods and ground coffee, while others have built-in grinder.In the latter case it is important to pay attention to the grinder did not work too noisy.For this coffee house should be equipped with sound insulation.

In most cases, the model for home use are compact in size and nice design, they do not have sverhskorostey and easy to care for.Perhaps someone thinks it's just a fad or trendy gadget for the kitchen, but you know what that means to you is a good home espresso machine.

Prices for coffee makers and coffee machines for home vary sufficiently large range.So, most of them can cost $ 200-300, and others, fully automatic, multi-functional modern espresso machine will cost $ 1000-4000.The cost of a lot depends on the availability of the display, a variety of additional functions and features such as pre-wetting, faster cooking, the presence of a special platform to heat cups with coffee, and more.

best coffee machines and coffee makers for the home offer manufacturers such as Saeco, DeLonghi, Bosch, Krups, Philips, Jura (Jura) and several well-known brands.

Coffee Machine Bosch TES50321RW

Coffee Machine Bosch TES50321RW

Today it is possible to also select the embedded espresso machine for your modern kitchen.Such models are hidden in the niche cupboard, as well as microwave ovens, ovens and easily put forward as necessary.The great advantage of this choice - perfect design, but also correspond to the prices - built coffee machine will cost from 600 to 5000 $ and above.They offer the luxury of the leading manufacturers of home appliances, including such well-known ones like Electrolux and Miele.

Built-in Miele coffee machine in the modern interior

Built Miele coffee machine in the modern interior

understand all the intricacies of these devices, you can safely go to a large shopping center for buying or choosing the right car for the coffee in the shops.And let your chosen home coffee or coffee morning will fill the unforgettable aroma of delicious coffee.

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