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August 12, 2017 18:07

Vacuums for parquet : what to look for when choosing a

Perhaps parquet flooring is the only one that combines beauty, naturalness and durability.But, like any other natural material, wood calls for a careful treatment and care. Parquet flooring is not recommended to wash too often, especially with regard to oil and wax coatings, humidity which is often fatal.However, no matter how careful or was related to the parquet floor, on the surface anyway will accumulate excess dirt and dust, which can help eliminate the correctly chosen the vacuum cleaner for parquet.

On the characteristics that must have a vacuum cleaner for cleaning parquet floor today will tell the "House of Dreams".

Vacuums for parquet

Vacuums parquet

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for parquet: material nozzles and brushes

main function of some current models of vacuum cleaners is it to clean parquet flooring.Their feature from other vacuum cleaners is the presence of several special nozzles and brushes, does not scratch the surface of the floor, as well as silicone rotary elements that do not interfere w

ith the movement of the machine on the floorboard.

If you are planning to purchase a conventional vacuum cleaner and special nozzles designed for cleaning the parquet, then choose this instrument, building on its key features.By and large, if you often use a vacuum cleaner is for cleaning parquet and laminate, while the device brand and its power are not very important, becauseabsolutely any good unit removes dirt and dust with a smooth and level surface.A much more important in this case to choose the suitable nozzle.

Good nozzle on the vacuum cleaner for flooring should be covered with special soft materials that are in contact with the floor will not be left on the surface even microcracks.These qualities have bristles, felt, camel hair, and special fabric.There are also a number of nozzles with rubber or silicone coating, which together with the cleaning of polished floorboard.Another good tool for secure and gentle removal of highly contaminated brush is made of horsehair, the structure of which can not harm even the most delicate surfaces.

In addition, a vacuum cleaner with a brush for parquet must have a special form.Since flooring is very sensitive to any mechanical stress, it is not recommended to move on her furniture.You also can not each time harvest lift all the objects in the room.To facilitate the process of restoring order in a room with parquet floor, it is worth to buy a flat and narrow nozzle that can penetrate into the remotest corners of the room.In addition to these forms of baits, you can come in handy triangular nozzle, perfect cleaning of premises angles.For those who dream of the perfect purity, love our rotating nozzle, which during operation can change their form, permeating all corners and cubbyhole.As a rule, moving the nozzle equipped with multiple modes, so you can use them in rooms with different floor coverings.

However, choosing a vacuum cleaner nozzle and for the dry cleaning of parquet, it is important to track not only for soft lint brush, but also for the security of all components.Ideally, all the details of the brushes that come into contact with the floor, must be either made of special material or covered with silicone fuses.Otherwise, the wooden floor surface will damage which subsequently lead to the deformation and costly repairs.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning parquet

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning parquet

A nozzle for a vacuum cleaner for parquet

nozzle for a vacuum cleaner for parquet

How to choose a detergent cleaner for parquet

accepted that the washing vacuum cleaner for parquet is contraindicated, because moisture can penetrate into the pores of the wood, therebydestroying its structure from within.And this is true, but some manufacturers specifically equipped units able to resolve this issue.

Special vacuum cleaner for cleaning parquet and laminate operates as follows: from the internal reservoir to the nozzle is supplied with water and detergent, then there is a process of purification, and water is used together with the pollution gets into another tank.Since the nozzle in such a vacuum cleaner is equipped with special safety elements or soft microfibre cloths, as such washing process does not happen - Nozzle only becomes slightly damp and more thoroughly cleans dust, but without deforming the coating.However, owners need to carefully monitor the integrity of the fuse, because even slight damage to the water and fluid to wash immediately will emerge to the surface.Since the washing vacuum cleaners have different modes of operation, such unit will be indispensable to clean different rooms.

Vacuums for parquet and laminate

cleaner parquet and laminate

The best vacuum cleaner for parquet

best vacuum cleaner for parquet

However, despite the fact that the vacuum cleaner detergent type is very easy to use and highly effective, it is worth remembering that purify their parquet and laminate should be extremely cautious.This vacuum cleaner may not be cheap, but if you decide to buy a budget model, be prepared for the fact that after some time it will start to flow, which can lead to deformation of the coating.In addition, before the first wet vacuum cleaning, flooring surfaces are recommended to treat the moisture-proof antiseptics, which in the case of leakage will not allow fluid to seep between the planks.

Vacuum Cleaner Parquet

Vacuum Cleaner Parquet

A vacuum cleaner with a brush for parquet

vacuum cleaner with a brush for parquet

Whatever quality and good the vacuum cleaner, parquet, it is not recommended to use too often.For daily cleanings better to use other ways to eliminate contaminants, for example, cleaning the floor with the help of dry wipes, using special polishes and becauseA vacuum cleaner can also be used no more than once a week, and subject to all of the above recommendations.In addition, since the cleaning and the usual vacuum cleaner should always be time to clean, especially if you also use it in areas with other floor coverings, aseven small dirt particles can damage the surface.

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