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August 12, 2017 18:07

Floor Scales : What is better to choose

Scales - a useful thing for all who carefully watching their health, beauty and physical form. The stores represented as an impressive range of models that purchasing a suitable option may seem a daunting task.In reality it is not so difficult, you just have to understand the basic characteristics of modern products and define your own selection criteria.

About how to choose scales floor home to constantly monitor their weight and body condition, will be discussed in our publication.

first and main parameter that is usually determined by what scales to choose - this type of device.Classic or mechanical fashion, but at the same time and more accurate and functional, electronic?At first glance - the solution is obvious.But we can recall one common opinion: "The more complex the mechanism, the more often it breaks down."

Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical floor scales

The mechanical scales measurement is done by a special spring is compressed under pressure and shear arrow attached to it.The

error in this case, unfortunately, can be quite large (up to 1 kg).

Yet, if you do not require excessive precision and would be enough for the division value of 0.5 kg, if you just need to control your weight from time to time to see if it is kept within the established framework, it is worth paying attention on mechanical scales.They are not only easy to use and reliable, but also tend to cost significantly less electronic.

If you decide to purchase a mechanical scales, it remains only to determine the minor details, depending on personal preferences, to which the material used (plastic, metal, wood, etc.), Brand, color and design.However, it is useful to find out another factor - the maximum permissible load in kg (usually this mark of not less than 100-120).

floor mechanical Scales

Floor scales mechanical

floor mechanical Scales

Floor Scales mechanical

What good Scales floor electronic

Electronic scales have a wider range of functionality and performance, they should be considered in detail.

main advantages that scale outdoor electronic :

  • measurement accuracy (dividing the price): the lowest of 0.05 to 0.1 kg.It will please those who constantly and daily monitors the slightest weight changes.
  • Availability diagnostic system, which allows to know some details about the condition of the body (it is present in more functional models of scales).
Scales floor electronic glass

Scales floor electronic glass Domotec

floor electronic scales with a pattern

floor electronic scales pattern

Scales floor electronic photo

Scales floor electronic photo

Diagnostic electronic scales and their ability

Scales, electronic, diagnostic, apart from the exact determination of the weight, operatevarious additional functions.

What makes diagnostic system of electronic scales:

  1. Defines the mass fraction of water, fat, bone and muscle tissue due to the difference in electrical resistance.How useful this feature?With it you can understand exactly what does the sum total weight, is there any extra weight, that is, whether the increased percentage is adipose tissue (the rate of about 16%).

Important!Since during this diagnostic uses weak electric discharges that pass through the body, such a device has a number of contraindications, in particular, is not recommended for young children up to 10 years, pregnant women, people with poor health, using pacemakers.

  1. Calculates body mass index (otherwise BMI) using the formula: weight (kg) / (height (m)) squared.Normal (from the point of view of health) is considered an indicator 18-25 kg / m.
  2. has built-in internal memory.Saves the measurement results (for one person or more), you can watch the progress of the reduction / increase in weight.
  3. Automatic on / off.The device will turn on their own at the time of getting up at him.Shuts down after a (short) time after the completion of weighing.This function is convenient for those who, for whatever reasons, uncomfortable and difficult to bend once again.

Besides the above, diagnostic floor electronic scales have a number of technical parameters by which they are selected and:

  • size and brightness of the information display;
  • type of used batteries (batteries or batteries);
  • body material and so on. N.
Scales floor electronic diagnostic

Balance Analyzer Tanita

Scales floor electronic diagnostic Beurer

Electronic diagnostic scales floor Beurer

Then, after finding all the parameters of interest and criteria, it makes sense to look for reviews of interesting brands and modelselectronic scales.This way you can find out some important details, such as concrete floor scales are reliable, durable and convenient in everyday use.

hope that helped you in choosing the most suitable for your floor scales to be always up to date on the state of your body and to maintain an optimal weight.

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