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December 12, 2017 00:15

Veranda from a bar with your hands

In suburban homes are often the front door builds a small room, which is called the veranda.It is simple and unheated, increases the space of the house and makes it comfortable.


  • Start of
  • Materials
  • Foundation veranda
  • frame porch
  • structure roof
  • windows on the veranda
  • Construction of the floor and the stairs
  • Arrangement room


veranda built for many reasons, most often it is a desire to expand the living area, was attached to the house another room.It can meet the guests in the warm season, and this extension further insulate the house and especially the front door.
veranda are usually built around the end of the house, the front door is located inside the building.As a building material is perfect timber or logs, you need to build the carcass method.You can also use the other options for the construction, but they need carpentry skills.Examples of timber veranda you can see in the photo.

glazed - verandah

veranda- 800h500-500h313

Before you build a veranda of a bar, you need to draw a draft

of the future room.It specify the dimensions of the materials that will be needed.The main part of the construction - it's windows and their size depends on which area will veranda.
in the preparatory work is an important step - is to determine what depth do the foundation.To do this, you need to consider what type of soil at the construction site.


Use standard bars, if you want to have the veranda was the reasonable price of timber.It is best to build a pier foundation, which is the foundation of brick.In addition, you still need these materials:

  • gravel;
  • broken bricks;
  • concrete;
  • hot bitumen.

roof of the verandah bar is necessary to select the material that will fit under the roof of the house.Or choose any modern coating.In addition you will need:

  • Eaves boards (for the construction of a lattice);
  • rack (for mounting).

For windows better to choose a single frame.In order to mount the frame useful:

  • hammer, sledge hammer and an ax;
  • Bulgarian;
  • shovel;
  • trowel;
  • Area (steel) and level;
  • roulette and claw;
  • electric saw;
  • nail, screw;
  • antiseptic;
  • building boards, dry tow, plaster solution.

Materials - and - Instruments3

Foundation veranda

Depth base structure must match the depth of the foundation of the whole house, in this case, the veranda did not "depart".As recommended by experienced builders, for better veranda pier foundation to do, but too hard do not need it to attach to the house.Poles need to lay a corner stand, and if the structure is large enough, even under the interim.
course of construction of the foundation:

  1. Make a layout where the columns are arranged basement.
  2. Dig holes for poles to a depth of 1 m.
  3. Pour sand into the pit 20 cm thick. The sandy soil instead of sand needed to fill crushed stone, 10 cm thick layer.
  4. Pour in hot bitumen pits.
  5. Make a concrete base to top edge it was strictly horizontal.
  6. After the concrete hardens, lay brick pillars.Half porch must be 20 cm lower than the level of the house.
  7. Poles handle bitumen and gravel fill.
  8. splinters lay the bricks needed space in the middle column.Instead of bricks you can use gravel.
  9. between the legs to make wooden or brick clogging.Make sure that the outside surface of a homogeneous look.

veranda- your - hands - 5

frame porch

To build a frame, it's great fit bars with a cross section of 100x100 and 80x120 mm.

  1. on foundation poles lay sill.In the corners of the connection must take place in half of the tree and right lock.
  2. Dual piping below need to do to hit the joists.On them will continue to lay the floor.
  3. The harness is necessary to put the rack and strengthen with nails, so intensify the fittings.
  4. Piping need to put on the top rack and attach using spikes and nails.
  5. Place rafters, attach them to the upper ends of the beam, which is located under the roof of the house.
  6. With anchor bolts pull off run and racks that are located close to residential premises.Beams with rafters resting need to thoroughly attached to the wall.

Today more and more in the construction of the porch of the timber using a sliding wall.In addition, it is very beautiful, so also convenient.Thus, from the veranda, you can get a summer terrace.And in inclement or cold weather, the walls are closed, and turns cozy room.This wall section loops bind metal.When you open the wall, they are going to the accordion.When they are closed, they have to be anchored to the metal hook, moving side to side.

building - veranda - your - own - 500h333

roof structure

veranda roof was necessary to make relatively flat roofs of residential buildings.From the materials necessary to give preference to, from which the failure of the main roof of the house, so the building will look harmonious.Need to take refuge on the crate, plank laying horizontally.They can be placed as close, and at intervals, for example, the web material is better to put on top of the solid flooring of boards, roofing felt them fastened with nails, hats which should sink in the tree.

  1. On deck to put the material in rolls, smooth and nail.
  2. nailed slats fixing the roofing material.
  3. Top rail cover chopped roll, for that use nails.
  4. Bend under the roof lath 7 cm at the bottom and nailed.

If the roof is steel, the progress of the work is as follows:

  1. Set solid or sparse crate.
  2. Connect steel sheets faltsievym seam and fasten to the sheathing with nails.
  3. If the roof is corrugated, the overlap should occur on the wave, and the list that below should overlap the upper 15 cm.

veranda_topes - 500h292


veranda To install a window, you need to perform a number of works:

  1. At the height of half a meter from the floor to fix the board to the window sill.On the veranda window sills will be lower than in a normal house.
  2. distance between the strapping and sill have to hide under the bunk or under the wooden plates.
  3. Since this structure is not insulated, then trim the veranda should be carried out.
  4. recommends alternate windows, some have let the flaps are closed tight, and others - to open.Since the room is heated not, then it will be enough frames to one glass.
  5. Window units must be installed as follows: Insert a ready unit into the opening and attach it wedges in the corners.Next, using nails to attach the window box.All slots are left, it is necessary to close up the dry tow, but not completely, leaving a third of the lumen to tow, which is moistened in a plaster solution.It remains only to close the gaps closed wooden frames.


Construction of the floor and the stairs

floor in the porch should be to lay thus:

  1. floor should look like the cover of the boards in a row.
  2. boards need to put on the joists, which are located between the two rims of the sill.
  3. Above and board, and logs to be processed antiseptic.
  4. Top antiseptic apply paint or varnish.
  5. on the top step of the porch should be visually continue the floor.

Once the floor is ready veranda, will turn to set the ladder:

  1. On one level with the floor to build the upper stage.
  2. have two bowstring, which are slightly at an angle, it is necessary to attach the part straight ladder.
  3. bottom step should be at ground level, and it ends fit tightly against the string and fasten it with nails.
  4. Now you need to install the insert, they are cut from a template, they are similar to the outlines of the side boards.They are also attached to the string.
  5. between the insert should be supporting and riser board, it will keep for yourself tread over.

svoimi_rukami - 500h333

Arrangement room

Highlights arrangement:

  1. door to the veranda can be installed on either side, where you will be comfortable, it should be entered into a drawing to during construction to leave a place for it.
  2. When choosing the material for decoration should pay attention to furnish the whole house.Well, if the materials are the same, so the entire structure will look very organic.Do not forget to go through all the wooden elements of the antiseptic.
  3. If it is important for you to get into the porch was warm in any weather, you can think of additional insulation.
  4. Veranda can be arranged in different styles, looks good and rustic eco-style.
  5. Due to the fact that the veranda are usually built small, need to think carefully about where to put the furniture.Since almost every wall is located a few windows, cabinets and shelves to put to hang need to have a dull wall.
  6. good saves sliding furniture.You can combine the table with a window sill, put folding chairs or a sofa against the wall with no windows.
  7. sure to buy curtains, blinds or sun protection film that in the summer to escape the heat.

1322756126_kak - attach - porch - to - home - 500h30sch

In the hot season to rest in the veranda of the timber, built with his own hands is a pleasure, it is not such a high temperature as in the rooms, so many owners even move there overnight.In any case, if you do not regret the forces and material, you can create with your hands cozy place to relax.