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August 12, 2017 18:07

Decorating the walls in the hallway

corridor, hallway or vestibule - one of the walk-through space in the apartment.It is this space meets and escorts visitors housing, and therefore the task of each host - to make it nice and friendly.The most visited area in the house requires an appropriate finish to make it last longer without fear of contamination.It is also necessary to take into account that this room has no natural light, which imposes certain difficulties in its decor.The walls of the hall should have the best possible light tone to the need for artificial lighting was not as sharp.


  • Finish steklooboyami
  • Decorating with wall panels
  • Finishing decorative plaster
  • Finish micro-cement
  • Decorative wall in the hallway of a flexible stone
  • decorative stone on the wall in the hallway
  • Decorating the walls in the hallwa
    ywallpaper, cork
  • finish quartz wallpaper
  • design of walls in the hall with the help of metallic wallpaper
  • Decorating the walls in the hallway liquid wallpaper
  • Decorating the walls in the hallway: photo
  • walls in the hallway finishes: video

What candecorate the walls in the hallway?The main demand of the materials for lining the corridor is the strength and durability.The walls of this room should be easy to clean and update, as will constantly have to deal with dirt, dust and other contaminants, which are inherent in the corridor.Now the choice of finishing materials is so great that, at times, difficult to make the right and best choice.Next, look at how to decorate the walls in the hallway.

Finish steklooboyami

like - glue - fiberglass

Modern glass wall have a very good performance "survivability".This textured material used for painting.In combination with different colors it can turn even the smallest corridor in the large room, adding to it the volume.This eco-friendly material can withstand any impact, including pets.It is compatible with any type of paint and completely resistant to the solvent.This quality allows the wallpaper on the basis of fiber glass to withstand several dozen painting cycles without loss of surface quality.

also a strong point of this option finishing a relatively low price that suits everyone.To apply paint fiberglass special paint resistant, better latex-based, which will allow in the future to wash them without damaging the surface.Finishing steklooboyami permanently retain attractive entrance hall, in spite of all the trouble.

Decorating with wall panels


This finishing option gained its popularity due to the fact that thanks to him, can be easily and quickly correct all the irregularities of the wall.Fasten the wall panels at a special frame, which is assembled from metal profiles or wooden slats.Thanks to the many color options, such materials will be able to create a unique interior of your corridor.

for finishing works, as a rule, use plastic and MDF panels.The first option is much cheaper.Plastic is almost ideal material for decoration with high traffic.He is not afraid of dirt, minor mechanical damage, can be washed hundreds of times with any detergent without any consequences.MDF panel, though are much more expensive than plastic, but they kind of have a much more effective.The undoubted advantage of the wall panels is that they can be mounted in a relatively short period of time without dust renovations.Naturally, the metal frame and the installation of panels does not go in any comparison with plaster walls.With this kind of work can cope and novice.

The disadvantage of this method is to provide that the panels take up a lot of space, and to mount them impractical in small apartments.

Finishing decorative plaster


Pretty old way of wall decoration.It is applied to the pre-aligned layer of special plaster wall, through which craftsmen create interesting, often abstract patterns.This material is very good and lasts a long time on the wall, is not afraid of pollution, it is very easy to clean.If desired, the owner can easily change the design of the room, just paint the walls a different color.The most common variants of plaster:

  • bark - plaster is composed of clumps of a certain size.When applying the solution, they are drawn to the trowel and the surface takes on the texture of the tree, as it were "damaged small insects."That is why this kind of plaster received such a name.
  • Shuba - special machinery plastering, in which it resembles fur coat.
  • Also known techniques applying Venetian plaster "lamb" and other equipment.

disadvantage of plaster is that it can be applied only by professional finishers, because this material is expensive and rather capricious to the preparation of the mixture.Wrong proportions can just spoil the solution.

micro-cement Finishing

stukaturka - Barash

This is a fairly new material, which is something like a plaster.He represents a polymer-cement mixture to which is added the special dyes.With a range of polymer components such material is securely fastened to any surface completely, creating a monolithic structure.The strength of the material allows it to easily transfer mechanical loads without damaging the surface.Due to the different compositions of micro-cement may have a different surface from the rough and matte, to a perfectly smooth glossy.

