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December 12, 2017 00:16

How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom

Bedroom - this is the place that must be associated with recreation, personal space, sleep, intima.It was in this room, we feel calm, peaceful, protected, warm and comfortable as possible.Therefore, bedroom furniture, in spite of everything, should be comfortable and be sure to like the occupant of the room.Choosing decorative items, look at the colors, a style, the materials that you like.Pick a style of interior, which you like most.Of course, all points above i will put the financial position and squaring the available rooms.


  • Placement of furniture in the bedroom
    • Placement of furniture according to plan
  • Interior Bedrooms: choose the necessary furniture
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  • How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom
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  • Furniture combined bedroom
    • How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom, living room
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  • Asarrange the furniture in the bedroom according to Feng Shui
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  • How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom.Video

Placement of furniture in the bedroom

arrange the furniture in the room - not a problem, but to the whole work took a little time, it is necessary to find a good solution in advance.This will help to design the rules and the proper selection of furniture and more - plan.

Experts advise, first of all, decide with the kind of furniture you need:

  1. Bed (sofa, sofa).
  2. wardrobe.
  3. Chest.
  4. Dressing table.
  5. Bedside tables.
  6. The remaining pieces of furniture and accessories (such as flowers, a TV, computer desk, etc.).


Placement of furniture according to plan

Draw on a piece of convenient format you my bedroom - note window, balcony door, sockets, switches.Be sure to accurately and not "about" define the size of the room.

Now you can virtually arrange furniture - this sketch change until then, until you have selected the most successful option for themselves.It is very convenient: no need to drag a cumbersome furniture, everything can be solved with a pencil and eraser.

You can jot down as many thumbnails as you like - and then choose the most-most successful variant.

only negative - in the free market can not be the size of the furniture, which you have marked on the sketch, but today the execution of individual orders is no longer a novelty.However, the price is still expensive happens.

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Interior Bedrooms: choose the necessary furniture

Bed Bedroom

The most important attribute of a bedroom - a place to sleep.This bed is given the most important role in this room.And there is a reason.

bed must choose a comfortable, spacious, in a soft measure that the man had a chance to rest and restore energy as soon as possible.When choosing a bed, you need to start to choose a style bedroom interior, and only then select and arrange furniture.

most meaningful element of the bed - her headboard.That headboard sets the tone for the whole interior.There are three types of the head - they are divided on functional lines.

  1. Fixed headboard.Most standard and inexpensive solution - these are at the head of most beds.Less of this furniture is its solidity: the head can not be removed, can not be reversed, you can not raise or lower.Otherwise, it may destroy the entire bed structure.
  2. ladders headboard.The most functional solution.Here the head - it is a separate element from the bed, something like a niche that has dimensions as the bed.It consists mostly of the individual modules of drawers, cabinets, chests of drawers, table tops under a dressing table, etc.This headboard can be of transition elements build the desired structure.At the same boring model can be easily "rearrange" the mood.
  3. Hinged headboard.It is believed that the most original of all modern solutions.Thanks to the elegant, this pillow is perfect for any bedroom.manufacturing many options, but the most simple - the usual frame, filled and lovely upholstery.This is mainly the head is attached directly to the wall, and the bed is just standing next to him.There are models that look like paintings: they are fixed to the wall at any convenient height.These beds one drawback - the bed should only be the "head" to the wall.

bed and, of course, the head, will play a significant role in the interior of a bedroom.But as for the arrangement of the furniture should take into account the dimensions of the bed.

way, today it is fashionable to replace the sofa bed, good, now there is a huge selection of different folding structures.

And yet, if you perform the bedroom is often the role of the living room, it is better still to buy a sofa.In that case, if only one bedroom is your personal space, it is better to sleep on the bed.


Bedroom Furniture

addition bed in your bedroom necessarily the presence of such an important piece of furniture, like a cabinet.In addition, it is desirable to: bedside tables, dressing table, chest of drawers.Of course, if you allow room squaring whole place furniture.

Once you have decided on the bed, it is possible to approach to the choice of the rest of the arsenal for the room.

  1. Wardrobe.Who is the most convenient and practical option - wardrobe.It takes up more space than the usual wardrobe, but capacity and has more.Its main advantage - no need to leave space to open and close the doors - this saves space in the room.
  2. dressing table or a dresser.If possible, it is best not to choose, and purchase, and one, and the second thing.If the squaring is poor, look to these models that combine both solutions.You can buy a separate mirror, countertop chest used as a dressing table.
  3. Bedside table (tables).Today there is no need to purchase two tables - and it is one amiss, especially if you put them in general, and nowhere to go.Instead of tables you will be able to serve as a chest of drawers, dresser, headboard, or even a shelf above the bed.
  4. rest of the furniture and accessories.If you still have a place in the bedroom and you want to add something in the room, you have a large selection of television or computer, a sideboard or a shelf, a chair or a sofa, floor lamp or flowers in pots.All of this is considered to be a complementary solution, therefore, acquire or not - you decide.The main thing is that the bedroom was not too cluttered with furniture and you feel comfortable in this room.


