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August 12, 2017 18:07

Electric teapots : how to choose , what to look for

Iron "cylinder with a spout" for a long time standing on country tiles.Today, except that the grandmother in the villages do not want to give up the "old friends", always generous to hot drinks.In urban apartments they have long replaced the modern, comfortable, fashionable electric kettles. Kudos to that perfected a simple metal jug!

But if you had not had to choose (egalitarianism extended even cooking utensils), but now my eyes are tired from the immensely wide range.What is guided by the search for an electric kettle, how to choose a model that deserves attention?What does it have that, which is not that of conventional products?"Dream House" will help to deal with these issues.

How to choose electric kettle

Electric teapots how to choose

How to choose electric: sprinters on heating

All electric kettles one principle and similar equipment: water tank, heating element, cover and start button.However, due to differences in the formation of new models.Thus, the bulb may be small, medium and large capacity heater may be pos

itioned in or outside the jar.In general, the nuances in order to choose the electric kettle, myriad.Buyer, evaluating the appearance of the kettle, its cost, additional features, operational characteristics, eventually determined by this.

how to choose an electric kettle

How to choose electric

which company to choose electric kettle

Which company to choose electric

stylish electric kettles

stylish electric kettles photo

Among consumer qualities of the goods come first function, that is, how much water will boil in the kettle and how longit will take.The maximum amount depends on the tonnage of the bowl.

capacity kettle

small model designed for 1 liter of water, large - 3.2 liters.Naturally, the more liquid is poured, the longer it is heated.

Keep in mind that you can not include an empty kettle.For normal operation, it needs at least a glass of water - the minimum amount for a single boil.

Types of heating elements electric kettles

boiling time is determined by body material: metal kettle liquid heats up faster than the glass and plastic.And if the last open-type heater, hot water soon will not wait.By the time it heats the water as much as an ordinary kettle on the hob plate.

on temporary measure affects not only the volume of the cup, but also the design and power of PETN, or heating element (spiral).Outdoor heat source is a tubular device located at the bottom of the kettle.When the water boils, it is seen as bubbles gather near the tube.The lack of devices with open-TAN - in fragility.Spiral quickly covered with scum, which is almost impossible to remove.In addition, wash such Maker is extremely difficult.

Instruments closed TAN last longer, since the heating element is isolated from the water - "immured" in the bottom of the hull.Such kettles are considered safe for use.

kettle Power

electric kettles models differ in capacity and - usually it ranges from 0.7 to 3 kW.A high value allows you to bring 1-2 liters of water to a boil in just a couple of minutes, with no need to install additional wiring in the house.Corks knocks when both work and a kettle and fridge, and a TV, and a washing machine?Once that happens, then wiring is not designed for a huge total load.

Comfort is in the details: a good choice especially kettle

Almost all current models have a stand dummies equipped with a central contact.Its presence allows you to take up the cup of either hand, turning it on axis at 360 degrees.Due to the stand there is no need to pull the power cord (it is attached to it), when you need to use the kettle.Cord length of most models of electric kettles is 0.6-1.3 meters.And the short and long equally uncomfortable, so it is better to buy a kettle with wire average.

Each model has a water level indicator.He may look like a window on the outside of the casing, a recess inside the bowl or the luminous ring encircles the pitcher.In any case, the indicator performs its function - restricts the volume of water.

Maker must have a lid, a removable or non-removable, without protection or blocking lock.There are options when the lid is opened by pressing a button.Of course, easier to care for tea, if it is a removable cover - removed and washed.

material products defines its weight.Since plastic is no fear that it will fall out of the hands, which is not the glass and ceramic versions.Metal kettle - also load for the brush, besides, his body becomes very hot.The real miracle - electric kettles with integrated pump.Let them weigh about 5 kilograms, but easy to handle.He pressed the button and pour the boiling water into cups.Downright samovar XXI century.At the head of a swinger family will often gather at the table.

What is better to choose electric kettle

What is better to choose an electric

Red kettle Bosch

Red electric Bosch

kettle which one to choose

Maker How To Choose

What is better to choose electric kettle

Which electric kettle is best to choose

course, you yourself can understand what to chooseelectric kettle for your home, cottage or on the job.But before buying it is desirable to read reviews of different models and manufacturers to stay satisfied purchased appliances.

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