The advantage of this material is a relatively low price in comparison with plaster, while in non-cement components which it excels.

Decorative wall in the hallway of a flexible stone

This is a relatively new material, which recently appeared in DIY stores.However, in a short period of time he managed to gain popularity.This finish looks like and has the texture of real stone, but its structure allows it to bend.This makes it possible to use a flexible stone for finishing arches, columns and other uneven surfaces.The material is quite sturdy and does not require special care, perfectly clean, so is perfect for dressing hall and corridors.

decorative stone on the wall in the hallway


Artificial stone - one of the most popular facing materials for the walk-through space.This composite material is completely mimics the look of natural stone, such as granite, marble, onyx.However, through the use of special additives, it is much stronger than their natural counterparts.Relatively low weight allows you to mount the material on the wall without the use of special tools or compositions.Since the foundation of this finish is a plaster, it can be safely attributed to the non-polluting.Artificial stone does not require special care, it is easy to clean, resistant to mechanical damage.

The disadvantages of stone wall decoration in the hallway can be safely attributed its value.As a rule, cheaper to make an estimate of repair, artificial stone trim only the part of the walls, which can be susceptible to damage.

Decorating the walls in the hallway wallpaper, cork

It is said that this is not the strongest, but it is a very interesting material for finishing.Thanks to him, you can create an unusual and bright interior.Easy and environmentally friendly cork is perfect for decoration of any room.Although the material is very durable, small scratches on it almost invisible.Using this material, it is necessary to take into account that it "absorbs" a large amount of light, which is why you need to consider additional sources of illumination.

Finish quartz wallpaper


This option is similar to the finish appeared relatively recently.Wallpaper is a paper or a paper basis, which applied a very thin layer of sand.By spraying on the surface of the sand layer different colors creates a rather interesting pattern.Due to the fact that the sand is quite durable material capable of withstanding these wallpapers and childish pranks, and pet.They are simply washed, they can even be vacuumed.Unlike ordinary wallpaper, Quartz are fireproof.Sand repels the flames, not letting him get to the base, which in turn prevents the fire to spread through the room.If desired, these wallpapers can easily be repainted with latex paint, renovate the interior of their homes.

design of walls in the hall with the help of metallic wallpaper

Metallized wallpaper - in - the interior.

Such material is most suitable for the interior in hi-tech style.They are produced by applying a thin foil on a paper basis.The metal layer is coated with a special paint, striking patterns and stamping.It looks so trim just gorgeous.Moreover, it is very practical.These wallpapers do not attract dust, easy to clean and are not afraid to mechanical damage.

However, they are not without their drawbacks.Thus, working with them is difficult.The slightest unevenness of the surface on which are superimposed the wallpaper will be noticeable, because they have a perfectly smooth texture.You must also make sure that the wall, which will be glued fabric, absorbs moisture.After all, wallpaper paste, which is diluted with water, will not be able to correct it through the metal layer.When working with this wallpaper is necessary to pay attention to the wiring.Electricity must be turned off in a room with the most glueing.You should also make sure that the wiring had no contact with the surface of the paintings, because it may well carry an electric current.

Decorating the walls in the hallway liquid wallpaper

This lining material is a dry mixture, made of silk and cellulosic powders, and various binders.For applying the solution diluted with water to obtain a homogeneous solid mass.The work is carried out using a roller, trowel or spray.After drying of wallpaper on their surface can be applied to any paint, making the color of the walls in the hallway so, on what you have dreamed.They will be able to withstand a large number of paint layers, so the interior can be changed periodically.Also prior to application of the material can not make a perfectly flat wall, because they can be applied to a layer of 10 mm.Damaged parts of liquid wallpaper easily restored.

Decorating the walls in the hallway: photo

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walls in the hallway finishes: Video