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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose a good multivarku for the whole family

Every year more and more people are discovering the beauty of a healthy lifestyle.If you are thinking about the right nutrition your family, then you should definitely come in handy this useful kitchen helper as multivarka. This device every day gaining more and more fans due to the fact that solves a lot of problems, making your diet more healthy and nutritious, but also saves time for other, more important things.

to this useful kitchen appliance has become really useful purchase for your farm, read our tips on how to choose multivarku.But first, we shall understand its benefits for you.

Multivarka Moulinex photo

multivarka Moulinex photo

Doctors unanimously state that the most useful type of thermal processing of food - it is boiling, stewing and steaming.Multivarka - a versatile device that allows you to cook a variety of dishes it in ways that can not only keep the products in all the necessary vitamins, but also makes your meals more tasty and varied.It can be cooked porridge, making casseroles, and even oven homema

de cakes, cook a variety of dishes from vegetables and meat for a couple, and more.A model equipped with additional features, will also help to prepare homemade yogurt, French fries, kneading dough for pasta or pizza, and even bake bread.

main advantage of this kitchen appliance is that it performs for you almost all the work.You do not need to watch the cooking process, make sure that the dish is not burnt or spoiled - just put the products in multivarku and set the desired mode.In addition, today's market there are many models that will not only allow you to prepare a dish to the desired date, or warm up food, but also to perform many other functions.How to choose a good multivarku?

How to choose a good multivarku for the whole family

How to choose a good multivarku family

multivarka is a kitchen appliance with a compartment-pan, equipped with non-stick cookware for cooking, as well as "smart" processor, controlling the cooking process, water supply, temperature, andetc.and with a special steam valve.The whole apparatus is enclosed in a sturdy housing and generally has a circular shape.It feeds the whole unit from the mains, and, in fact, combines the rice cooker, pressure cooker, steam cooker, food processor and many other mini-devices.

To deal with those, how to choose multivarku , should pay attention to the following its parameters and characteristics.

Power Multivarki

The higher the capacity of the device, the higher the price and the food will cook faster.This side of the coin - it increased electricity bills.In addition, if you plan to cook infrequently or for 1-2 people, in the high power necessary either.Industry produces standard Multivarki with a maximum capacity of up to 1400 watts - you have to choose the one that suits you best.The most popular are models with an average power of 670 watts.

Multivarka pressure cooker capacity of 1000 watts , the manufacturer Moulinex, model CE400032

multivarka pressure cooker capacity of 1000 watts, the manufacturer Moulinex, model 400032 CE

volume bowls Multivarki

It should be selected based on the volume of food you plan to cook.So, enough for a small family i2,5 liters, and for large and may require a larger volume - do6 l.Generally it recommends the use of an intermediate multivarku volume of 3.5-4.5 liters.Large bowls also come in handy for those who are preparing large amounts of food for several days.But for those who like to eat every day fresh meals better and to restrict the minimum amount.There is also a multivarka with two bowls.

REDMOND multivarka with a cup to 5 liters , model RMC-M70

multivarka REDMOND with a cup to 5 liters, model RMC-M70

modes and functions Multivarki

Modern Multivarki contain the following functions and operating modes:

  • Steaming: suitable for the preparation of dietary dishes, and also for preparationyour usual recipes in a new role.For example, dumplings, dumplings, sausages, stuffed cabbage, meatballs, vegetable stew - all this can be prepared in this mode, while retaining all the vitamins.
  • Milk porridge / bakery / soup.Mode suitable for families with small children, as well as for baking and frying with minimum amount of oil.
  • Quenching - cooking meat and vegetables in the extinguishing operation.
  • Buckwheat.This mode is for the lazy or inexperienced housewives allows you to cook porridge without any risk of burning.
  • Pilaf.This mode is identical to the previous one, but it adds the function of intensive heating and roasting of cereal in the last 10 minutes.
  • heating.This function allows, if necessary, to keep the dish hot for as long as you need.Typically, heating may last from 12 hours to 24 in more advanced models.
  • Delaying cooking.This feature is indispensable for busy people - you can lay in the morning or in the evening in a double boiler products, set to the desired mode and the time you will have to cook a delicious, useful and transparent, fresh dish.

number of modes in modern multivarok increasing all the time - the new models are more than 10 programs and technology never ceases to improve.

Multivarka Philips 12 programs , HD3036 / 03 model

multivarka Philips 12 programs, model HD3036 / 03

Choice Multivarki on the principle of security

This is a very important factor that will help you avoid injury and burns near your miracle machine.So, almost all models is a special closing valve that eliminates the possibility of scalding.It is also better to choose a model with a non-detachable cord to prevent water from entering and closing.When choosing Multivarki best to opt for products or Eastern European brands, proven quality - it will help protect your home from the risk associated with the use of an electrical appliance such power.

Additions to equipment Multivarki

If you hesitate between several models and do not know what multivarku better buy, then look at the instruments that have an additional bonus - measuring cups, spoons and coasters that will facilitate your work.Also, almost every multivarka complete a special recipe book.

Multivarka Vitesse with recipe book, Model VS- 516

multivarka Vitesse container steamer, spoon, ladle, measuring cup, and a book of recipes, Model VS-516

How to choose multivarku with additional features

Very often, in order to correctly answer the question of how to choose a goodmultivarku should preform their claims to it and think, what problems you want to solve with its help.

So, if you are very fond of fried hearty, then you are very fit multivarka with frying function, fryers and baking.

like to cook cakes or choose to prepare their own home bread or yogurt?Then, to help you - multivarka with bread machine function or yogurt.

Binatone Bread with multivarka

Binatone Bread with multivarka

If you prefer light meals, then you are best suited multivarka with steamer function and children's diet, and the other, more heaped its function, you to anything.

Also, much depends on whether you like to cook and know how we do it.After all, the main purpose of Multivarki - this saves time and preparation of products according to a predetermined recipe.In this case, the best multivarka for you - a device to automatically exposed modes.You only need to prepare the products, lay them in a bowl Multivarki and select the desired mode.

If you like to experiment and come up with their own recipes, you will come in handy multivarka with a "multipovar", which gives the owners the opportunity to prepare their own dishes of his own invention, manually exposing the desired temperature and product processing mode.

Multivarka Polaris with the function multipovar

multivarka Polaris with the function multipovar

We have tried as much as possible a detailed answer to the question of how to choose the right multivarku, but the final choice, of course, only for you.

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