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December 12, 2017 00:15

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands

Construction of saunas - the first of which is taken almost every owner of a country house in the regeneration of the site.Traditionally, for its construction was used a tree, but the diversity of the construction market and allows you to choose other, less suitable for such building materials.


  • What is the aerated concrete?
  • Getting Started
    • Choice
    • tools and supplies concrete blocks
    • bath Drafting
  • Construction foundation
  • masonry walls bath
  • gable bath roof
  • Finishing of aerated bath
The use of concrete blocks atconstruction bath is becoming increasingly popular.The material allows you to save money and time on the job.Properly constructed of concrete blocks Bath for many years will delight owners of the site and their guests.

What is the aerated concrete?

Aerated concrete - a type of cellular concrete.It consists of:

  • cement;
  • quartz sand;
  • lime;
  • gypsum;
  • aluminum powder;
  • water.

All these elements are mixed and then fed into the autoclave, which has created certai

n conditions for foaming and curing.

Aerated concrete blocks for bath without reason popular.They have undeniable advantages:

  • large size products for a sufficiently small weight;
  • affordable price;
  • environmentally friendly material;
  • fire safety;
  • ease in handling;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • not require strong support - rather shallow strip foundation;
  • ease of installation;
  • durability.

aerated - Blotskaya

gazoblokov When used for construction should be considered and their drawbacks:

  • ability to absorb moisture - should be carried out as an internal waterproofing and priming the external walls of the bath;
  • cheap units often have a poor geometry.

Getting Started


concrete blocks The cheaper material, the worse its geometry.Choosing aerated concrete blocks, the price of which depends on the quality of the material, should pay attention to such factors as:

  • color - it should be uniform;
  • form - selected products with smooth edges and geometrically correct lines;
  • same size purchased units;
  • lack of product chips and cracks;
  • way of storing material - it should be packed in polyethylene film.

Tools and materials

During the construction of baths gazoblokov need tools:

  • electric drill;
  • wall chaser;
  • elektrofreza;
  • hacksaw;
  • rubber or wooden mallet;
  • carriage and buckets of glue;
  • grater;
  • level;
  • layout tools.

Bath - of - its - aerated hands

Of course, you need to buy aerated concrete blocks in an amount calculated in the project and acquire the following construction materials:

  • cement;
  • sand;
  • special glue.

bath Drafting

defined layout space Before starting any construction.baths Projects of concrete blocks in order to experts, are on the Internet, or make your own.2proekta

In any case, they should take into account all the nuances:

  • availability of restrooms, vestibule, the total number of facilities, their location and size;
  • supply of communications;
  • type of furnace and the method of its installation;
  • foundation size;
  • pool available;
  • list of building materials and the calculation of their number.

Construction foundation

for baths of gazoblokov columnar shape or strip foundation, but the latter option is more reliable and is used more often.The sequence of works:

  • Substrate Preparation - leveling the surface.
  • markup Conduct according to the project baths.
  • Formation pit depth 0.6-0,7 m and a width of 0.3 m.
  • laying on the bottom of the trench layers of sand and gravel.Their height - 10-15 cm
  • Pouring liquid concrete..Layer thickness -. 10-15 cm
  • Installing formwork made of wood, plywood, OSB sheets or slate.Check it on the vertical.
  • If you are planning the construction of a reinforced basement, then going around the perimeter of the frame of the valve of the same diameter.Connects the rods by means of wire.

1382957696_armirovanie - tape - foundation

  • poured concrete.For small enough bath foundation height of 75 cm.
  • A few days later, after complete solidification of the concrete, it is carried out waterproofing.Most often used for this roofing sheets.


In forming the foundation must take into account the presence of the oven - under it also requires a rigid base.

masonry walls bath

  • With the level determined by the highest corner of the foundation and erection of the walls begins with him.The first row is placed in the solution.With it, the alignment is carried out by gas-concrete blocks horizontally.After drying the solution, the surface is treated with a float and cleaned from dust.
  • to ensure horizontality, on the corners of the rack mounted with divisions and stretched cord-prichalku - on it will be the next line of blocks.
  • second and subsequent rows are placed on a special adhesive which is diluted in accordance with the instructions provided on the packaging.For a firm grip to be applied in the composition of the layer of 0.7 cm.


  • Every fourth row gazoblokov necessarily reinforced.To do this using the cutter, it is made around the perimeter grooves at a distance of 0.6 cm from the outer edge of the material, which are filled with an adhesive mixture.They fit fittings.It must be fully recessed in the groove and covered by the solution.


  • Masonry held with ligation half block.The adhesive mixture is applied to the surface with the carriage or the bucket.

  • used power saw or a hacksaw for cutting block.


  • device for belt rigidity and form bridges over the door and window openings using U-blocks.The product tray is installed fittings and poured concrete.If the molding is held above the opening, the first set temporary backup.

  • top row of monolithic reinforced belt rigidity.He's settling in using U-blocks or laying fixed mauerlat.On the concrete belt provides wire stranding, fixed anchors - they will keep truss system of the offset.

gable roof bath

  • Set truss system consisting of a rafter, base and bolt.It is executed from edging boards 4x10 cm.
  • primarily collected triangle gables baths.

dvuskatnaya_krysha - 2

  • Running crate.Depending on the material of the roof make it have a solid or beams at a distance of 0.5 to 1 meter.
  • plank floor attic, which are made holes for ventilation.
  • sheathe gable.
  • crate stacked on the insulation, and the roof is covered with roofing material.

roof - in-the- bath - of - aerated - e1396428665936

Finish baths of aerated concrete

bath of concrete blocks, user reviews of a sufficiently approving, still requires a special finish:

  • inner surface of the walls and the ceiling is glued foil.This is done for integrity and creating a "thermos effect".Used as a self-adhesive and conventional foil.In the first case it is superimposed overlap, in the second - the joints sealed with an aluminum tape.
  • Set crate to create an air gap between the foil and clapboard.This will increase the thermal insulation structure.

  • sheathe the walls and ceiling Bath treated wood - the most commonly used aspen and linden.Material of them are not very expensive, but is resistant to moisture and has good thermal conductivity.Wood bath decorate and create a cozy atmosphere to relax.

Outside bath of aerated concrete veneer wood paneling, plastic panels or decorative plates.Sometimes it is draped with bricks, but it is meaningless - it is easier to build from it the whole building.