How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom

Accommodation options

  1. beds to save space, a sofa, as well as a single bed, it is best to put the wall - free approach, on the one hand is enough.
  2. If you put a bed headboard to the wall, at the sides can be put bedside tables, also here it is necessary to leave at least 70 cm in order to be able to go to bed.
  3. If you place the bed directly in the corner - on the diagonal, then there will be a place for that between the headboard and the wall to build a shelf, rack or cabinet.
  4. undesirable to put the bed with his feet toward the exit, it is better to make waking up, you immediately have the opportunity to look at something beautiful: flowers, painting, photos of loved ones or simply fixed his gaze out the window.
  5. Above the bed there should be no shelves or beams.


accommodation options in the bedroom closet

  1. Wardrobe necessarily need to install close to the wall, because it is functional and comfortable, besides - to save space.If the cabinet corner, it is, of course, you need to put in a corner.
  2. select a site for the enclosure, it is necessary to take into account the lighting and the angle of incidence of light.We need to be able to see objects that are in the closet, at any time of the day.No matter the day it happens, when daylight or at night - artificial.
  3. Experts advise not to install the back wall of the cabinet to the wall where the window is located.
  4. best to cabinet would look right in front of the window or near - side.


options of accommodation in a bedroom dresser

  1. Chest as a dressing table, can be placed anywhere in the room.
  2. not put just a dressing table opposite the bed, especially if there is a large mirror - is not desirable at awakening man to see reflected (so is the old belief is).
  3. If you choose to install in a room large tubs of flowers, it is necessary to arrange them so that they were convenient, for example, to a chest of drawers or dressing table do not obstruct the direct sunlight.

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Furniture combined bedroom

If your bedroom is not really yours and not quite bedroom - there is a separation of the room into two zones, there are a number of nuances that should be taken.

How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom, living room

  1. bedroom + living room, one has to be a clear distinction between private space and common - areas must be allocated.
  2. In the event that a large room, make sure to install and bed, and a sofa and separate them - special dividers (cabinets, racks, screens, etc., depending on the interior).
  3. Determine the farthest corner and a wall without windows - here, in this place, will be located recreation area.
  4. If the space in the room is very small, so the sofa will serve two functions - to receive guests and serve you a place for a full sleep.But even in this case its walls near that place where there is no window.
  5. Choose your sofa - such structures quite massive and perfectly cope with their mission.
  6. Opposite the sofa, to distract the guests, it is necessary to place any design: shelves, modular systems, cabinets, etc.

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How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom, children's

  1. Very often, almost always, the master bedroom at the time turns even in the nursery.
  2. Take a child friendly area, where there will be a sofa or bed.You can put a baby crib close to the parent, and it is possible to separate them changing table or dresser.
  3. Do not place the baby crib near a window or near the mirror.
  4. Select baby toys and a place for a lamp - for this suit again, dresser or nightstand.
  5. the baby was comfortable, the parents still do not sleep, take a canopy over the bed.


How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom according to Feng Shui

  1. Ideally - bedroom should take the form of a regular square or even rectangle.
  2. furniture in the bedroom is necessary to arrange so that it perfectly fit into the room boundaries.Furniture should complement the general form.If this will not happen, things will destroy the space, and people will feel uncomfortable here.
  3. The bedroom should be the furniture with sharp corners - it will bring the room negative energy "sha."
  4. whole massive furniture, if you have purchased this should be right up near the walls.
  5. bedroom should be a bright room without darkening the corners - natural or artificial, as it is here in the near future be acquired negative energy "sha."
  6. choosing a bed, pay attention to the legs.Bed without legs is better not to buy, because the positive energy 'chi' will not be able to move around the room freely.It was non-stop circulation of "chi" energy positive effect on relaxation and sleep a person, to restore it after a hard day's work.
  7. bed should be so that the person who is in it, I can see the door.
  8. feng shui of the Scientific Council to refrain from the bed opposite the entrance to the room - bed should not look at the door.
  9. ideal place for a bed - side wall, while the head is flush with the wall.
  10. right to hang a picture in front of the head of the bed - it will bring you only positive emotions.
  11. Avoid mirrors - sleeping person is defenseless, so it should not affect.The bedroom is quite enough for one (maximum - two) mirrors.But place them so that they did not reflect the sleeping man.
  12. Discard the wardrobe, if doors have a smooth surface - it is due to the fact that the sleeping person can be reflected in the mirrors.In extreme cases, halt for the night door mirror surface.
  13. Avoid placing plants in the bedroom - it is also very bad.


How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom: tips last

  1. Do not clutter the room excess furniture.
  2. Avoid additional cabinet, if you have the room has a whole wardrobe.
  3. most balanced option when the bedroom is made in the same style, so it is best to buy a bedroom set.
  4. sure about bedside lamp set (on the table or on the bedside table) or hang a sconce.The light in this device must be adjusted - from very bright to muted - this will give your room a cosiness and mystery.
  5. Separate bedroom into zones: a place to relax, a place to work (here you will take care of themselves, to iron things, perhaps reading or watching movies).
  6. If you're low on money, better give up the beautiful furniture and buy a comfortable bed and quality mattress.
  7. Choose a bed with his back to the headboard - this will prevent the wallpaper from wiping and pollution, and pillows, books, personal belongings and other items from falling "behind the bed."
  8. To save space, grab yourself a bed with drawers and built-in cupboards, shelves, and even tables.
  9. bed, which stands in the center of the headboard against the wall of the room, gives a sense of protection and peace of mind.Good looks
  10. bed opposite the window or the side door.
  11. bad option - bed immediately under the window, or right in front of the front door.


Bedroom furniture: photo ideas

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How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom.Video