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December 12, 2017 00:15

The technology of thermal insulation of walls of a frame house

frame house first appeared in the United States, but in the past few years, this practice has gained popularity construction and domestic spaces.Despite the many advantages of such buildings, affordable and ergonomic houses have one significant drawback - low rate of thermal insulation.For this reason, insulation of walls frame house becomes a priority in the construction of the building.


  • Choosing the best insulation
  • Wall insulation frame house outside
    • Step 1: Waterproofing
    • surface Step 2: Laying vapor barrier membrane
    • Step 3: Laying insulation
    • Step 4: Wall
  • wall insulation from inside the frame house

Choosing the best insulation

technology domazavisit insulating walls frame the type of insulating material selected for cladding the walls.Since the normal indoor humidity and heat retention inside - important criteria for a comfortable stay, to the choice of material should be approached with responsibility and scrupulousness.

In general, all insulation materials c

an be divided into two groups:

  • organic;
  • synthetic.

The first category falls raw materials of natural origin, such as Stipa, peat, chips and pr. Such materials are environmentally friendly and do not harm the health of a person in the operation, but they are impractical: a high degree of flammability, moisture capacity, and low rate of thermal insulation - not thethe best option for insulation of modern buildings.

The second group includes more sophisticated heaters that provide reliable thermal insulation of the room.These include:

  • balzatovaya mineral wool;
  • ecowool;
  • wool fiberglass;
  • foam and Penoizol;
  • rockwool.


Consider the features of operation of each material in more detail:

  1. Basalt mineral wool - one of the most high-quality absorbent materials, which has significant advantages: resistance to biological corrosion, low flammability, good sound insulation, resistance to moisture and sunlightrays.
  2. Fiberglass - material with high vapor permeability.Also this heater is easy to install and does not decay with time.However, the thermal insulation of walls with glass wool, you must also attach a special film, which helps keep heat inside the house.
  3. Ecowool - a relatively new seal, which is a cellulose fiber.He has a natural origin, does not require installation of films and possesses good insulating properties.Wall insulation frame ecowool home is important for those who want to make the home environmentally friendly.
  4. foam and Penoizol - the most popular materials for the thermal insulation of the room.The advantage of this raw material is high moisture resistance, whereby the need not to lay a vapor retarding membrane.As well as wall insulation foam frame home is much cheaper counterparts, the quality of the results have not changed.
  5. Stone wool - new decoration material, which is rapidly gaining popularity.This type of insulation has good water resistance and flexibility.It features durable in operation and easy to install.


Wall insulation frame house outside

loss of thermal insulating properties in buildings frame type is through the construction of the wall.This component is often greater than 40% of the total heat loss from the building.Therefore wall cladding process can be carried out by an external, and select the interior trim surfaces.The most reasonable and practical solution would be the outer insulation of the house, because the material is put on the street a lot easier.

Because polystyrene - is the most popular and affordable insulation, consider the process of heat-insulating wall cladding as an example of this material.

Step 1: Waterproofing surface

  1. Prepare waterproofing material.For these purposes, it is best suited glassine whose water absorption is 20% per day.
  2. cutting a roll in accordance with the size of frame sections.
  3. Use the staple gun to fix the asphalt covering and stand design.Fasten at the joints at intervals of 10-13 cm.

Important! Fragments layer must be laid overlapping, making an overlay of 10 cm


Step 2:. Laying vapor barrier membrane

This stage in the insulation of the walls of the frame of the building is required, even if you stacked the highest quality insulation materials,who are not afraid of moisture.The reason is that feature, and other elements that are in addition to the cake of insulation in the wall of the house.They also need to be protected from the steam penetrating inside the wall.

Consider walkthrough laying vapor barrier membranes:

  1. This material is fixed to the frame construction projects through the staple gun so that the film closely abuts the seal.
  2. As is the case with waterproofing membrane joints should do overlap, leaving the pad at least 10 cm.
  3. For best results, all the places of contiguity is necessary to strengthen the aluminum tape.

Important! Sometimes builders have resorted to this method, a vapor barrier, as a simple coil insulating membrane sheets.However, this technique will not be able to protect all the elements of the framework.


Step 3: Laying insulation

  1. Prepare a foam plate, cutting them to the desired size, depending on the size of frame sections.For this purpose, jigsaw or hacksaw with fine teeth.
  2. Lay insulation between the studs so that the sheets lie down evenly, and at the junction to the wooden blocks remained 2-3 cm for ventilation.
  3. Each slab of foam is attached to the base of the wall by means of special formulations: two-component - adhesive and leveling, or one universal.
  4. For durability glued blocks necessary to fix the bindings - umbrellas, or fungi.


Step 4: Wall

After the process of insulating walls of the frame of the building is completed, it is necessary to carry out patching surface.To this end, suitable plasterboard or OSB boards.

  • drywall recommended to impose on a perfectly smooth wall;
  • OSB can be attached to any surface, as the stiffness of the material allows to hide flaws and even out on the wall.

Over these coating materials can be carried out the decoration of surfaces.


Wall insulation from inside the frame house

This insulation procedure is carried out on a similar principle to the outer surface of the insulation of the house.However, slight differences in the techniques are still present.Let us consider them in more detail:

  1. surface of the wall is necessary to prepare: clean and level flaws.
  2. then carefully processed wall primer.
  3. Then you can start packing foam sheets.The technique is similar to the previous fastening - first plate is glued and then fix the mounting materials.
  4. top of stacked sheets of plasterboard, which are also fixed using the mounting glue and dowels for the reliability of fixed-umbrellas.
  5. Then the TNC finishes and decorative wall paneling.

Important! should know that the inside wall insulation is less effective than external insulation, with thermal insulation material significantly reduces the size of the premises.This procedure is rarely performed, if it is impossible to carry out external works.

instructions on the process of warming the walls of the frame of the building is shown in the video fragments: